Tulsa Police Officer Runs Over, Kills Violent Suspect

Following a violent criminal spree by 21-year-old Madison Sueann Dickson on Saturday, a Tulsa Police officer ran her over with his patrol car and killed her.

Police had been searching for Dickson because of her alleged involvement in a spree of gun-related crimes over the past week.

After police saw her exiting an apartment complex, they attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle where she was a passenger.

That is when she ran from the vehicle and pointed a weapon at pursuing officers. Officer Kayla Johnson and Detective Ronnie Leatherman fired shots at Dickson and she was not hit.

As Dickson ran into the street, Officer Jonathan Grafton struck her with his vehicle.

Doctors determined that Dickson died from blunt head trauma.
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  1. Voir Dire

    Judge,Jury and executioner rolled into one. Great display of Nazi tactics.

    • MathGirlTM

      So she should have been allowed to shoot an officer or, worse, made it to the school behind her and cause harm?

    • Aggie95(Hillary like Covfefe)

      Yea I know they should have shot the gun out of her hand… Jesus… She made the choice and it turned out to be one she couldn’t live with

    • K Morgan

      you are the type that whines about every move the police make….what would your response be if they had not stopped her at this time and it was you or yours that had been her next victim? you would be whining and crying that they should have shot her when they had the chance…..please do not reproduce…

  2. Jessica Kitzinger

    Good!! One less low life criminal on the streets.

  3. Mike Korach

    Most effective way to stop this POS.

  4. Michelle Crosby

    Another thug off the streets!

  5. Lorrin howell

    Good job officer.

  6. Katrina

    Well, that is a switch. She asked for it, she got it. No costly trials and incarceration.

  7. Ken Reinstadler

    Deadly force is just that… deadly. If she warranted it, she rolled the dice.

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