SWAT Team Produces Video To Highlight Capabilities

Cpl. Johnny Bolinger and Cpl. Greg Napier set out to make a recruiting video for their agency, the Fort Smith (AR) Police Department. What they ended up with was much more and highlights the training, equipment and dedication that goes into police tactical units across the country,

When we asked Cpl. Bolinger his thoughts on producing a video that depicts a side of law enforcement that many do not understand or openly hate, he did not hesitate.

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“The video is needed to highlight our various capabilities, our expertise and our dedication to protecting the citizens of our community.  We want it to spark an interest in law enforcement for others in our city and the surrounding area.”

On behalf of Law Officer, we applaud Cpl. Bolinger, Cpl. Napier and the entire Fort Smith SWAT Team.  Weakness abounds in law enforcement today and we continue to cower down to those that have no education or training in our profession.

“The police are too military” they say, until terror visits their town.  Well we say, keep it up Fort Smith PD and all of you other agencies that are prepared to defend the homeland.


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  1. Fred Grosso

    Where will they use this?

  2. ahaz

    This video did nothing but highlight what is wrong with our militarized police forces. Contrary to what many may think on this site, it does nothing to feel that police are protecting the public, but rather targeting the public. Why should anyone feel safe around the police?

    • Law Officer

      So this equipment wasn’t needed in San Bernardino or Orlando?

      • Big Tow

        No, our state and federal constitutions outlaw government standing armies. The mid-19th century invention known as “the police” has been a violation of these prohibitions from the start.

        Plus, without a permanent military–as the 2nd amendment pro-scribes–a 100+ year British-style world empire could not be established and maintained. And, hence, without the ensuing mass murder of millions and the dislocations of 10s of millions of refugees, relatives and others outraged at the brutality of the Empire would not exist and we wouldn’t need an unconstitutional standing army to protect us from any such boogie-men.

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