10 Things That Can Make a Cop Smile

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a cop smile? After all, they are known for being stoic professionals. Naturally, a nice family offering to buy a meal would bring a grin of gratitude. But I’m referring to a smile of satisfaction!

Now let’s be honest, police officers typically do not have a lot to smile about during the course of duty. But occasionally something brings a huge smile to their face. So what is it?

I could have compiled a list of a hundred or more. However, many civilians wouldn’t think they’re all funny, while cops would be in stitches as they understand the humor. So I’ll play it safe and call these my top 10 memorable events that brought a smile to my face:

  1. Often hearing a police K9 find a well-hidden suspect just before the perimeter is broken down.
  2. Seeing a bad guy literally piss his pants after declaring he’d never be taken alive.
  3. Witnessing the jury foreman pronounce guilt in a hard-fought murder trial.
  4. Locating 925 kilos of cocaine in a garage more than 100 miles from our city after trying to find the load with a task force for about six months.
  5. Finding a warrant suspect concealed in a secret hiding spot after a family member swears they haven’t seen him in months. (And arresting the family member for aiding and abetting a fugitive.)
  6. Seeing the relief on the face of a dispatcher who thought officers were gravely injured, but they avoided calamity.
  7. Hearing the words “over here” when frantically trying to find an officer after a battle, and radio silence left safety in doubt.
  8. Returning the wedding ring to an elderly victim 50 years after it was stolen.
  9. Responding to a call of “Shots fired” to simply discover a gang member accidentally “capped” himself riding his bike down the street.
  10. Seeing my wife with our children walk around the police department wearing my SWAT gear during the department open house.

So now you know what makes this cop smile. What about you? Tell me about the experiences that made you smile during the course and scope of your duty?

– Jim McNeff


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