Woman found dead with 8-foot python wrapped around neck

BATTLE GROUND, Ind. – A python appears responsible for the death of an Indiana woman after medics made a gruesome discovery when they arrived at a home that was filled with more than 100 snakes.

First responders were called to the home in Battle Ground, Indiana, on Wednesday and found 36-year-old Laura Hurst dead with an 8-foot python coiled around her neck, according to police.

Medics made efforts to revive her, but they were unsuccessful, Indiana State Police said. The Reticulated Python was one of 140 snakes that were found inside the home.

Police said approximately 20 of the snakes found belonged to Hurst. Her connection to the residence wasn’t immediately clear but investigators said, “She frequents the location approximately two times a week.”

A local sheriff who stores his snake collection there, owns the home, according to ABC News. It was unclear who called emergency services for help.

Police said they are still investigating the circumstances that led to the woman’s untimely death.

“An autopsy will be performed on Friday which will hopefully give us an official cause of death,” Indiana State Police said in a statement. “The case is ongoing.”


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