Obama Meets Family of Alton Sterling

CNN reports that President Barack Obama met with relatives of men killed and injured in two high-profile Baton Rogue shootings involving police officers while he was in Louisiana touring flood areas.

Obama spent time with the family of Alton Sterling — a black man fatally shot by a police officer in the city on July 5 — and the families of three law officers who were killed and three officers who were injured in an ambush there 12 days later.

The meetings were not open to the media and no information was released.

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  1. Katarina

    He did meet with families of murdered and injured police. Isn’t that a first? Wonder what he is up to? He isn’t up for re-election so it isn’t votes. Don’t trust that man.

  2. peaches and wine

    Is that such a surprise?…….king obozo stirs up sh’t between police and a black hoodlum who gets shot, because he was looking for trouble, setting up the cops, and all hell breaks loose, but master and king sh’t obozo goes to pay a visit to show respects to the black hoodlum’s family???? Am I getting this right, and isn’t THAT what obozo has been doing all along, just to impress black Americans, and cleverly divide the nation in half?!

  3. Sarah

    I’m sorry, but I will be so happy when he’s out of office. That was just wrong!!
    My Heart goes out to The Family of our fallen officers.

  4. 1973 Seagrave

    He is a community organizer who hates law enforcement. From the get go he has sided with criminals over LE. Now he is releasing hundreds of felons from prisons. That is how a community organizer gets more voters.

  5. Jack Williams

    You have to omit Obama is consistent

  6. IronmanDC

    Wow – going to family of CONVICTED FELON who was resisting arrest and who had gun on him?! Wow!

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