Crazy People, Police Reform and Providence

For the last week we have brought you a play by play of the events happening in Providence, Rhode Island.  The irony of the “Community Safety Act” is it would have placed much more crime in the city and hurt the good, hard working citizens of Providence.

While the mass marketing to the public was an “anti-racial profiling” bill, the actual details were beyond disturbing and would have placed restrictions on the police department far beyond what the United States Constitution does.

No one in the community or law enforcement would argue the importance of an “anti-racial profiling” law but that was nothing more than a “bait and switch” for what crazy people wanted.

providencebricksYou heard us right.  If you march around town carrying signs saying “Fuck The Police” you are crazy and that is why the “Community Safety Act” is on hold…for now.

Police reform is a good thing.  Everyone, including law enforcement, wants the most professional law enforcement officers and agencies that are possible.

The problem is when less than professional groups and individuals are used to garner so called reform.  Kind of like the long haired stoner getting petition signatures for legalizing marijuana (wait-that worked in some places). The vast majority of citizens in any community find it extremely odd and disheartening for people to scream, yell and curse at the very organization that is tasked with keeping the community safe.

This is not just a phenomenon in Providence but the crazy people in Providence are just the latest to show America why the country is not divided when it comes to this violent and strange behavior.

Frankly, it is likely why Donald Trump is now President Trump.  The vast majority of citizens don’t like seeing cities burn, especially when law enforcement did nothing wrong (see Charlotte, Ferguson, etc.) and before some crazy person wants to argue those cities, swing over to the Department of Justice Website and read what they had to say.

We don’t expect the nefarious characters that popped up in Providence to go away but we do expect that the good, honest citizens will continue to do what they have been doing.  Rejecting that behavior by standing with law enforcement.

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  1. Christopher Angel

    Cry it up blue boys, change is coming no thanks to the lazy ass thugs among you. Phone cameras and younger cops who will turn on their disreputable brothers will insure it.

    • Katrina

      Change for what? More public respect and accountability? About time! No human being should have to take that kind of disrespect and vulgarity. Lock up the thugs!

  2. Marti Slade

    Crazy maybe, but lazy and uneducated, for sure. If they were working and not protesting just maybe we could get our country safe and strong. Looking at the picture, do you notice anything that stands out? SMH

  3. Alan Doherty

    Providence….the new mini Baltimore … and you thought Cianci was embarrassing?

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