President Obama Acknowledges The ‘War On Cops’, Says He Didn’t Start It

The ‘War On Cops’ which we have described as unprecedented attacks and ambushes on law enforcement along with an ideological narrative portraying police in a negative light has strangely been debated by certain groups, individuals and others in the media.

We pushed back on a recent article in the Huffington Post a few weeks ago and we are often challenged on our stance with regards to this issue.

We doubt that President Obama’s acknowledgement of the ‘War On Cops’ will change anyone’s mind but we found the exchange he had with William J. Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, interesting enough to mention it here.

In an interview with The Blaze, Johnson said that after he blamed President Obama for the ‘War On Cops’ in an interview, he “was summoned to the White House” and “got chewed out by Obama in the Roosevelt Room.”

President Obama told him “I’m not responsible for the war on cops.”

The next day, President Obama continued to light the match when he spoke at the funeral of the five slain Dallas area police officers and in an odd context for the somber place he was at, “he launched into an impassioned, lengthy talk about the pain of black Americans and other people of color who believe police are out to get them — all in front of loved ones and colleagues grieving the five police officers.”

Johnson told The Blaze “that Obama adding his race soliloquy during the service was “appalling” and “beyond tasteless” and bordering “almost on cruelty.” And while he understands the political argument, Johnson said “there’s a time and place” for such arguments to be made — and a memorial service for fallen officers wasn’t one of them.”


On The Beat: The War On Cops


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  1. Jamal Warner

    I see so many posts about how President Obama hate cops, but yet no proof. Fact, President Obama allocated 4 billion dollars for police in the economic recovery package. Secondly, he refunded the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program. Many police today are reaping the benefits of this package, yet many continue to spread misinformation. SMH!!!

  2. RobertL37

    Obama created the BLM Terrorist Organization as cover for acts of violence against the Police. I know, you know and we all know it. TRUTH!

    • Jamal Warner

      Evidence? Present evidence to this claim.

      • ahaz

        Evidence? These dudes have no idea what that is, they only know what they read on the alt-right. You can’t debate them for the they know not what they don’t understand.

    • joed


  3. P.M.

    It’s disgustingly slimy points of view like those spewed forth by Mr. Johnson that diminish the view of law enforcement by the average citizen. You want to talk divisive? Spinning words of encouragement and inspiration into a phony narrative is not only ugly, it makes police look like thins skinned whiners. What a douche.

  4. JoseVillalobos

    “The policeman acted stupidly.” – Barack Obama

    “What do we want? Dead cops!” – Obama supporters openly declaring war on the police

    “One of the great things about America is that groups can protest… We’ve all benefited from that.” – Obama supporting Black Lives Matter, encouraging the people who are chanting for dead cops

    “Sometimes people shoot cops because the cops are racist.” – Obama telling the widows of 5 dead policemen that their husbands deserved to die, at their own funeral, after he encouraged it to happen

    • ahaz

      “The policeman acted stupidly”— Yes he did. The only reason why this officer stopped Mr. Gates from going into his own home was because he was black. I’m sure if the officer had addressed the homeowner with respect, Mr. Gates would have been more accommodating. Yes, this officer acted stupidly. And officers act stupidly today.

      People say stupid things in the heat of protest, and if i recall correctly, every one of those protests occurred after an questionable police shooting. You seem to think the protests happened on their own without any outside instigation or contribution from the police. In Ferguson, Michael Brown shooting was just the spark that lit the fuses. Years of predatory racially biased police was the cause of the Ferguson protests and the farcical police response turned them into riots. The Same conditions existed in Baltimore, where the questionable death of Freddie Gray lit the fuse. The Protest in New York after Eric Garner happened because they saw a death that did not have too happen. At the core of everyone of those protests, predatory and racially biased policing. So forgive me, if I don’t taint the entire BLM movement in the same brush as you. As I don’t paint every police officer as a racist or waking hoping to shoot a citizen every day. The world is more complex than that. The issue of police violence is more complex than that. The issue of biased policing is more complex than that.

      I’m personally relieved that Pres. Obama offered support and met with some members of the BLM. Because of BLM, the issue of police violence has stayed in the media limelight and has affected positive change In some communities. And as an historical note, many of the tactics that those in conservative media and LE to denigrate BLM and other like minded groups are very much the same ones used to denigrate those during the civil rights movement. Instead of calling these type of organizations communists, they try to label them as terrorists or anti-police. We know what the deal is.

      And frankly your last point about Obama encouraging people to shoot police is complete fantasy and you should know better…or perhaps you don’t.

      • RobertL37

        BLM as in the New Terrorist Group??

        • ahaz

          Clearly you have no idea what a terrorist is. Frankly, read a book on the subject.

        • joed

          We need to start killing these wannabe’s ass hole groups . F/U/C/K BLM

      • JoseVillalobos

        The police went to Gates’ house because he broke in, the alarm was going off, and people called 911 and asked the police to come and see who was breaking into the house. You are saying that it’s stupid for the police to protect black people’s homes and lives.

        You say that BLM violence followed police violence, but police violence followed the violence of criminals. You love crime and hate the law. You love evil and hate good.

        • ahaz

          I guess in your distorted view of the world, it’s perfectly OK for officers to use deadly force in questionably, or police in unconstitutional or racially biased ways. Fortunately, most Americans don’t share you’re world view. I’ve always been taught that I’m responsible for my own actions. It doesn’t matter what the other guy does, it’s my response to what the other guys does that defines me, perhaps some in LE should learn the same lesson.

          • JoseVillalobos

            In your worldview, what should the police do when a burglar alarm goes off and people call 911? Should they show up? Apparently you think that if it’s a black man who broke into the house, they should just take his word and leave him alone. A lot of people like you also think that the police should let people murder them to prove they’re not racist.

      • joed

        I would love to meet you so I can kick your ass you dick

  5. ahaz

    Unsurprisingly, this article isn’t worth the effort written to write it. It’s full of rhetoric and unsubstantiated claims that President Obama didn’t support police. The only thing Obama did was try to push policing in the direction that it needed to go. Policing is more militarized than ever, more predatory that ever, more racially divisive than ever. President Obama acknowledge these failings, took away a several weapons of war from local LE that didn’t need it in the first place and investigated abusive police departments that routinely violated the constitutional rights of the the citizens they are supposed to serve. There is no War against Police. It’s a figment of imagination of those who are opposed to change. LE is terrified that they no longer control the narrative around policing issues as the public becomes more educated about the abuses of police, how they are motivated and how they view the public…as targets. If LE is feeling heat, it’s NOT because of President Obama, it’s because LE has created the very conditions that has created the levels of distrust between LE and the community.

    • NiceHarley

      You are wrong, Obama started it and constantly stirs it up, thankfully it will be over Friday. President Trump backs the Police fully, and now the people will learn to respect the police of they can face the consequences…..

      • MDCDP

        The rhetoric in this storyline has come from President Obama and the unsubstantiated claims from folks like you. Law Enforcement as a profession doesn’t “need” a push toward what an angry mob wants. “Militarization” is a boogie-man word used to scare people make people angry. The aliteration “weapons of war” is no better. Why do police need weapons at all? Because they go after armed people who endager you and simply do not put their weapons down when an officer says to. Why armored vehicles? Because they’re going to come rescue you. Law Enforcement never controlled a narrative. Believing everything seen on television shows and in the movies about corrupt, racist cops in the 1900s is the security blanket some cling to while they suck their thumbs and pout over a speeding ticket or an arrest or even a tragic loss of life. The narrative of police shooting folks with their “hands up” was echoed by politicians and the media, then proven false, but that was announced quietly. It was anti-climactic to the dramatic narrative. Even the most justified shooting looks horrible on video. But we don’t get to see the whole video. We get the few convenient seconds that feeds the “narrative.” Leadership has the platform to set the record straight. This leader failed to. This weekend I saw video of cops at an MLK event who ran through a river of frightened people to get to the shooters. Twice. They carried an injured girl quite a distance to an ambulance. But that video won’t go viral.
        And this president won’t praise them.
        Good riddance.

        • kenneth wise

          Agreed, only a fool would believe he supported law enforcement. I’m glad to see this worthless idiot leave and may the souls of every fallen officer haunt him for life!

  6. joed

    If that was someone in my family and he was taking that shit I would have spit on him and I would have told to get the hell out of here , Obama is a scumbag and I wish to God someone takes him out real soon

    • ahaz

      Are you making a threat? Should I forward this post to the Secret Service?

      • Lynt

        Please learn reading comprehension. Also learn what a threat actually is.

        • ahaz

          I understood what he meant. See what over the top responses generate.

      • joed

        Your a dick, Fool . You must have your tongue up Obama’s a/s/s h/o/l/e , Is that shit tasting good to you ? Ahaz . What a name, It sound Like it means pig. in Muslim . Why don’t you tell the Secret Service that I just called you a PIG.

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