Bill Would Allow Police To Use Weaponized Drones

Photo Courtesy: Robotics Tomorrow 

Connecticut could become the first state in the country to allow police to use drones outfitted with deadly weapons.

The bill, being considered by Connecticut lawmakers, would ban the use of weaponized drones, but exempt police. Details on how law enforcement could use drones with weapons would be spelled out in new rules to be developed by the state Police Officer Standards and Training Council.

Officers also would have to receive training before being allowed to use drones with weapons.

North Dakota is the only state that allows police to use weaponized drones, but limits the use to “less lethal” weapons, including stun guns, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Five states – Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont and Wisconsin – prohibit anyone from using a weaponized drone, while Maine and Virginia ban police from using armed drones, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Several other states have restricted drone use in general.


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  1. Katrina

    I think drones could be a very useful tool to lower risk to officers. Mostly in intelligence gathering, but also weaponized in some circumstances. If the technology is out there, some criminal is going to use it against police. It would be ridiculous not to be able to respond in kind. Anything that can lower injury and death to police should be considered.

  2. Degotoga

    Absolutely not, that is asking for the biggest problem for citizens in a long long time. There needs to be contact made by a human LEO on the ground before deadly force can be used. This is NOT Afghanistan or Iraq!!!!!!! Next bill would relief drone operators from liability for wrongful death and collateral damage. This type of system should be for military use ONLY and outside of the USA or in defence of the USA from invading hostiles inside the USA, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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