Pandora: Becoming One of the Most Hated Apps

Last Thursday, five officers protecting Black Lives Matters protesters were slaughtered.  It was a tragic day that shocked our Nation.  But it obviously was not enough to shock the world’s leading online radio app, Pandora.

Pandora sent out messages via their social media accounts with an image that had another message.

The message from Pandora:

“We stand together. #BlackLivesMatter. #LoveAboveAll.”

Pandora calls for racial justice and makes no mention of the officers that were murdered.

This message has outraged law enforcement and supporters of law enforcement.   There is a campaign underway for police and supporters of police to delete and unsubscribe from Pandora.

A quick search on Twitter with the hashtag #BoycottPandora reveals thousands of tweets calling for people to delete Pandora.

The Forth Worth Police Association posted a message on Facebook expressing disappointment with Pandora that they “choose division over unity.”

The Association urges law enforcement and supporters to delete the Pandora radio app from all devices.

It may be all we can do to express our displeasure but I am going to do it.  Will you join me?

Brian Hill is a Staff Sergeant In the Denver area.  He is a former Marine and passionate instructor.  He is a charter member of ILEETA and owns Mental Ammo Training. 

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  1. Sal

    Black Lives do matter. We’re still pissed off about Oscar Grant in the Bay Area. Shooting a man in the back who is handcuffed laying face down on the floor. How could any officer support that? Make it right with the people you swore to serve and protect.

  2. 2crows

    Most hated app in Delusionville.

  3. Bruce Wayne

    Way to get your little racist selves into a tizzy! Where does the message say it doesn’t support police officers? Oh, wait, it doesn’t. Dunno how you morons take a message promoting equality and think it’s about hate…

  4. Lisa Coin

    Never had it to start with and sure won’t have it now.

  5. Jacki Hynum Clark

    Deleted, and I paid for commercial free! F-U Pandora!

  6. Sterling Reece

    The policing profession is more hated than Pandora. Pandora isn’t violating the rights of its customers while collecting their money anyway. Pandora isn’t getting away with murder. Pandora’s employees aren’t eclipsing burglary in terms of property stolen from Americans.

    And don’t kid yourselves. No one thinks you had Pandora installed on your phone ?

    • mtarte

      Sterling, you haven’t a clue of what you speak, but kool aid drinkers rarely do.

  7. laughing tyger

    Liberals don’t realize how many police there are and how many family members, friends and supporters they have.

    This is because the media they follow presents them with a distorted reality (AKA bullsh!t) ….

  8. doodlebug

    Already deleted it a few days ago when I read a story about this BS elsewhere. Also sent a mass text to everyone I know informing them of the box of dirty chocolates Pandora opened with that stunt. Lots of cancellations of subscriptions due to that text. ???

  9. Lisa Root Hatz

    Yep deleting it now

  10. pen44

    I don’t believe I have it……how do I tell. Do you have to subscribe?!?

    • pen44

      I checked….no, I do not have it!

  11. ZynWoof

    Yep! Deleting it now!

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