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As a manufacturer of an extensive line of quality combat gear, Blackhawk has once again shown why their name has become a synonym for excellence. We’re going to examine a pair of Blackhawk folding knives that deserve a close look from officers, sportsmen and collectors alike.

First up is the CQD MARK 1 TYPE E. A “carbon-copy” of the design and functionality of the highly renowned MOD MARK 1, Blackhawk is now producing the TYPE E version with more affordable materials. This change will put it within reach of the line officer’s budget, without a serious compromise in its functionality or durability.

The CQD MARK 1 TYPE E’s handle is a 420J stainless-steel frame, covered by precision-injection-molded, reinforced nylon. This not only reduces the knife’s weight, but also provides a forever-rust-free, super tough, non-slip gripping surface that will outperform many of its metal handled peers. The high-strength button lock backed up with a secondary safety on the back strap; is designed to ensure there are no unintentional closings during the hard use this knife was intended for.

Along with its built-in recessed seat-belt/cord cutter, the CQD MARK 1 TYPE E has one other feature that line officers will find invaluable. The built-in carbide glass breaker that tactically protrudes from the handle when the knife is closed; will facilitate the emergency removal of a car window with a quick flick of the wrist.

With an AUS8A PVD coated, stainless steel, 3.75-inch blade, (available in either plain or partially serrated blade) the CQD MARK 1 TYPE E also features an interchangeable pocket clip for either left or right handed, tip down carry. Topped off with ambidextrous thumb studs, the CQD MARK 1 TYPE E epitomizes excellence in modern knife design.

The other recently introduced Blackhawk folder is dubbed the BE-WHARNED, honoring its distinctive Wharncliffe blade design. Known for extraordinary strength and cutting power, the unique Wharncliffe blade configuration has been time tested since the 1800’s. While some may call it an outdated antique, they are foolishly ignoring the omnipotent ability of time to weed out inferior equipment. A concept or design will survive the test of time for centuries for only one reason; it is because it works, and works well.

Once opened via its ambidextrous thumb studs. The BE-WHARNED’s 3.4”, AUS8A stainless-steel blade, is secured open by a heavy-duty liner-lock. Its 420J stainless-steel frame, which is covered by black G-10 scaled grip surface, should provide many years of dependable service. Featuring an adjustable pocket clip that allows ambidextrous, tip up or tip down carry, the BE-WHARNED allows for complete control over your chosen carry method.

The CQD MARK 1 TYPE E and the BE-WHARNED also fall into the category of what I call “SS.” That translates into scary sharp or shaving sharp, you can take your pick. These are serious knives for serious professionals. Careless, amateur handling of either of these exceptional implements will not end well.

So, what’s the final verdict? Which one would I choose to carry? Well, it depends upon the usage. For urban road patrol, I would probably pick the MOD MARK1TYPE E, as the built- in carbide glass breaker and belt cutter gives it the edge in that setting. For the sportsman/hunter or anyone that routinely performs heavy cutting, the BE-WHARNED would be my knife of choice. However, with both of these high quality implements carrying an MSRP of only $99.00, you really can’t go wrong using either knife in just about any scenario. Available from www.Blackhawk.com.

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