Texas Police K9 Shot and Killed After Handler Is Attacked

Waco (TX) Police had to shoot and kill their own K9 Dog after the dog inexplicably turned on its handler, biting him in the groin area, close to the femoral artery. Earlier reports claimed the injury was to the hand. Another cop then shot the dog to save the man, reported the Waco Tribune-Herald.

“At that point, another officer on scene was forced to put down the canine to save the officer,” said Waco police spokesman Garen Bynum.

The injured cop was transported to a nearby medical center. Bynum said the officer, who was not identified, “was expected to be OK,” before adding no further details would be publicized until Oct. 8.

The name of the dog and the officers involved have not been released. The Waco Police Department has had three dogs in its K9 unit: Kastor, Kempi and Hondo.
In July 2001, Waco police shot and killed the department’s 3-year-old Dutch shepherd named Blur when the dog and its handler, Waco police Officer John Allovio, were searching for a stolen car suspect in the 800 block of Harlem Avenue. The dog attacked another officer who approached him from behind.
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