When Did Compliance Become Optional?

Has anyone else noticed a common theme to all recent police involved shootings caught on video?  Unless Bullethead is having a brain fart, it would appear that they all share one distinct element: NONcompliance.

This seems to go for every incident, whether it is a good or bad shoot.  It seems pretty obvious no matter what side you are on. We all see the same thing.  There is an initial contact (car stop, pedestrian stop, dispatched call).  An order is given.  An order is ignored (fleeing, fighting, reaching).  Shots fired.  And again, this just doesn’t apply to good shoots.  It applies to bad ones as well (see Walter Scott).  Bullethead has searched high and low for one so called, self described community leader to stand up and say “DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD”.  Crickets….  Where are you Talcum X (see Shaun King)?  In every state, the resisting arrest statutes read the same: to resist a LEGAL or ILLEGAL arrest.  That means that even if the officer is wrong, noncompliance is not an option.

If it’s later deemed that the arrest was unlawful, or there was no reasonable suspicion for the stop, it will be dealt with.  But dealt with later.  Not there.  Not on the street.  Or in a home.  Or in a church.  Or in a business.  Cops do make mistakes, a fact the WE have been admitting for years.  Most cops know that they are right and have no problem dealing with the public.  They have been trained to know your rights better than you do.  And in my experience, better than most attorneys.

Sometimes cops mistakenly think that they are right.  What’s the difference?  There is none.  An order is given.  The order has to be followed.  Not one cop hater is stating this.  Not Al Sharpton.  Not Colin Krapernick.  Not Sally Kohn.  Would Alton Sterling still be alive?  Would Michael Brown still be alive?  Even Walter Scott, a murder that still to this day makes Bullethead’s stomach turn.  Even he would be here.

Take the more recent Philando Castile shooting.  Haters can say all they want the he is dead because of racism or a broken taillight.  The fact is, to someone that did not know him, he looked exactly like an armed robbery suspect that held up a store a few days prior.  In that neighborhood.  On that street.

Robbery Suspect (left)

Robbery Suspect (left)

I don’t know a cop in the universe that doesn’t make that car stop.  Not one.  We know that Castile absolutely did the right thing in telling the officer that he had a firearm on his person.  What also is not in doubt, is that the officer told him not to reach for it.  He reached.  After being told repeatedly, he still reached.  We know he reached be cause his girlfriend said as much.  Only Castile, God rest his soul, knows if he was reaching for a wallet or not.  He shouldn’t have been reaching for anything at all.  Once informing the officer of the firearm, with the armed robbery in mind, it now becomes a high incident car stop.  The officer will then order a driver or passenger out of the vehicle, at gun point, to lay in a prone position.  The officer wasn’t given that time to adjust.  As soon as Castile tells the officer that he has a firearm, he begins reaching.  And he doesn’t stop reaching until it is too late.  And a man who was loved by so many is no longer with us.  Is Officer Yanez an incompetent cop?  Who knows.  Is it a good thing that he is longer on the job?  Maybe.  But one thing was never proven….that he is a racist.  It is a tragic situation that spiraled downward.  And it began with not following orders.  Did Kraperdick bring that up with his now infamous tweet:

caperOf course he didn’t.  It either doesn’t fit his narrative or his pea brain simply can not grasp it.  Or both.  Probably both.  He would serve the community he claims to care so much about better if he actually looked past the bullshit he spews and face facts.  Pick out the one thing that everyone one of these incidents have in common.  And you can’t pick racism because cops of all races shoot and kill suspects of all races.  And compared to actual violent crimes committed by race, cops shooting and killing white males are way out of proportion.  Remember, it’s not the population percentage that matters.  It is those that commit crime.  The numbers are there.    That is something else you will never hear from these so called “activists” that tell you they care.  The victimization rate of African Americans is ridiculously sickening and you will never hear about it from those that claim they care about black lives.

Has Kraperdouche, or any of his like minded opportunists demanded the head of the actual armed robbery suspect?  As far as surveillance photos go, that’s a pretty damn good one.  A minimum of 100 people that know this bastard could have and should have given him up by now.  Where is the outrage from the community as it relates to this POS?  Technically this guy started this entire chain of events.  The judge representing the Castile family, in her lovely sermon outside of the courthouse post verdict, never mentions this scumbag.  In fact, she wrongfully stated that Castile complied with police.  Castile’s mother then spoke to the press and stated that she hoped Officer Yanez would die later that night.  Not a peep about the asshole in the surveillance photo.  Remember folks, the jury saw what we haven’t been shown.  A not guilty verdict has to be unanimous or else it is a mistrial by hung jury.  It has been said that the only hold outs for guilty were two white jurors.  Not the two black jurors.  Well I’ll be damned.

When you take an extremely tragic situation and state that today’s police are the same as the slave patrols of the south, you spit in the face of every slave that had to deal with those slave patrols.  You spit in the face of today’s police officers that would piss on the graves of any member of a slave patrol.  Bullethead was waiting for you to come out of hiding.  And you didn’t disappoint.  You can’t land a third string job so you might as well play Shaun King’s game and make it seem like you’re being shunned because of your activism.  Activism for a cause that you claimed was all cured as soon as the 49ers cut ties with your sorry ass.  Did you ever think that maybe you are unemployed because you suck?  If you put as much effort into football as you do race baiting and hateful rhetoric, you might just make it on a CFL roster.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

So Bullethead will do what these self proclaimed leaders won’t.  My plea, to members of every community, is to comply.  Follow orders.  Yes it sucks.  Yes it’s aggravating.  Yes it’s humiliating.  But we have a job to do.  If you’re not at fault, that will be proven….later.  Life sucks.  Being stopped by the police sucks.  Deal with it.  We want everyone, cop and civilian alike, to make it home safe.  And we don’t want some self important douchebag to use you in order to make an attention grabbing comment in an attempt to remain relevant.

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  1. Curiousity


    I stopped and restarted reading your article thrice. The reason is you make arguments that are worth reading because that is your perspective and we should all listen to each other in order to advance a discourse. The reason I stopped is because you introduce and sprinkle insults to those you do not agree with causing you to come across as immature even though I want to take you seriously.

    People keep saying that this country is so divided yada yada. And that is a true state. Yet they keep propagating the same sickness. You bullethead are guilty of this. Please espouse your position maturely without insulting fellow Americans. I am sick of hearing these liberals are this (insert insult) and those republicans are that (insert insult.) I was always hurt whenever there was a LE shooting of a citizen by default. But after deciding to keep an open mind and just understand different perspectives in summer 2016 I came to the same conclusion as yourself – yep, that word compliance, it lacks a lot. I don’t like it under most circumstances but I know that is how our laws are written currently. I came across this site recently and yours was the second article I read (after the Philando Castille shooting analysis.)

    While I agree with you on compliance observation based on current laws of the land, I was completely disappointed by the insults. I may not agree with a fellow American, but I don’t insult them. The beauty of the US is the freedoms enshrined in our constitution. I strongly detest you insulting fellow Americans and quite frankly your language is off putting and nauseating to me. And not just you. That is my reaction whenever I hear liberal-are-this, republicans-are-that insults begin. Insults shut down a discussion and I just walk away – there’s no way a civil discussion can be had when insults are flying. The same way I will attempt to read your articles but I will walk away if you choose to engage in insults and not really bear you out on your perspective. Because with this kind of insulting language are you helping to heal the country’s sickness of division?

  2. Ralyn Speerly Schraceo

    This article claims that the guy looked like the suspect – pics side by side. Sorry, other than skin color, I’m not seeing it…. but, I guess if all blacks look alike to you, maybe…

  3. Brad Nutter

    Ive been saying this for last couple year “comply don’t die” now I am NOT saying because you dont comply you should die, just that the odds of dying go down a million times. Why esculate something you will not win on scene.

    • Ralyn Speerly Schraceo

      Yep, be a good little sheep – baaaa baaaa – it’s people with brainwashed slavery mentality that allow the abuse by cops to continue.

      • Curiousity

        I would say don’t blame The People, be they sheepies or not. Instead it started with our lawmakers. They have encroached on the constitution of US and added a myriad of laws (good & bad ones) whose outcome is what we have today – sheepies, activists, etc. If you notice from the article it says the law requires citizens to comply with an order be it right or not (I don’t know the exactness of this but from my observations it seems correct.) The law is written such that it favors the enforcer – LE. I can say this is stupid and a recipe for disaster on the side of up holding citizenry rights. There are many countries that will find this an eyebrow raising element of US laws yet we love to show on TV protesters in those countries clashing with LE. You know how it is in the US law makers are bought by, and serve organized groups such as corporate lobbyists, LE unions, etc. The citizens who elect them are at the bottom of the pile and generally bear the brunt of the laws lawmakers pass. The resulting effect is a people who comply out of fear, those who comply out of understanding the laws as are they are written today, those who do not comply out of ignorance of the laws as they are written today, those who do not comply as an act of civil disobedience. The latter’s actions causes laws to change ie. reforms.

        • Ralyn Speerly Schraceo

          It is our duty to keep govt in check – it begins and ends with us… so – If you’re just sitting around and doing nothing about it but complaining – it is your fault. If you are out there trying to make sure we have good liberty minded govt that will actually work for us instead of against us, you are doing your duty as a citizen.

          We had a war to free us from tyranny – but it is up to us to keep tyranny at bay.

      • Rockhound6165

        You leftists want more government but complain when that overreaching government acts accordingly. You can’t have it both ways.

        • Ralyn Speerly Schraceo

          You really shouldn’t assume – no leftist here, I’m a Constitutionalist and oath keeper. It’s a real shame our cops don’t seem to know how to keep their oaths these days.

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