Civil Rights Group Says Park Rangers’ Uniforms Are ‘Threatening’ to Latinos

A coalition of lawmakers and civil rights groups has a message for the National Park Service: your uniforms and vehicles are “very threatening” to Latinos.  Citing hats and vehicles that look like Border Patrol Agents, the group wants changes.

Maite Arce of the Hispanic Access Foundation delivered the message during a press conference on Thursday:

“It’s such a shame that something as simple as the uniform and it’s similarity to the border patrol’s uniform — in the coloring — could be very threatening to certain segments of the Latino population. So a discussion about that is going to be really tough.”

The coalition is asking President Obama to issue an executive order directing the Department of Interior and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to “adopt guiding priorities for a more inclusive approach to National Parks.”

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  1. Bobbie Ann Walker

    Now our park rangers uniforms are offensive it is going way to far now. We used to be a strong nation that set the example of what other countries wanted to be now we are a nation of crybabies that is offended by everything,

  2. Bobbie Ann Walker

    What if someone dies because they closed the check point because someone was offend? We are losing our freedom little by little because we may offend someone, it is getting ridiculous

  3. JRT6

    There is a very large Jewish community in a nearby city and years ago they had a real problem with cops in that city wearing leather coats and driving black and white police cars.

  4. Ger San

    They aren’t there to make latinos happy.

  5. Jenkem Jones

    Big Bend National Park in Texas needs some border patrol agents.

  6. Robert LaRochelle

    Get over it. Millions of Latinos crossing our Southern border is threatening to me.

  7. disqus_aRfm4SSuoF

    Stupid. Run to your safe place. Del taco and taco bell

  8. Robert Schell

    The answer to this is to enact my new legislation, which I have called “The National Safe Spaces Act,” which mandates that all National Parks and Forests will provide a non-threatening area where all who feel threatened by ideas or other dangerous things like Mr. Ranger, Yogi, Boo Boo or their pic-en-ic baskets may retreat to and find peace.

  9. Vicki Putman

    Are you freaking kidding me.

  10. Brian Rasmussen

    Why would it concern a legal resident or legal temporary visitor that the uniform of a park ranger could be confused with the uniform of a border patrol agent? Why would a legal resident or a legal temporary visitor have anything to fear from a border control agent?

    • bluetrader

      I think I have an answer to your question/s. Of course ‘they’ probably don’t want to hear it as it would be viewed by them as hateful.

  11. Jay Cunnington

    Dear HAF:

    You are a bunch of fecking crybabies. Grow a set.

  12. 1Scarface5

    Do not Go to the Parks if you are offended.

  13. mitchbetterhavemybunny

    ‘A coalition of lawmakers and civil rights groups’… uhh seems like just one person said this. But hey if it fits in with the narrative you’re pushing, why not print it?

  14. Daryl L. Hunter

    Uniformed police make most people feel secure, lets not bend to the tyranny of the minority.

  15. Jen

    More tax dollars will be wasted on the redesign of uniforms, and I’m sure the rangers will have to pay for new uniforms out of pocket. Besides, it’s common sense that they should be green anyway…

  16. Larry Crawfgord

    Well, they should just get the hell out of our country and get their asses back to Mexico.

  17. Justin A Possien

    In 2002 a U S Park Ranger, while wearing that uniform was murdered by an illegal alien. I wish would could turn back time and change the uniform so that illegal alien was not offended.

  18. Michael J. Berbari

    Get real,,,,, Even if the uniforms were “exactly” the same, how is it threatening? The uniform is not going to grab you. If, every officer wore a different uniform even in the same department it’s NOT the uniform that will get you. It’s the person “””””IN”””” the uniform that could be threatening if a person breaks/disrespect the laws.

  19. Pont

    The typical being offended complaint of Liberal Progressives and illegal immigrants that this administration is pandering up to.

    • Susan Harris

      For the past eight years…

  20. Robert Taylor

    Would have civil rights got to do this anyway? Absolutely nothing!

  21. Robert Taylor

    Isn’t that just too bad! If they’re so threatened by the uniforms of our park rangers, then they must be up to something! More than likely, they’re here illegally! This is what most if those who support liberalism and political correctness do best! Whine and complain!

  22. gary cramer

    if they arent doing anything wrong it shouldnt be threatening

  23. Max Frisson

    No matter what, you can not do away with the “Smokey the Bear” hat! That is the Forest Service/Park Ranger identity!
    This is all because new surveys found Latino/Hispanics don’t use the park system. Some think we need to change the parks to attract more diverse attendance but no one every asked if the Latinos actually care and want to go to the parks anyway.

    I never go to football fields, nothing happens there that interests me, I rather suspect that the case is much the same for most US parks and their non-core users, nothing you could change about a football park would change my interests and a silly uniform isn’t keeping Latinos off the Blue Ridge Parkway out of some National Forests either.

  24. Drew Vincent

    Which Latinos are being threatened here??? The one who came to the US legally and became legal citizens and the only time they encountered Boarder Patrol agents was when they were entering the US at Legal entrance points or are the offended Latinos the sorry pieces of crap who have tried to enter the US illegally and had run ins with the BP kicking their asses back South of the boarder??? Latinos entering the country legally should have no fear of the BP unless they just have a phobia of uniformed officers in general… I can understand some being upset because they had to wait an extended time to cross because BP searched their vehicles, luggage and persons, but that is the BP’s job and it wouldn’t be such a hassle if there was not such a problem with drug trafficking to the US from Mexico…

  25. David

    If the uniform threatens you then swim back where you illegally came from. All these Illegal people getting their way is sickening.

  26. Mag Enta

    They already have more civil rights than some Americans. What Park Rangers wear is a non-issue IMO.

  27. Edward J. Palumbo

    Those who are intimidated or frightened by the sight or proximity of law enforcement (black-and-white fever) usually have reasons of their own for that stress response. Law abiding citizens have no concern. If the sight of a ranger or LEO makes you nervous, you need a better environment, better peer group, better attitude, different world view and/or broader education.

  28. Dogman358

    Okay, pink bunny slippers and a watch cap. If it threatens you, don’t go.

  29. Tim Alexander

    Dear Latinos that have a problem with this….Kiss my shiny metal ass!!!

  30. IndyRich

    Aren’t ALL law enforcement uniforms and vehicles “threarening” to ALL criminals?? Will defense lawyers be using this as their next defense tactic???

    • Susan Harris

      The Twinkie no scary uniform defense…Pathetic!…

  31. augustoperez

    I’m Hispanic and I’m not threatened by law enforcement. Only criminals get uneasy at the sight of a badge.

    • Robert Taylor

      So true! Thanks for your response!

  32. Jessie Miller

    So what, if they are illegals then they are criminals and are not Americans and should not fall under our laws. Unless they were terrorist and then we should send them to some of our ally’s and let them have their way with them. I so sick of you whinny illegals thinking your special because you broke our laws and our Muslim president will let you do what ever you want. If we ever get a real leader in the White House who’s not controlled by Wall Street and the rich you all will be out of here but first you will be building a wall before you leave.

  33. McOrin Lima

    Wait a minute….BP uniforms are ALL GREEN not green pants and khaki shirt. Your problem is with Law Enforcement in general.

    • Ger San

      Heh… their ideal LEO uniform is probably a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

  34. aineliamfionanora4 .

    exactly who?…who are these nuts that dream this crap up. feel threatened then stay away

    • coachanthony

      This is the new SOP for the leftist-socialist-regressives: find something to be offended by and then complain about, whine about it, and get lots of attention. Just another distraction from real problems like failing schools, crumbling bridges, skyrocketing taxes, etc….

  35. hatrasfevr

    If you are legal……… there is no threat!

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