Providence Passes Ordinance Welcoming Gang Members To Their City

The Providence (RI) City Council voted Thursday to give first passage to the Community Safety Act, a far-reaching ordinance designed to curb profiling by the city’s police but the odd benefits it gives to criminals and specifically gang members has many in law enforcement shaking their head.

The council voted 12-0 to approve the ordinance as hundreds of supporters cheered.  Mayor Jorge Elorza has already said he intends to sign it into law.

After reading the details of this ordinance, the only ones that will be cheering in a few months will be the criminals.

While the politicians covered up the terrible provisions in this act by saying that it was simply designed to “curb profiling,” what was really inside it will create one of the most lawless cities this country knows.

Providence Citizens Celebrate The Passing Of The Ordinance. Courtesy:  Facebook

Providence Citizens Celebrate The Passing Of The Ordinance. Courtesy: Facebook

The violent crime rate in Providence is already 134% higher  than the state average and the passing of this ordinance will be the best thing that Rhode Island criminals have seen in some time.

Developed by activist groups, the Community Safety Act is weighed heavily towards giving benefits to the criminal element.  If you don’t believe us, just look at the official logo (above) of the Act.  It shows the police at the bottom, which is exactly where the politicians have placed them by passing this ordinance.

No one in law enforcement will argue that racial profiling should not be eliminated but this Act uses that premise to handcuff law enforcement from simply doing their job.

Here are some of the items that the future victims of Providence Crime need to be aware of:

  1. Traffic stops can no longer be used as probable cause to investigate further criminal activity.
  2. Police may not ask for identification more than once including “police may not consider an individual’s lack of proof of identification or failure to respond to a request for identifying information as probable cause or reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.”
  3. Police may not photograph anyone below the age of 18 and if a photo (under certain guidelines) is allowed, it must be destroyed in 90 days.
  4. “Police may not inquire about an individual’s immigration status.”
  5. There is an entire appeal process for anyone listed as a gang member to not be listed as a gang member.
  6. “If an individual has no convictions within a two-year period after their name has been placed on the “gang list,” and no new evidence meeting the criteria for inclusion on the “gang list” has been found, the name shall be removed and all related records destroyed.”

And of course, the ordinance ends with an entire page on how police will be prosecuted and sued for any violation of anything in the ordinance of which must goes far and beyond any case law or practice that any agency in this country is currently doing.  Actually, the piles of paperwork that the Act requires of a police officer after they stop someone is done in another city….Chicago.  Hasn’t that worked out well there?

Now there will be some that are not educated in the dynamics of what this ordinance will cause that say we oppose this because we want police to racially profile others.  That is ridiculous.  It is against the law for race to be the sole indicator on profiling and no one in the profession agrees with racial profiling but passing this ordinance because a small section prohibits racial profiling is like eating a salad with a milk shake.  Any of the benefits of the salad go away after you drink the 1000 calorie shake.

Let us be clear.  The City of Providence is in deep trouble.  Their crime rate is already off the chart and this Act gives all of the rights to criminals and in an odd way, gang members?

Of course when crime skyrockets, the activists and the politicians won’t blame themselves.  They will blame the cops.  It’s a tired tradition and one that hopefully the public will not buy because they will be too busy buying property outside Providence, Rhode Island.



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  1. PorkyPricklyPants

    this is what happens when you got corruption and liberal/politicans running things look up every state run by a democrat/liberal its crime invested with poverty, laws need to be passed to remove politicans from office who are protecting criminals over their own citizens people will leave RI now it was already crime infested before this

  2. Sue Rawson

    well when the mayor of the city, or one of the 12 votes has a loved one raped, tortured, or killed, then the ignorant shall pay for their stupidity…..Unbelievable!

  3. Truth-hammer

    Good luck Providence.

  4. 13Sisters76

    Have the pols in Providence completely lost their minds? I encourage every NORMAL, law-abiding citizen to get the heck out of that town, and every PO to seek employment elsewhere. Let’s just see what happens to these brainless idiots when they are the ONLY prey in town.

  5. BooBooBaby

    The crime rate will just go up!

    And no one is going to want to live in or visit that City….except for Criminals.

    Gotta love Libt4rd Politics.

  6. Joe Schmoe

    That city was always mobbed up and corrupt but now it reached a new low thanks to #BlackLiesMatter

  7. Bonnie McCollett

    Just make sure to keep your stupid shit down there, we already have too many coming to Maine.

  8. Spencer

    Ignorant comments by ignorant people. This is propaganda, folks. If my 120lb white butt can walk through Providence fine, you will be too.

    Are you forgetting that this is the city of Brown and RISD? Those two colleges alone dwarf any sort of gang population this state has.

    God, read a damn paper people. Stop getting your news from ridiculous websites like this. Maybe you should actually read the legislation too. Crazy thought, I know.

    • paul_vincent_zecchino

      You’ve never been anywhere near Providence, let alone walked thru it.

      You’re posting from Habana, Cuba, paid to do so by SoreStinkos.

      Your bilious, scripted, prattlings stink of the 70s, and they fool no one.

      • Spencer

        This is the most hilarious conspiracy theory I have ever heard. Oh dear lord, Habana? Where’d you come up with that one?

        I actually just completed a study at Brown universities public heath building on S. Main. So…yeah…I’ve walked through Providence. PVD is also a favorite spot of mine, practically on the other side of the city.

        Thanks for the laugh, Paul.

  9. Greg Crosby

    These demorats need to be jailed and beaten for being dumbass motherfucking idiots.

  10. Ronnie Waters

    Providence? A city named after the theological concept of God’s provision. Sounds like Satan’s Freemasonic kids are in charge now. Maybe they’ll get us in another war overseas soon and all the flag waving retards will forget that the real war is here against the system, it’s servants, and it’s pets. The criminals are part of the system. Hell, they are it’s most faithful clients. Don’t you get my fellow whitey. The U.S. is an empire not a country. Countries have a common faith, blood, and soil. The United States needs to go away. It has nothing to offer any decent person.

  11. George LoMedico

    What a bunch of assholes

  12. Christine

    Another crime riddled shit hole to avoid. This keeps up and the entire NE is going to be labeled as a no vacation zone.

  13. Raymond M Ursillo


  14. Betty Echols

    I suggest all the police officers start looking for jobs in other cities: preferably other states.

  15. Fred

    Sorry, I think half of those things listed should have already been laws. Do you have any idea how many people would still be alive, if cops were not allowed to use a simple traffic stop to make unwarranted searchs of vehicles. Maybe if these things weren’t abused the way they are. This ordinance wouldn’t have been passed. I’ve noticed that and life there’s always a reaction, to action. And when the police abuse certain simple actions, resulting in death of innocent people. Society will react eventually. we reap, what we sow…

  16. Mark Parsons

    Damn and to think Inused to live there; I can’t believe how far down the rabbit it has gone in the last decade!

  17. Derek Bouchard

    I bet everyone in the picture above has jobs too..LMFAO I made a joke..haha

  18. Msgard

    I had a summer home in RI beautiful state . They have a very corrupt state government. They pay huge pensions that they cant afford so they are constantly raising taxes. They copy Massachusetts but Mass. is a rich state they are not. They are deeply in debt. Thank God I sold it and got out.

  19. Michael Shane Gore

    Ifficers should just move…let that city crush itself

  20. Patricia Davis

    All Officers should go to different departments, it is obvious that you are not valued in Providence!! Let the foolish people that let this happen put up with the all the criminals & their activity!
    Not one person that is decent will stay in a City with these rules!!

  21. Lacsar

    Complete F’ing morons. With a bit of luck, Mayor Jorge Elorza will get shot by a stray bullet from a gang member. Hopefully not killed. But confined to a wheelchair dribbling out of his mouth so he can have enough time to think about what he had done. It’s called poetic justice. Karma is another word.

  22. spike

    Who are these really unclued folks going to call when their children are attacked by, forced into, wind up committing heinous crimes by GANGS?! What vulgar language to put on display for the whole world to realize what really (I hate and never use this word, BUT) stupid people you are. There you are forever imaged for your children and grandchildren to gaze at through the years. Hope none of you ever have police officers in Law Enforcement careers nor need a cop to save you or one of your’s.

  23. tonym

    No problem here, I spent 26 yrs. as a patrol officer and whenever these kinds of rules interfered with the job we just quit doing the job. Pay is the same just pick up your check on Friday and let the bad guys do as they please. It is well known that citizens get the level of police safety that they demand. Providence is simply lowering that level to the very base.

    • Lacsar

      Yep, same here. Worked for me in Bridgeport when we were the highest murder rate per capita in the country. Put the blinders on. No volunteering looking for crime. Answer the radio when you weren’t “out of the car, busy” when you felt like it. Screw em.

      • danbot

        so you defrauded the government and pretended to do your job? charming

  24. Chuck Kern

    I’m thinking that this is a GOOD thing…. for all the other cities in the country. The bad asses are going to head to Providence where they have been given carte blanc to molest, murder and steal!

  25. Robert

    Tell the Officers there that the San Antonio Police Dept is hiring.
    Come down here where we put gang members in jail.


    “The Annual Purge will begin in 12 minutes”…….Who knew that movie was about Providence.


    Lol. Enjoy what will follow, Providence. Don’t call the police for help when things go bump in the night. Idiots.

  28. Luis Aponte

    good job prov! expect no new people to apply to become officers there ! nothing like making an already hard job harder. so dumb. i hope everyone who can, applies for a carry permit. protect your selves because the city cant do it anymore.

  29. James jefferies

    Most of the comments on here are comical. Providence can not and should not be compared to a Baltimore or a Chicago. And to the person who said go to providence and get carjacked where are you getting your information? You have a better chance at getting struck by lighting then driving though providence and getting carjacked. Your all making Providence out to be Gotham city lol which is crazy, so your either speaking because your misinformed or your just a bigot either way your making the law seem like a good idea, because it’s these kinds of thoughts and stereotypes that put the Providence law enforcement in question in the first place. And i will end my little tirade with this question. If a robbery of your local CVS occurred in Barrington, Middletown etc and your son little jimmy was in a vehicle that got pulled over with 3 other Caucasian kids in it, and the police officer ask everybody for there I.d but little jimmy doesn’t have his because he just came from football practice, so the officer takes little jimmy out the car places him in handcuffs and detains him for the allowed 24 hours. Would you still be so against this new law?

    • John Schwartz

      nonsense…detaining for 24 hrs…where do you get this stupidity?…Providence has been a dump for a long time. this will make it worse

      • Junior Crusher

        He got that stupidity from another comment.

      • richard scalzo

        Population: 178,887
        Violent Crime Rank: 2
        Property Crime Rank: 1
        Rhode Island’s capital – and the third largest city in New England – Providence comes in as the most dangerous city in the state. It has the 2nd highest rate of violent crime, and the highest rate of property crime.
        Residents of Providence had a 1 in 22 chance of being the victim of theft or arson in 2013, which is the highest in the state. They also had a 1 in 160 chance of being the victim of violence.
        And the bad news: Both categories of crime have not improved at all in recent years.

        • Lacsar

          Nice place to relocate to! NOT!

    • paul_vincent_zecchino

      Thank you for posting some of the stupidest, scripted blatherings ever.

      Nice job.

  30. Yoke


  31. Dave A.

    Will never do any business there! politicians are running to destroy the city!

  32. Christina

    This is why I moved from there there’s no progress still 7 years later after I moved the whole state is going to hell.

  33. OnlyInFlorida

    with the crime rate being so high there they can all victimize each other

  34. OnlyInFlorida

    fuckin idiotseveryone of em pictured,
    i hope they all die a slow painful death they are a disgrace to anyplace they go and the mayor can die with them so glad i dont live in that place

    • Junior Crusher

      So much hate, you need a hobby.

      • OnlyInFlorida

        nah its just a zero tolerence for scumbags i have 6 kids ages 4-26 and 2 grandbabies ages 4 and one on the way no time for hobbies lol

        • Junior Crusher

          The people in this picture are as you describe? Do you know for sure or are you being intellectually lazy?

          • one pissed off cracka

            what i know for sure is one or more if not all of them lost someone they care about who was shot by an officer weather for the right or wrong reasons that doesnt mean all cops are bad and chances are most of them just dont like cops and people who dont like cops yet dont know them are ussually anti cop because their to busy breaking the law and are afraid of getting caught

          • Junior Crusher

            I am a “law abiding” citizen but I criticize police for their actions. When I lived in Dayton, they executed a man for no reason on camera 5 minutes from my house then the department stonewalled evidence to the grand jury to keep the cop out of prison and on the force. That is just one example. When a cop murders someone, the department does their best to protect their coworker.

          • one pissed off cracka

            yes there are many crooked officers out there no doubt but the vast majority of them are not i myself am a recovering drug addict i have bene stopped and caught with cocaine xanaxc marijuana and other drugs, ive never had to drop a dime on anyone and ive also never been arrested it cost me nothing the worst one ever did to me was take it and right in front of me spill it in a canel or in the dirt and squish it had it not been for such officers taking the time to do that and talk to me over the years id be in prison or dead you critizing all cops because of one or even a few occurances and stuff you hear on tv and read on fakebook is like me saying all black people are criminals or all mexicans are illegal

          • Junior Crusher

            My facebook feed is filled with video evidence that paints this opinion I have. I did not decide to see things this way, it was a lifetime of seeing how police treat people. I dont have to leave the house to see it anymore, people are filming this stuff and putting it on the internet to protect themselves from police as well as exposing what police really are.

          • one pissed off cracka

            your facebook?? seriourly??? people only film what they want people to see so they can get likes or calls the local news channel or whatever noone ever filmed the officer who put his hand under my head on the pavement while i had a sezuire but trust me many saw it no one ever filmmed the officer who busted me with cocaine when i was a minor and dumpped it in the canel i was fishing on ofcourse they didnt because the officers involved was helping someone

  35. jed_hoyer

    by state law and I think federal law the police can ask you for id and hold you 24 hrs for not having an id on you. so how can a city pass an ordinance against it?

    • Junior Crusher

      No law or ordinance can overrule the 4th and 5th amendments of the constitution. If the police demand your ID, pleading the 5th actually shields you from legal consequences.

      • jed_hoyer

        you legally have to carry some form of of id and police can ask you you’re name. your name isn’t private info so not covered by the 5th not to metion pleading the 5th only applies when you’re in court

  36. Just a cop

    You’re stirring the pot without really reading this Safety Act. Every required mandate for patrol officers in this CSA thing can ignored if reasonable suspicion or probable cause of criminal activity exists. Traffic stops can absolutely still be used to investigate further crime if PC or RS exists, and you can demand identification from someone if PC or RS exists.

  37. Robert V. Criss

    As an Officer, I’ve never believed in a city strike where all Officers walked out due to pay or certain circumstances. I akways felt it could be handled another way because protecting the people was part of our duty, our oath.
    However after reading this my opion has change with this city and these people. Unfortunately on the innocent will suffer, but I think all officers should strike and refuse to work under those conditions. Including and especially safe guarding those Socialists Liberal Politicians.
    The Chief should call a private meeting of all officers and discuss their options and vote as an entire group. He should also ask for support from the White House asking that they do not allow the military to be used during their stike.
    Once their has been enough pain and suffering, the people will throw out everyone of these losers.

    • Junior Crusher

      Please do go on strike. You will clearly see you are not needed as bad as you think.

      • jcm267

        You want no cops in Providence? Drunken fights and shootings at the bars left alone? Burglaries and rape reports ignored?

        Are you insane?

        • Junior Crusher

          I just want cops to stick to things along the lines of what you describe, stopping crimes that have violence and/or victims. But cops seem to have no time for that shit when they are busy busting people for license plate lights or for filming in public. When you cops actually begin to prove you can consistently handle rape or burglary cases, then maybe you can make a claim that cops are worth a damn in these situations. Until then, I will continue to believe that all cops care about is ticket revenue and not the safety of the public, because that is the perception your actions push. Rape kits go untested all across the country yet you cops are always “Johny on the spot” with drug kits.

          • jcm267

            I’m not a cop son. I’m a responsible, law-abiding citizen who supports the police.

          • Junior Crusher

            I am a “law abiding” citizen who does not trust them in any way.

          • jcm267

            AKA “Dumbass”.

          • Junior Crusher

            That must have taken you all day to figure out. You are so smart and you contribute so much knowledge.

          • Junior Crusher

            I would be a dumbass if I supported police who have harassed me several times in my life without cause while being completely worthless EVERY time I have ever needed police. Sorry, but I am not kissing the asses of people who never did a thing to earn my respect.

          • jcm267

            These are the people who keep the country as safe and orderly as it is. You don’t have to go far back in time to see what ineffective policing does to cities. Just look at the 1970s and 1980s. Now imagine if there were no cops.

  38. Jerry Poe

    Providence police…..just sit on your asses and don’t do s### unless someone calls. Mindless idiots passing ordinances that I garuntee will come back to bite em in the ass!

  39. Outrageous

    What happened to Rhode Island and the East Coast, when did it get
    as bad as the left coast? I thought it was bad out in California but I definitely found worse with Providence, RI!

  40. ahaz

    Rhode Island is not a stop and identify state and police officers should not be stopping citizens unless they have reasonable and articulable suspicion. Its unfortunate that Providence has to restate a law that officers should already understand. Regarding the lists, I think its completely inappropriate to have these so-called “gang lists”. It’s been proven time and again that these types of lists are abused and people get added to these lists based on nothing more than an officer’s hunch in most cases. These lists are no doubt screened when responding to an citizens interaction and may needlessly escalate the interaction. We have all seen what can happen when officers act without complete information. Instead of officers slowing down, they rush in with guns drawn. Finally, we should hold individual officers accountable for their failure to follow the law. If our society did, we would see less police violence, less officer involved shootings and less citizen deaths at the hands of LE. There was study that was recently completed that showed an average of over of 50 thousand citizen hospitalizations at the hand of police in the this country.

    • Jerry Poe

      Yeah let’s completely tie the hand of LE…make sure there is no way of any stopping of gang bangers, thieves, drug pushers, drunks, illegal weapons or someone who just robbed that liquor Store! Didn’t do anything, no warrents, no problem!

    • John Schwartz

      quite ignorant statements

    • Andy Tomczeszyn

      Just as soon as we start holding criminals accountable for their failure to follow the law. People seem to have lost sight of that.

    • Farbar

      You sound like another of those “blame the cops first” type of people. You are not a solution to the problem. Your comments are what make the problem worse.

      • Lacsar

        The blame the cops idiots should work the job in a major city for a week. They’ll find 2 days in, they can’t handle it.

        • William Svoboda

          The citizens of Providence are about to find out what crime really is. What the Providence City Council has done is taken the old 41st Precinct in the Bronx, the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, East New York section of NYC, during the seventies, put them in a blender and turned it on. What is going to come out is a nightmare. On Kent Ave in Brooklyn in the Bushwick section the hookers operated in the broad daylight. If that’s what you want that’s what you will get.

          • Spencer

            You’re honestly trying to compare PVD to NYC? Are you really that dense?

    • tonym

      Terry v. Ohio is a decision by the Supreme Court and is the law of the land. It allows for “stop and frisk” if there is any suspicion that a subject may be armed. Look it up libtard!

      • ahaz

        You are incorrect. The standard is reasonable and articulable suspicion that a crime has been committed, in process of being committed or going to be committed. The key is that the suspicion is articulable and reasonable. A cop can’t stop a person because the look suspicious, they have to be able to articulate the suspicion. For instance, a person video taping a government building cannot be stopped. However, seen fiddling with windows of a building can be. Know the difference before you write drivel.

        • Lacsar

          Your talking about probable cause. He’s talking about the Terry law & that’s separate from probable cause which is a reasonable belief that a crime had or has been committed.

          • ahaz

            For supposed LE supporters and LE professionals, how little do you know about the law! Typical of so-called conservatives

            “The name derives from Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968),[1] in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that police may briefly detain a person whom they reasonably suspect is involved in criminal activity;[2]
            the Court also held that police may do a limited search of the
            suspect’s outer garments for weapons if they have a reasonable and
            articulable suspicion that the person detained may be “armed and

            To have reasonable suspicion that would justify a stop, police must
            be able to point to “specific and articulable facts” that would indicate
            to a reasonable police officer that the person stopped is or is about
            to be engaged in criminal activity, as opposed to past conduct.[4] Reasonable suspicion depends on the “totality of the circumstances,”[5] and it can result from a combination of facts, each of which by itself innocuous.[6]”

          • Spencer

            THANK YOU.

      • Lacsar

        That law allows for a pat down. Soft objects, like a bag of weed, will remain concealed as they aren’t life threatening. If busted with it because it was pulled out 1st, it gets dropped. But if a weapon or hard object turns out to be a weapon, gets busted, then of course, the bag he’ll get busted on too.

      • Joe Eshleman

        Why do you insult a man who shows ten times as much evidence as you do by calling him a libitard? This is a problem. I am a liberal, and I ask for evidence in support of your opinions not insults. Also the comment that Providence has a 134% higher crime rate is rather silly. Anybody know that large cities, even safe ones, always have a much higher crime rate than small towns and posh suburbs. It is called demographics. Besides, Providence has a murder rate of 8 per hundred thousand which is rather low for an urban area. So the officials there must be doing something right.

        • Law Officer

          Crime rate data was based on per capita which takes into account larger vs. smaller cities. We tend to agree that the homicide rate is rather low for a major city but the overall violence remains high.

      • Spencer

        It’s not “any suspicion”. It’s under “reasonable suspicion”.

        This “libtard” has a bachelor’s in CRJ so think carefully before you word your next response.

        • tonym

          Hey snowflake: If you want to piss out creds I have an M.A. in forensic science to go with my undergrad B.S but more importantly I walked the streets as a patrol officer for 26 years. I suspect I have more experience in this than most and I have never lost a case due to inadequate suspicion. A mere unidentified complaint of a person carrying a weapon is adequate under Terry for a stop and frisk! The courts often take “Judicial Notice” of testimony by an experienced police officer without mandating any further study.

          • Spencer

            Sounds like you did a lot of B.S. in your time, then. You shouldn’t be bragging about screwing up our field for 26 years.

            Also, someone didn’t study up in the academy about what a “stop and frisk” is allowed to entail. This was just fed to you, but you seemed to have forgotten already:

            “The name derives from Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968),[1] in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that police may briefly detain a person whom they reasonably suspect is involved in criminal activity;[2]
            the Court also held that police may do a limited search of the
            suspect’s outer garments for weapons if they have a reasonable and
            articulable suspicion that the person detained may be “armed and

            To have reasonable suspicion that would justify a stop, police must
            be able to point to “specific and articulable facts” that would indicate
            to a reasonable police officer that the person stopped is or is about
            to be engaged in criminal activity, as opposed to past conduct.[4] Reasonable suspicion depends on the “totality of the circumstances,”[5] and it can result from a combination of facts, each of which by itself innocuous.[6]”

          • Spencer

            So an “Unidentified complaint” should NOT be enough to qualify for a Terry stop. Again, stop bragging that you fucked up for 26 years. You were part of the problem that WE are left to fix.

          • sam_mann

            I have a law degree and used to work as an ADA. The people you call “libtard” and “snowflake” are correct on this point.

    • RonBerg13

      How about holding individual citizens accountable for their failure to follow the law?

      • sam_mann

        That’s fine, as long as we also hold individual police officers accountable for their failure to follow the law.

    • mindy1

      Maybe they rush in guns drawn because in many cities they would rather die than be a productive citizen?

  41. Barry Obama

    Who would want to live in that hellhole?

  42. BDC

    God help the good, law-abiding citizens of Providence. They are going to need it.

    • Junior Crusher

      Take comfort in the fact that police are less able to treat everyone like criminals instead of just the actual criminals. Police have abused their power across the country and they need to be held accountable.

      • BDC

        So what would you recommend? Vigilante groups? Lynch mobs. The vast majority of police in this country support and uphold the laws, protect and help their communities, and risk their lives every single day to do so. We rarely hear about these daily heroes, because evil is much more newsworthy. And, since these days, families, friends, neighbors, and fellow gang members condemn all police resonses rather than admit the perp really is a criminal, even before facts are known, the reporters are delighted to give them plenty of air time. How often do we see retractions to false accusations or that the police are exonerated? Those aren’t newsworthy. Granted, there are bad people in every occupation, and they should be held accountable and punished. Why don’t you, however, try working with your local police rather than against them? You might actually learn something.

        • Junior Crusher

          We rarely hear about hero cops dying because it happens very rarely compared to the people who they murder during a traffic stop for a burned out license plate light or something stupid. I have no idea where you get the idea that I work against police. Just because I advocate accountability for police does not mean I oppose them. My actual recommendation is to stop criminalizing behavior and only worry about actual crimes. We are 4% of the world population and 25% of the world prison population because we criminalize actions and items that have no victim. Cops get exonerated because they are buddies with prosecutors as well as their departments stonewalling evidence, often video, until after the day in court.

          • BDC

            You are so stuck on the few bad cops and law enforcement in general that it’s not worth debating with you. You need a reality check.

          • Junior Crusher

            It is systematic, the mythical “good cops” protect the bad cops far too often. We let police and prisons do whatever they want and now we have a ridiculous prison population as a result.

          • spike

            Very little research involved here – utter nonsense!

          • Junior Crusher

            I pay attention to this every day, try again. Most of my facebook feed is videos of cops brutalizing citizens for no reason.

          • spike

            Oh, my goodness – videos on Facebook?! If you go to a law enforcement training academy and video them learning physical self defense and take down – that will definitely look like “police brutality” when shown on “Facebook” . . . that is NOT research. Did you actually follow-up to find that those incidents resulted in the “victims” were found to be innocent?!

      • richard scalzo

        One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 19. Within Rhode Island, more than 100% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Providence… garden spot of the state.

      • mindy1

        Only people saying that are people in high crime areas

  43. P. Douglas

    So if I, a middle-aged, middle-class white woman, now drive through Providence, I can be confident that the police will not be able to make up reasons to stop me just because they hope I might be a criminal. If that law applied in Texas I wouldn’t have been stopped by a trooper for the obviously suspicious act of having Colorado tags on my rental car. He didn’t give me a reason for pulling me over because he didn’t have one, or at least not one he was willing to articulate, but he was obviously hoping that with those tags I was a big drug bust waiting to happen. It is an absolute outrage that in America the police are allowed to pull law-abiding people over on a whim and demand their papers without evidence of wrongdoing.

    Speaking of papers, citizen: Unless I’m arrested for an actual crime it’s nobody’s business who I am or why I’m driving on a particular road at a particular time, so good on Providence for the ID/license rule and for recognizing that in a free country an individual’s bias toward privacy is *not* de facto evidence of criminal activity.

    Completely innocent people get put on no-fly lists all the time, at the cost of considerable inconvenience, expense, and time. It affects everything from their right to travel freely to their right to own firearms. Given the government’s incompetence in that arena, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find innocent people listed as gangsters, too. If there’s an appeals process for that in which the presumed guilty can attempt to prove their innocence, that’s the least the city can do if it’s going to keep such registries.

    Making the police personally accountable? These are people who volunteered for the right to exert deadly force against fellow citizens and who constantly remind us how well-trained and professional they are. They should be *more* accountable than other government employees, not less. As things stand now the taxpayers pay twice for police misuse of force: once when these highly-trained professionals are hired (sometimes after being fired or resigning from another agency, which the public has no right to learn), and once when they’re sued by survivors, because the money comes from the municipalities, i.e. taxpayers. Knowing he could be held personally liable for instigating and then escalating an encounter over a brake light might make some officer reconsider how much he really cares about such victimless “crimes.”

    • Snaps

      No, if you drive through Providence you won’t be stopped for out of state plates, but you may be car-jacked by some MS13 slimeball whom the police hadn’t been able to stop earlier, despite his gang tattoos and colors. Plus, because of the ridiculous amount of paperwork he’d have to file if he had, the cop won’t bother to pay attention to your plight for fear he’ll be sued. Remember Baltimore, where after they cracked down on the cops the cops stopped patrolling high crime areas and the murder rate spiked? But of course, you don’t live there, so who cares? The important thing is for you not to be inconvenienced.

      • P. Douglas

        Yes, that’s what the Founders had in mind when they wrote the Fourth Amendment: convenience.

      • Lacsar

        I agree. Park in Providence & take a historic walk this summer around 9pm. Wear a mini skirt while your at it. Your fantasy wish may come true! One less brain-dead voting Hillary girl.

      • danbot

        oh no, the poor police might have to fill out paperwork. but sure, keep making fun of other people for not wanting to be inconvenienced

    • tonym

      Just feel safe in the knowledge that if there is a bad guy around about to make you into a victim the police really really won’t care!

      • P. Douglas

        There’s a reason they say that when seconds count the police are just minutes away. I’ve gotten through 53 years without being victimized by a bad guy, but my Fourth Amendment rights have been violated by the police more than once.

        • Lacsar

          I’ve been around 56 years & protected by the 2nd amendment for 35 of them. Only one guy lost & he ain’t writing.

        • Scott Pham

          You probably live in a nice area with a nice white fence around your house.

          • P. Douglas

            Yeah, the ‘nice area’ is the Constitutional Zone called America, and I’d like to keep it that way. When a conservative middle-class white woman who’s never been in trouble with the law is telling you that there’s a problem with policing in this country, maybe you should pay attention.

  44. SBrown

    Definitely not going to be on my vacation list in the future. That’s freakin’ scary. My dad’s a police officer and if that was enacted here, I’d make sure he found another job and/or we’d move. I hope they lose all of their tourism dollars.

  45. KatherineBranwen

    Insane! Insane! Insane!

    Providence…another city to avoid at all costs.

    Let me guess, the city council has full time police protection, right?

    Frankly, I wonder why police officers just don’t throw up their hands and quit in such situations.

    Take a look at Baltimore, where they decided to prosecute police officers for doing their jobs, in order
    to appease the criminal mob.

  46. Greg L.

    Nice to see that La Raza is writing city ordinances now. It’s like they want to become Chicago.

    • Spencer

      You’re disgusting. That is NOT what BLM is about. Christian Organizations have committed more hate crimes than BLM. That is a fact.

      The caricature of the typical American has turned into a racism spewing, transfat guzzling, gun toting, paranoid loon.

      • paul_vincent_zecchino

        Nice collection of clichés and tired stereotypes.

        And where might you be posting from, hmmmm? Habana, Cuba?

        Or Jedda?

      • Joe Schmoe

        #BlackLiesMatter is a workplace safety program so black criminals don’t get hurt on the job.
        #BlackLiesMatter is an excuse to riot, loot and attack whites while pretending to be the victims.
        #BlackLiesMatter is like a traffic safety program that is only concerned about an accident if a white car is involved.
        #BlackLiesMatter is at its core is just Communist garbage where the blacks replace the workers

        Allow me to repeat the facts:
        Blacks commit well over half of all murders period AND half of all strong arm robberies too.
        Blacks also commit 90% of the interracial murders, 95% of the interracial assaults and 100% of the interracial rapes in the USA.
        The black homicide rate is 8X that of whites. Death by homicide is the largest cause of preventable deaths for blacks under 45 years old.
        And the over all Black crime rate is 6X of the white rate.
        And those super high black crime rates are repeated all over the world too!
        But yet < 25% of the people shot by cops are black.
        So how are the blacks the victims?
        Those facts above explain why #BlackLiesMatter is shyte

        • rock ranger

          Trying to live up to the standards of the rapper

        • Spencer

          “Black people make up roughly 13% of the United States population, and white people make up 64%. Black people make up 40% of the prison population, and white people 39%. Therefore, even though there are roughly five times as many white people as black people in this country, blacks and whites are incarcerated in equal numbers. But the fact that black people are incarcerated five times as frequently as white people does not mean black people commit five times as many crimes. Here’s why:

          (1) If a black person and a white person each commit a crime, the black person is more likely to be arrested. This is due in part to the fact that black people are more heavily policed.
          Black people, more often than white people, live in dense urban areas. Dense urban areas are more heavily policed than suburban or rural areas. When people live in close proximity to one another, police can monitor more people more often. In more heavily policed areas, people committing crimes are caught more frequently. This could help explain why, for example, black people and white people smoke marijuana at similar rates, yet black people are 3.7 times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. (The discrepancy could also be driven by overt racism, more frequent illegal searches of black people, or an increased willingness to let non-blacks off with a warning.)

          (2) When black people are arrested for a crime, they are convicted more often than white people arrested for the same crime.
          An arrest and charge does not always lead to a conviction. A charge may be dismissed or a defendant may be declared not guilty at trial. Whether or not an arrestee is convicted is often determined by whether or not a defendant can afford a reputable attorney. The interaction of poverty and trial outcomes could help explain why, for example, while black defendants represent about 35% of drug arrests, 46% of those convicted of drug crimes are black. (This discrepancy could also be due to racial bias on the part of judges and jurors.)

          (3) When black people are convicted of a crime, they are more likely to be sentenced to incarceration compared to whites convicted of the same crime.
          When a person is convicted of a crime, a judge often has discretion in determining whether the defendant will be incarcerated or given a less severe punishment such as probation, community service, or fines. One study found that in a particular region blacks were incarcerated for convicted felony offenses 51% of the time while whites convicted of felonies were incarcerated 38% of the time. The same study also used an empirical approach to determine that race, not confounded with any other factor, was a key determinant in judges’ decisions to incarcerate.”

          Feel free to do some actual, objective research instead of your conjecture ridden nonsense.

          • Joe Schmoe

            Spare me your amoral dindu excuse making rubbish
            But concerning marijuana, which bTW is decriminalized in most places now, the reason why more blacks are arrested for pot is due to the higher crime rate. So they get searched more often because they are doing the usual inconsiderate and or illegal ghetto public behavior that most whites don’t engage in, like parking their fat lazy asses and cars in the fire lane of Walmart instead of parking their cars where they belong, like most whites do.
            ” When black people are convicted of a crime, they are more likely to be sentenced to incarceration compared to whites convicted of the same crime. ”
            Those studies deliberately leave out the prior criminal histories & the mitigating circumstances of the crime. Someone who has no priors and didn’t use violence will get less of a sentence than the average load of ghetto crap like Mike Brownstain for the same offense.
            Remember when the little teenaper mob stormed the BART train last month? EVERYONE knew the perps were blacks even though the libturds left out race in all the stories. That is such a typical thuggish black crime. Too bad Dirty Harry wasn’t around to blow a few of those ugly burrheads clean off.

            And #BlackLiesMatter is garbage, since they made their bones promoting all the ghetto lies about how poor old Mike Brownstain had his hands up, lie, or was running away, lie
            Like most blacks, as well as their libturd enablers, the only lower than their IQs are their morals.
            As long as black commit the most murders, and almost all inter-racial crimes, they aren’t victims to me, but the perps
            Only a subhuman savage is unable to relate his criminal behavior to the consequences

        • Spencer

          Literally none of those are “facts”, they’re all conjecture based on ridiculous numbers that any half witted moron could cook up to make it look like we DON’T have a racism problem in our CRJ system. Just watch The 13th, the documentary about how our constitution was explicitly written to allow for the enslavement of criminals, which lead to the over criminalization of black people as a loop hole to the federal ban on slavery.

          American Corporations have long since used prison labor as a means to reduce spending. Even companies as notoriously “leftist” as Whole Foods use the prison labor system as a means to get ahead of the competition by any means necessary. Couple in the fact that no one in our larger white community has *actually* ever cared about black folks anyway, and you have a recipe for a society which has prison rates that are ***worse than those in South Africa at the height of apartheid***.

          • Joe Schmoe

            “American Corporations have long since used prison labor as a means to reduce spending.”
            Such as, like name me one right now profiting off of prison labor?
            Sorry you amoral dishonest cretin, but the reason why there are so many blacks in prison is that not only are so many blacks criminals, but they have a culture , as well as a choir of white liberal garbage who are always excusing, glorifying and/or condoning black crime. Blacks commit over half the murders in the USA, yet a scumbag like you has the gall to lie to my face and claim the black crime rate is the same as whites.

          • Joe Schmoe

            The only racism problem we have in crime is that racist blacks commit almost all the inter-racial crimes, as well as most of the murders and armed robberies
            So if you want to run your gob and try to turn perps into victims, try someone/somewhere else

      • spike

        BLM hasn’t been around nearly long enough to be compared to any established religion – what silliness. The fact that it was based on a lie, given credibility by the highest law enforcement officers in the land and a couple of weeks later ambushing cops began and is still continuing does not bother you?? BLM were the ones marching and shouting about we want cops dead NOW and calling them pigs and chanting fry them like bacon – that’s OK with you? I presume no one close to yourself is in law enforcement.

    • sam_mann

      We’re glad you don’t live here, too.

      • Meatzilla ✓ᴵᴿᴿᴱᴰᴱᴱᴹᴬᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

        Aw, what a shame. I and my family are truth-abiding, law-abiding, peaceful contributors to society — rather than disingenuously angry, kool-aid deluded, criminal coddling degenerate sponges who care not for anyone else at all, whatsoever, but themselves….. and, ostensibly, their ilk.

        You’d be much better for it if we did live there. Albeit, with folks like you, and them, as neighbors — who’d actually want to move there to live permanently? I suppose reprobate birds of a feather — that’s who. Hence, the mired in muck and pathological lies dystopia of Providence, Rhode Island.

        So, no worries, we’re perfectly happy and joyful where we are and shall remain.

        BTW — welcome to two months ago, slapdìck. lol!

        • sam_mann

          No, we would not be better for it. Have a nice day.

  47. Peter Theodoropoulos

    Who are the morons on your council. Not one sane member on the board never mind the idiot Mayor. I remember when the police and FBI went after the Mafia. No one on the city council cared about their rights. They just busted down doors threw people on the ground. They didn’t care about Miranda. This is what happens when you let foreigners who don’t assimilate all they care about are their country men. What are you going to do when you turn into another Chicago or Sacramento in a year.

    • Spencer

      Why does it not surprise me that you are flying the flag of a loser?

    • sam_mann

      So you think it’s better if the police just bust down doors and throw people to the ground? I’m glad you’re not on the council.

      • Meatzilla ✓ᴵᴿᴿᴱᴰᴱᴱᴹᴬᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

        Quite regularly “police bust down doors and throw people to the ground” because it is not only legal under appropriate circumstances — but also entirely warranted and utterly necessary too. Just so long as it is lawful entry, and necessary use of force to effect arrest and/or control. That is all the justification there is required to be.

        Your claim that you have a law degree and “used to be” an Assistant District Attorney is such a ginormous load of crap. Go soak your head. Or, at least troll in threads that are less than a few days old rather than months old. Coward.

        • sam_mann

          ADA was my first job out of law school. It’s an entry level position. I don’t particularly care if you believe me. But it doesn’t pay and it’s a despicable job, so no thanks. I’ve consulted with and helped police officers obtain those warrants for legal and appropriate circumstances. But those “legal and appropriate circumstances” aren’t what Peter seems to be talking about when he says he remembers the day when the police “just busted down doors and threw people to the ground.” Anyone who wants that doesn’t know what they’re asking for.

  48. John Morlock

    Mayor Emanuel of Chicago just purchased 1000 one way bus tickets for his constituents” You cant make this stuff up.

  49. Katrina

    Most communities want to reduce crime. But most communities aren’t run by criminals and corruption. Makes you wonder.

  50. Ellis Drewery

    I have never seen more idiocy being displayed in this country, nor such a dissolution of common sense. We are giving America away to the many invasive parasites that we have welcomed into our midst in the name of cultural diversity. In the final analysis, it is going to come down to a battle in the streets for the soul of America. Every decent, traditional, and true patriot in the nation is going to have to draw a line in the sand and say, “No More.”

    • Junior Crusher

      Your solution is to go out and cause violence because you are afraid of possible violence?

      • Rickster

        I read that as more of a premonition than a wish.

      • spike

        I read that as a very real fear. Folks just seem to think they can play around with their freedoms, try all sorts of social experiments, try really hard to be open and compassionate so everyone will think they are good, and the country won’t suffer. The ensuing neglect from young folks not planning their own future, working to reach goals that will not only benefit their country, but prepare themselves to be able to take care of their children, and build an even better tomorrow, etc. – I used to wonder what separated this country from so many others who had similar natural resources and beauty and I came to the conclusion that it was freedom, opportunity and the work ethic of all the generations before. The young people that the reporters like to write and talk about would never be mistaken for the “Greatest Generation”.

    • Robert House

      Ellis. Well defined……………as we grow more liberals from the liberal education systems, and we have less and less people that have common sense to serve in Government, this is the kind of crap you get. It is absolutely crazy to tie the hands of the Law when you have these kind of gangs in America. And, I’m with Mr. Trump, we do not need more “cultural diversity”, that is what has ruined many cities in the U.S. The immigrants want to create their own little cities and not blend in as Americans. Take Deerborn, Michigan for instance…………….the Muslims have taken over. If people don’t get my picture, then they wasted their money on whatever college they went to. 22 Years in the Navy and travels around the world and now we have cities like this?? We need another Draft and get some of these people into the Military or a National Service so they can grow up and see how the world really works.

      • Spencer

        You are so detached, it’s terrifying. Our international presence is a menace that isn’t appreciated by the rest of the global community. If you live anywhere other than a military base, you know that.

        We absolutely need cultural diversity. Trump is being a whiny manchild when he complains about “how much” diversity we have. We are still the whitest nation in the world, and the “most” Christian (though none of us act like it). The lack of diversity in the country as a whole is what has turned it into a cesspool of filth. Reaganomics has made a fool of our economy, Nixon-era paranoia is still palpable. The only thing the rich whites have done for this country is make the poor whites poorer, then blame the poor brown folks for it.

        Imagine how the native population must have felt when all of the pink-faced white men came to their land “didn’t blend in as Americans”. Funny how we care about that now, but not when WE were the invaders looking for a free ride.

        • Robert House

          Spencer: I’m 79 years young, seen a lot of change in social attitudes, grew up in the south with blacks all around me. All hard working people. I served with blacks in the Navy………….not the blacks with “hands up don’t shoot” kind of stupidity. The kind of blacks I knew and socialized with didn’t wear their pants off their butt and blended in with the community. Racism? Hummmmm? Maybe just picky in the kind of people I trust and socialize with. Mexicans? I married one years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Divorced now from her but it had nothing to do with that. Don’t tell me I don’t understand what’s happening with this diversity. Like I said look at the Muslims in Deerborn. They aren’t blending in, they want their own rules, their own community. So I just look around and see who does what and make my decisions on who is really wanting to be an American when they come to our country. Some only want the milk and honey……….welfare benefits…..others want to work hard and get ahead.

          Like I said maybe you wasted your money on the College you went to and listened to your radical professors who see America a different way. You see demonstrations on college campus because they (the young liberals) don’t want to hear what a conservative has to say. They want freedom of speech, and then deny it to others. I could go on and on……………but you get the picture. That picture of course is a person talking to a brick wall who is a liberal because they will never
          hear and understand what a conservative has to say.

          When people cry and moan and need ‘safe’ places to go because the election didn’t turn out the way they wanted……….WE ARE IN REAL TROUBLE.

        • Joe Schmoe

          Your mindless liberal leftwing divershitty diatribe is rife with BS and inaccuracy
          “We are still the whitest nation in the world” LIE
          ” Reaganomics has made a fool of our economy, Nixon-era paranoia is still palpable. The only thing the rich whites have done for this country is make the poor whites poorer, then blame the poor brown folks for it.” More lies and garbage

          “The lack of diversity in the country as a whole is what has turned it into a cesspool of filth.”
          That is such a moronic comment I am not sure that you can chew gum and walk.

          “Imagine how the native population must have felt when all of the pink-faced white men came to their land “didn’t blend in as Americans”.’
          Actually u ignoramus, America didn’t exist before the white men made a country out of it
          Also, if you want us to take your point seriously, then we really should stop all the trash that is coming in so we don’t end up like the previous inhabitants.
          People like you are the ones destroying America. I pray that one of those Muslims that vermin like you champion ends up running you down. That would be poetic justice.

          • BooBooBaby

            Omg! That ^^^ was Amazingly Awesome! Great reply!
            You Nailed it!!!! Thank you! You are 10000% correct!

          • paul_vincent_zecchino

            His tiresome prose is so old, it has moss growing on its north side. His verbage springs from the communist cell meetings of the 50s, held in big city basements, chaired by bearded, cigar smoking leftist radicals. The men were funny looking as well.

          • Joe Schmoe

            I wish the US was more whiter. In my state, Muslims are like 20% of the prison population. Yeah we need more divershitty, and FGM too

        • paul_vincent_zecchino

          Does soros pay you extra to gass off your inane, leftist, fake, phoney baloney prattlings on a weekend?

          Pink faced white men? Nice slagheap of idiot clichés, Bub.

          Where’d you get ’em? Karlo Marx’s Habana House of Discount Dingbat Demshevik Drivel?

      • Spencer

        Germans, Italians, French, Polish, Russian, Czech. All of them are also white. All of their people were once (or still are) immigrants. Your racism isn’t hidden well. For you to conflate immigration with Islam is also very telling of how little you actually understand here.

        • paul_vincent_zecchino

          And you have yet to cite a single fact to substantiate your tediously predictable leftist bile.

          Go collect your bag of peanuts from SoreStinkos.

        • Joe Schmoe

          That is ironic, since I never heard of any Germans, Italians, French, Poles, Russians, Czechs blowing themselves & us up, gunning us down or running us over to advance their nationality.
          Even the Vietnamese immigrants, who had a lot of reasons to hate us, never attacked us

  51. stop crying

    They deserve whatever comes their way.

  52. Justin Tyme

    Sounds like you’ll have bigger legal problems in Providence if you fail to pay a parking ticket than if you engage in gang activity.

  53. Anthony DiSandro

    Make enemies of the Police and you better be ready to make friends with your criminals. Outrageous!!

  54. Alan B. Graham

    The inmates are running the asylum!

    • RonBerg13

      That’s actually been going on for awhile now.

  55. edro3111

    OMG!!! And I thought the WEST coast local governments had a bunch of loonies running them!

    • Jerry Poe

      It seems the west coast and east coast have similar liberal governments giving the shafts to law abiding citizens!

      • Spencer

        Clearly you don’t know jack.

        • BooBooBaby

          It is even more Clear that YOU actually don’t know Jack-Sheeett!!

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