Islamist Cop Killer’s Facebook Livestream: ‘Kill Police…In The Name of Allah’

The Facebook live stream video shot by Islamist killer Larossi Abballa who murdered two French police officers and then indulged in a rant against the West has been released in edited form by the media arm of Islamic State.

In the video, taken after Mr. Abballa had stabbed senior French police officer Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and cut the throat of his wife and fellow police member Jessica Salvaing, Abballa calls on fellow Muslims to attack the West.

Shortly after he finished live streaming his rant to Facebook, Abballa was himself killed by French special operations officers as they stormed the house, discovering the body of Mrs. Salvaing, and their unharmed child. In a section of the live stream cut from the video by Islamic State propagandists, Abballa wonders aloud what he should do with the child now he’s killed both of the parents.

Editor’s Note:  It is not our desire to promote or give this gutless coward publicity but at the same time, there has been a constant filter within the American media in regards to what law enforcement could and has faced.  It is our duty to report and warn so that you can defend your community.  Radical Islam is evil and if you don’t believe it, watch the below video.





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