Veteran cop offers explosive testimony before House Judiciary Committee: ‘I will not comply’

WASHINGTON – Veteran police officer Dianna Muller, fresh off her explosive testimony before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on assault weapons, said Thursday that gun owners need to “get involved and engaged” because the Second Amendment is at stake.

“What we’re up against is a very well-organized, well-funded effort to take guns away from American citizens,” the former 22-year Tulsa police officer, and founder of a gun advocacy group The DC Project, told “Fox & Friends.”

“If you are a gun owner and you feel like you’re under attack, you need to call your congressmen and, you know, it sounds cliche, but it’s more important now than ever,” Muller said, adding she has drawn a “line in the sand.”

Muller made a bold proclamation during the congressional hearing, vowing that she would not comply, Fox News reported. Her contention is that such a ban would force lawful gun owners to either give up their arms or become criminals.

“Please don’t legislate the 150 million people just like me into being criminals. It has happened. You’ve already done it,” Muller said, referring to the Trump administration’s ban on bump stocks, the devices that use a semi-automatic weapon’s recoil to make it rapidly fire like an automatic. “I was a bump stock owner, and I had to make a decision: do I become a felon, or do I comply?”

Should the government pass an assault-weapons ban, Muller declared, “I will not comply.”

Muller said that there are many law enforcement officers who agree with her, and that opponents are using terms such as “weapons of war” to incite emotion, Fox reported.

“More people are killed with hammers and blunt objects than all rifles combined according to FBI statistics so it doesn’t make sense to me that this is going to solve the problem,” Muller said.

The gun control push from Democrats was evident at a recent presidential debate, where candidate Beto O’Rourke, a former congressman from Texas, generated controversy by vowing to use a mandatory gun buyback program to take assault weapons from Americans. Meantime, the White House has been in negotiations with lawmakers on measures like increased background checks.

Law Officer spoke with Muller in 2016. We thought you’d find the archived interview of interest since she is making headline news today.


Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told Fox News last week that he expected an announcement on new gun legislation “very soon.” Gidley said President Trump wanted to make sure that any new laws would address actual problems and not just be “feel-good legislation.”


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