Superbowl Halftime Show & Black Lives Matter

ramsAs you watch the Superbowl Halftime Show with Beyonce, you may not know that some of it will be in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Beyonce will be introducing her new song “Formation” in which the video depicts a line of cops and a black child with their hands up along with a wall with graffiti sprayed on it saying “stop shooting us.”

The support is nothing new to the NFL where the St. Louis Rams ran out to the field with their hands up in reference to the Ferguson Incident.  Jay-Z, the husband of Beyonce, recently announced a 1.5 million dollar donation to Black Lives Matter and other organizations including the Trayvon Martin Foundation and the Michael O.D. Brown We Love Our Sons.

While Beyonce can sing about whatever she likes and Jay-Z can donate to whatever organization he likes, we thought it was important to remind our readers that the rhetoric in Ferguson was proven to be a lie and that the Black Lives Matter Movement have repeatedly advocated violence against law enforcement including a recent march in Minnesota where they were chanting “pigs in a blanket….fry like bacon.”




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  1. Randy chsmberlain

    Just saw blacks who are crying for rights now u know that they really did come from stupid monkeys they don’t believe Trump should not have right to speak his mind but are crying all over our country about they don’t get respect they bare picked on but they don’t vwant to give same rights they are asking for it would never happen in white city was not done when whites did not like Osama I mean obamma but they let the bigger speak his mind now u see how stupid they are they show how stupid they are and uneducated cotton pockets makes u wonder what would have happened if Lincoln had been assaniated sooner maybe we all still own one u never know!!

  2. Russell McDonald Jr.

    Beyoncé is a racist! She is really talking hateful about the men and women of law enforcement especially after police related riots occurred in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri and the deadly 1992 Los Angeles riots. Therefore please boycott Beyoncé and all of her concerts to show her that she has no right to bully the police.

  3. Bob

    The Toilet Bowl. Beyoncé floating her no talent Bull****. NFL is standing right in it. Watched my last Super Bowl game.

  4. Mike

    These clowns, the entertainers, athletes and the rest who support this kind of nonsense are no less domestic terrorists than Timothy McVey.

  5. Albert Waldron

    February 14, 2016

    Dear State of New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus Members,

    I have an issue I believe it’s important for you to pursue. It’s my sincere belief that the (all white) New Jersey State Trooper’s Fraternal Association (STFA) leadership has set back race relations between the New Jersey State Police and African-american community (including it’s African-american Troopers and their families) 100 years. The STFA’s open letter to the NFL about Beyonce’s halftime performance has made Police Officers all over this country LESS SAFE, and they are totally clueless as to why that is. I’m risking much by going out on a limb here, including being targeted by white law enforcement officers for speaking out, so I’d appreciate your support.

    My father, NJ State Police Captain Al Waldron, who’s ashes are interred at the NJ State Police Museum in West Trenton, NJ along with my mothers, taught me that NJSP Troopers NEVER demand respect; they earn it. He taught me that white Police Officers can never portray themselves as victims by an entire culture of dark skinned people, since they are not. He taught me that the deep seated “us vs. them” Police Culture within the NJ State Police can’t be permitted to be used by police unions or Troopers to protect themselves from wrongdoing. My father was a leader who understood how easy it is for the actions of State Troopers to erode public confidence in our government. The STFA leadership has crossed that line and needs to be stood-up to by someone with power to stop them.

    Most New Jersey State Troopers, and Police Officers in general, are hard working mena and women who risk their lives to help ALL citizens within their jurisdictions, no matter what their skin color. There are still those, however, who put their personal hatred, as well as indoctrinated Police Culture, ahead of the people they are sworn to protect. As you know, cell phone cameras and education have greatly diminished the ability for police organizations throughout the country to cover-up illegal actions by a very few bad cops. This refusal by Law Enforcement Community to aggressively police itself has placed a great divide between predominantly white police unions and the African-american community. Many Law Enforcement leaders throughout the country are making great strides in addressing that divide, however, it appears the STFA and Colonel Rick Fuentes didn’t get that memo.

    The STFA’s open letter to the NFL was an attack on the entire African-american community, not just one performer or the uniforms her cast members wore. It was a warning. It was a threat to the Black community. It excited white supremicists and conservatives everywhere. The message is clear; “it’s okay to fear blacks…we do”! Ironically, the NJ State Police uniform was fashioned from a Nazi Gestapo uniform! Do I really need to give the you a lesson about that period in history? Are Troopers glorifying the Nazi Gestapo and genocide of Jews because of their uniforms? Of course not. Wearing Black Panther Uniforms doesn’t glorify murders of Police Officers either. The hypocrisy is remarkable.

    The white male leadership of the STFA has been waging a public relations war against the black community for the past several years now; through open public letters and Fox News on-air attacks on black performers (Common, Whitney Houston, Beyonce’). This has has become a trend. Since statistics show whites are MUCH more likely to kill New Jersey State Troopers and Police Officers all over the country, where are the STFA letters rebuking white performers and militia groups for threats against the African-american community (African-american State Troopers and their families included)? Why did former STFA Union President David Jones go on-air to complain about black performer Common visiting the White House, due to an anti-police song he wrote, but remain silent when Bruce Springsteen visited the White House, despite writing an anti-police song himself; “American Skin (41 shots)”?

    I’m a proud 55 year old white retired NJ State Trooper with 7 dark skinned racially mixed African-american/Caucasian children. The STFA has made my children’s world and my wife less safe by publicly energizing white hate groups and exacerbating pre-existing paranoia about African-americans, which a few white Police Officers still suffer from. If the STFA is going to claim it’s sincerely protecting the good name of slain NJ State Trooper Werner Foerster by a radical Black Panther Party member and murderer, Joanne Chesimard 30+ years ago, then this would have been done in a closed letter sent to the NFL, Beyonce and Trooper Foerster’s family. Said action would definately be appropriate, and necessary, to promote understanding by all sides of this position. The problem is, that was clearly not the open letter’s sole intent from STFA’s President, Trooper Chris Burgos.
    Trooper Burgos needs to be reminded by his Colonel, the Attorney General and your members, that the STFA’s continued attacks focusing on black performers is perceived by many as an attack by white State Troopers upon the entire African-american community. Trooper Chris Burgos, as well as the NJ State Troopers who condone this open letter to the NFL, need to be reminded that African-americans everywhere will suffer from their arrogance and short-sightedness. If the all white STFA leadership would step-up and publicly fight against white anti-black performers, white anti-black militias, the NRA and white hate groups on behalf of their own African-american Troopers and families, then their public attacks wouldn’t appear racially motovated. Facts are facts, however, and the STFA only seems to have issues with black Afrcian-american performers, as well as African-americans in general. Perception is everything.

    I ask you to encourage ALL of your constituants to support the lives of African-american NJ State Troopers and their families, as well as the lives of all African-americans everywhere. Please encourage them to contact the STFA office at (732) 528-6388 as well as NJ State Police Colonel Rick Fuentes (609) 882-2000 and let them know the State Trooper’s Fraternal Association’s leadership has acted in a manner unbecoming a New Jersey State Trooper. If one of you files an official complaint against Trooper Burgos for this improper action, this may help lead to ending the Union’s continuing attacks on the African-american community, Perhaps this may lead to a change of the guard within the State Police Fraternal Association and/or the New Jersey State Police as well.

    In a time when great leaders of Police Departments around the country are reaching out to improve race relations, the New Jersey State Police State Troopers Fraternal Association has adopted a “Do what we tell you” mantra that will certainly have the opposite result. Dehumanizing African-americans is what Trooper Chris Burgos has done here. Thank you for taking the time to consider my concerns. I will do whatever is in my power to protect my family from oppression by standing-up to those who enjoy privilege over them. Remember; one can stand up to a deplorable action like this by a member(s) of law enforcement, and still be pro-law enforcement.

    Al Waldron (NJSP Ret.)
    PO Box 188
    Oceanville, NJ 08231
    (609) 513-5918

  6. Nope

    That’s not what proven means.

    You think “Law Officer” might at least be able to get something that basic right.

  7. Rae Markley

    I’m not going to waste my time writing about this stupid halftime show because all I saw was a black woman dancing around showing her fat ass and big thighs snd making an ass out if herself with dancers all in black stupid is as stupid does

  8. stephen thur

    You think the NFL would have realized the radical implications this show was going to have. The lyrics are purely racists. How could they be so dumb?

  9. Maria

    I am the Mother of six children of all races! I am beyond tired of the disgusting racism by blacks against whites in this country! Yes! I said it! And I can say it! I have a family more diverse and anti-discriminatory than anyone because we don’t dwell on racial jibber jabber! I VERY FIRMLY BOYCOTT BEYONCE!!! I WAS APPALLED AT HER PERFORMANCE AND HER MESSAGE!





  10. Queen B fan

    The fry baby does a nice job on bacon. Its always a good time for a pig roast. Mmm…sizzle. Go Queen Bey, but don’t forget that cops care about the size of the pocket book more than the color of skin. Any color cop is quick to let murderous abusers off the hook and file false reports against the victim–even a white middle aged women who has never broken the law, if the cops are paid enough. Take it from a white woman who was targeted by cops and courts after her corporate husband/abuser got away with attempting to murder her. The cops treat me the same as anyone in the hood.

  11. Bert

    I will not be going to any NFL games or watching any on tv if the NFL and Beyoncé never apologize. If everyone that was disgusted by her show of hatred were to do this, you would see a change of heart from the NFL. they would lose millions of dollars.

  12. John Martin

    While the ferguson story might prove to a justified shouting of an unarmed citizen, there are plenty incidents where the law enforcement officer(s) is/are blatantly and clearly wrong and unjustified that statistically any sort of acquittal or vindication of the cop in Ferguson irrelevant to discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement. People like to say only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun, well only good cops can stop bad cops. And good cops are inexplicably unwilling to denounce or even acknowledge a bad cop until some sort of public response forces the issue. So if you dont like the way some people stand up for their civic liberties then support other paths to social reform. Unless you happen to support the killing of people by other people who happen to have a badge to go along with their gun in which case I cant have a real discussion with you. Do me a favor, dont cry foul when the tables are turned.




  14. Mike Coleman

    Although all of us are entitled to our opinion which
    is protected by the Constitution, certain elements
    or groups of people with their own agenda are
    allowed to shove their beliefs down others throats.
    This is a double standard that has become a one-
    sided platform.
    Ain’t right folks.

  15. Tammy

    Did u ever see video where Michael brown beat and robbed old black man,his own race,it was disgusting and very sad.Gives no one right to kill him,but this guy was a awful person,to do this to a helpless man.

  16. doug

    Black v. White – Super Bowl in 2019!


    if people would put more energy in fixing the problem instead of stirring it up, we would have a better chancel Beyonce and every other star or singer needs to have their butts kicked for stirring up the mess that is already here. ANYONE who points a weapon at any officer should remember that as an officer, we are and have EVERY right to protect ourselves to the best we can. Maybe these people should be there when a Chaplain goes to a home and delivers to the family the news that they have give and they should be the ones to explain to the children what happened to their parent BECAUSE AN IDIOT POINTED A GUN AT THEM AND SHOT THEM. TAKE SOME OF THE MONEY THAT YOU GET FROM SOME OF YOUR PAST LOYAL FANS AND USE IT FOR GOOD! OPEN AND INVEST IN PLACES CHILDREN CAN GO SO THEY AREN’T ON THE STREETS, AND HELP CHANGE A LIFE INSTEAD OF DESTROYING ONE

  18. Nancy

    I would think would support Black Lives Matter because you would want to confront those policemen (acting out on black Americans) undermining the awesome job being done by all of honest, just and respectful policemen out there.

  19. Mike

    If you are doing something illegal, and a policemen gives you a command to stop or whatever, if you don’t follow the command (Michael Brown in Ferguson, the guy selling losies in NY etc), you might be putting yourself in danger. Just sayin. Follow the law and protest later. Law matters!!

  20. Roberta L.

    The ONLY Black Lives Matter is every bit as racist as the KKK. They are both BS. We are the same color- flesh colored and we have the same DNA – we are all human beings! The bottom line is don’t do crimes and you won’t have a problem with the police. If you get pulled over, be polite and obey commands, no matter how much they might piss you off, just like the rest of society does and you won’t have a problem. If you fight a cop- expect to get fought with. If you try to kill a cop- you get what you deserve. Sure, statistically there are going to be some bad cops, and they need to be dealt with through Internal affairs and the judicial system. Being a fool and trying to take a cops gun is just plain out foolish and you deserve to get shot if you do something like that and color does not play into that one bit!

  21. Renee Robinson

    Let us scream to the high heavens ALL LIVES MATTER. Let us go into hospitals with cancer patients and tell them, I understand your suffering but excuse me sir or ma’am, I have Alzhiemers.
    This is not a battle to see which life matters most. We all can clearly see ALL LIVES MATTER! But being that I am Carribeans/ Black and I’ve witness so much police brutality – I must bring awareness to my life – the people that look like me – our lives matter. People outside our race cannot understand. Others haven’t lived like us, or walked in our footsteps, or death with the endless times the police has caused harm to us. Often times for no reason.
    Now onto the individuals calling these young boys thugs. You were young once and you have ALL done things you are ashamed of. We are not without fault or flaw. I am NOT my mistakes. And if you believe these boys were thugs, just note none of them had a gun in their hands and none of them harmed the officer. But they are the thugs. Mainly because of the color of their skin.
    And it is because of all of you individuals why Blacks need to fight for their rights. Their right to equal to another white man. The right to do the same as a white man and not be considered a thug.
    So bravo Beyoncé for making a stand against police brutality. She stood up for what she believed in. And hopefully when a cop comes across a young black individual they won’t kill them again.

  22. JD Smith-- LAPD Retired

    I been in the business since June of 1980, when I walked in an put on my first badge. Spent from 11/1984– to April 2008 on the streets of Los Angeles. Then went overseas as United States military security contractor with a security Clarence working for the department of defense and US army. I been around the block a time or two.

    As this article points out, most people were oblivious to what was going on. Like most forms of art, it’s ALL subject to the interpretation of the viewer. Such is the case here. Had news outlets not even brought the subject up, and “spun the stroy” most Americans would have been absolutely clueless about this. The article even admits this.

    “Incase you missed it”– as probably 80% of america did– and media not brought the subject up, most Americans would STILL been absolutely clueless about this.

    She has a constitutional right to freedom of expression. She has a constitutional right to freedom of speech. Where and how she chooses to exercise these rights– is subject to opinion. Black lives matter has some legitimate gripes. They too, have a constitutional right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech. We need to give this whole thing a “rest”–this wasn’t that big of a deal and yet we’re making at one.

    Unless you been living under a rock, you cannot help but notice that law-enforcement has some real problems these days. We have a lot of people working in our ranks that don’t belong and you would be a fool not to admit that. She made her point. It’s time to MoveOn.
    She exercised a constitutional rights as an American. It’s time to Move on.

    This whole article is a much to do about nothing

  23. Jackie Booker

    Racism is still very prominent today as it was yesterday. It will never go away no matter what is said, song or whatever. People of the white race are just evil in nature, not even knowing why they hate the way they do. It’s very sad because God created blacks to be superior to whites but they stole it. So what can be done now………..not a damn thing.,

  24. T R A

    And I’m sure Obama backed her all the way. He is helping to divide this country. He can send White House personnel to criminal Michael Brown’s funeral, but not bother to send anybody to decorated war hero, Sniper Chris Kyle or Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Shows where his interests lay.

  25. T R A

    Blacks and Gays are gonna take over the world. You’ll C.

  26. Chris lewis

    Police are killing people. If you look at it color blind youll see the real problem is that police have a license to kill and they are put in some intense situations where they over react and its deemed acceptable. Noone has equal rights except we the people who equally have no rights against law enforcement in concern for our safety and well being. This has to stop! People will always kill people and you can try to prevent it but you shouldnt permit it. Jus sayin.

  27. Julie

    Totally inappropriate for families and white folks – she needs to know not everyone enjoys her liwlufe standard of making a point – this is why our country has dropped in morals, accountability etc – do you really want Beyonce to be your daughters role model??? Hell NO – I would sign the petition to boycott Beyonce for the police assoc – where do I find it?

  28. Feddupp

    This is no way to promote good relations between blacks and whites…it just creates animosity between the races and drives us further apart. It should not have been allowed during a public event like this. This did far more harm and resentment than good. Beyonc’e’s ego is FAR too big for her own good…it will come back to bite her where she doesn’t want bit! No one’s life matters more than anyone elses…we ALL matter, black, white, brown, yellow, blue, orange, pink, polka-dotted…we are all God’s children and WE ALL MATTER!

  29. ALY


  30. Chrissy

    It’s pretty bad when law enforcement is scared to do their job because the race card is pulled every time!! Let’s do away with law-enforcement all together and see how everyone does then…
    Also, lets talk about the media and how they hype up the crowds with the white cop shooting a black man story (and yes I said black because they are allowed to call us whitey, cracker, redneck or honky) but let’s not talk about an officer that was shot and killed that had a family and was an upstanding citizen! Irritates me and I think a lot of people are starting to feel the same way!!!

  31. Lex

    Police lives matter just as well !
    This is such bs!

  32. Tracy Stout Powers

    Absolutely ridiculous. I watched just enough of the half-time “show” to see where that was heading.

    How ignorant to perpetuate the “hands up” BS when that was PROVEN to be an outright lie.

  33. PDiddy

    Nothing but a bunch of hypocritical lying idiots. I would love to be able to be face to face with a group of these dumbphuks

  34. Lady M

    So black lives matter? What about all the other lives that are not black or white but Asian, Latino, Native American so on. I’m so sick of this and anyone who supports this is ignorant and a slave to the media in believing this shit. Look up the census and you will see it is a fact that more whites or non blacks are actually shot by the police than any black person. Black people are actually a small fraction of people getting shot or fatally shot by police for the simple fact that there aren’t that many in the country compared to whites or other people

  35. Dr. France

    If you supported this “Do Not Watch” bullsh!t, you’ve never had a cop throw you down and yell when you reach for your driver’s license. Never got pulled over and told to step out of the car before you’re asked to show your driver’s license. Never had a cop approach your car with his weapon drawn. If you think a white cop doesn’t have this kinda attitude about a black driver, you’ve never talked to a cop in a bar over a beer. No wonder black people resent cops! If cops treated me this way, I’d resent them, too! So would you! We white people have to get our heads out of our asses and realize that this attitude built up over time because COLORS DON’T COMMUNICATE! We just don’t respond to one another, whatever the problem might be. So instead of having a FOOLISH attitude like skipping out on a halftime show, get up and get out and GET TO KNOW PEOPLE so things can get better. Cause if you don’t, if you keep throwing tantrums like not watching halftime shows on TV, then things will only get worse!

  36. F. Sankoh

    If ALL lives matter as most of the posts claim, where is your outrage as to what is going on in Flint? How about the cop that shot the guy in the BACK as he was running away and THEN planted the Taser on him? Do we quickly forget the 16 shots in Chicago as the guy was walking away?

    All lives DO matter!! You are just selective in your outrage and where you apply it.

    BTW, there are ALWAYS protests regarding “Black on Black” crime. It just never receives the coverage it deserves. You know the saying, if it bleeds, it leads.

  37. Eleanor Redmond

    If they want to raise their hands as one who is not fighting, as one who is innocent, and get shot to death for their calm cool heads, they are not depicting Mike or BLM. They are imitating LaVoy Finicum who actually WAS targeted as an FBI murder victim. He had the nerve to speak in defense of two ranchers in Oregon who managed their land the same way the other BLM (Bureau of Land Management) managed it. The Hammonds were convicted of arson because their fire went a little over the line intended (I’ve heard as little as one acre) while the BLM went on with business as usual when their fire burned a family’s home and killed their cattle. The Hammonds didn’t fight over it. They just kept on, served their sentences without complaint, minded their own business and let God handle the government. Their quiet strength upset the tyrannical bureaucrats and since they couldn’t try the Hammonds twice for one crime, they demanded they serve two sentences for one conviction. LaVoy Finicum was part of a protest that made it clear they believed the court was overstepping. He went to meetings in that part of the country educating the people about the Constitution and their God-given rights. So the FBI (and some say the Oregon State Police, too) killed him. He got out of his car to pull the bullets away from his travelling companions and about 2 dozen agents came out from behind the trees. He was shot, repeatedly. He had not attacked anyone or robbed any convenience stores. His friends don’t think he had his gun with him and if he did have it they are sure he didn’t draw it. Harney County sheriff, David Ward, did nothing to protect LaVoy’s rights or his life. He did, however, get his own wife off to a “safe house.” I wonder who was a threat to her…the citizens inhabiting a wildlife refuge or the FBI agents roaming around. Well, thanks to Beyoncé for calling attention to the abuse of ranchers and other land owners…white, black and Indian…by the government of Obama and Hillary.

  38. zipit

    Seriously? You can’t link your own publication (if you can call it that) as source material “proof”. And you fail to mention that Formation is about MORE than Black Lives Matter, even though it is important in itself. Next thing you know you’re gonna go on about MLK being only a proponent of peace (he wasn’t) and an advocate of colorblindness (he wasn’t!). Save your xenophobic nonsense for your praise editorial on Donald Trump.

    BTW I AM WHITE. Like so white I glow.

  39. Josh

    What about jay-z’s songs that include lyrics of killing other rappers and such? I guess it doesn’t matter if he’s the one talking about or doing the trigger pulling..

  40. Rachel

    Have you watched this video they are talking about? I am very pro-police as everyone knows but this video don’t look anti police to me. I might be wrong, but it shows the words on the wall, then it shows a line of police with the hands up and a little girl with them. It seems like to me that she is actually asking people to stop shooting police and children. I may be wrong but that is how it looked to me when I watched it.

  41. Unclerico419

    More white people are shot and killed by the police than blacks. So why twist the facts? More and more white people are getting pissed off by all the nonsense. You break the law and fight the police you get shot, white, black, Asian or Indian doesn’t matter. This racism by blacks needs to stop.

  42. paul

    here is some thing to think about thee black live matter do not gave a shit about the black people killing other black people all they care about is when is the cops going to stop killing them when it has show that black people kill each other more then the cops do

  43. Jtjarhead

    This was the absolute worst stupor bowl ever!!
    The half time show was crap!!! Beyoncé was fat and ugly!! The best part of the whole thing is that a state of legal stoners won!! Black lives matter??? To whom??? Shame on the NFL for allowing this crap!!! White lives matter too!! Blue lives matter more!! Who else will defend us??

  44. Phyllis Pack

    We as a society will never be able to move forward until we stop repeating and living in the past. I don’t care if ur black, white, green, or purple, we ALL have to make our way. It isn’t just Black Lives Matter….it’s ALL Lives Matter.

  45. Michelle

    This is getting ridiculous. It’s a football game. Keep it that way!

  46. Jo

    This bullshit here in this article… lives matter. Period!

  47. George

    I’m a proud white man from rural West by God, who has had the good fortune and curiosity to live all over our country and all over the world, and I like the clever jingle that, “all lives matter.” Makes you feel good to cling to something that smug, huh?

    Obtusely, most of you are ignoring the point. Not all lives are being taken by police at a rampant percentage in America. Just black lives.

    What everyone in the comment section below should strive to wrap their head around is that it doesn’t matter one lick if someone is committing a crime, or suspected of committing a crime – it will hardly ever warrant a death sentence. We don’t live in a society that is, “shoot first, ask questions later.” If a cop wants to be respected and earn the label of “hero”, then learn to restrain yourself, train yourself, and take the risk without punking out, feigning fear, playing judge, jury, and executioner.

    To put it another way – get your kill numbers down a bit before whining about a halftime show.

    Most of you people love to claim that gun control is a bad idea. One of the most common nuggets of nonsense many of you claim is that if guns are restricted, it’ll only take them out of the hands of law-abiding good guys and the criminals will double down on how many they have. What’s an inconvenient truth for you to choke on is that most of the sane world restricts gun ownership, AND their law enforcement officers don’t carry guns either, and yet general public murder rates, gun assaults, and police officer deaths and injuries are nowhere near what they are in the States.

    Perhaps as you’re sitting silently on Sundays now on that the NFL and Beyonce are off the table for your fragile little minds and manhood, you might meditate on some best practices from the rest of the world instead of playing it all conservative with wash, rinse, repeat racism, fascism, and xenophobia.

    • Feddupp

      George…you know why you think only blacks are the ones being killed? BECAUSE the media is not reporting on the whites being killed by the blacks because they don’t want to stir them up anymore than they already are!
      If you want to sit in your house unarmed while a bunch of armed, black thugs break in to take what they think they have a RIGHT to because you are a over privileged WHITIE…then go for it! I think you are just plain stupid and it will NOT happen to me! Gun control will only open the door to the low life scum, black and white..armed with illegal guns, knives or whatever to take what they want, when they want from those weaker than themselves who are unable to be protected by an overwhelmed police force. Open your eyes and grow up or get your head out of the sand…SOMETHING!

      • Alana Miller

        How does more gun control open the door to more violence?! We have plenty of violence to deal with partly in thanks to our trusty 2nd amendment. Please explain away all of the mass shootings that take place in schools, movie theaters, offices, etc. across America. Go for it, I dare you! Where were your “law-abiding good guys with guns” to save all of the innocent lives that have been lost at the hand of WHITE MEN (google it, American white men love to kill people in mass amounts with their legal, american-bought firearms)?! No one is coming for your guns, cowboy! We just want a little common sense regulation, and rightfully so. It’s more difficult to get a driver’s license than to buy a gun, don’t you see something even slightly wrong with that picture?

      • George

        Dear Feddupp (What’s up with that name? Was Fedup already taken? Do you binge on bigotry that much you need to multiply the consonants? It would be nice to address you by your first name at least, if you’re not too ashamed to own your words.)

        Most of those words have unfortunately missed the mark (not something you should be that proud of considering your adamant desire to shoot at people). Did you not comprehend my statement that,

        “Not all lives are being taken by police at a rampant percentage in America. Just black lives.”?

        Your response makes me think you didn’t comprehend even a little:

        “…you know why you think only blacks are the ones being killed? BECAUSE the media is not reporting on the whites being killed by the blacks because they don’t want to stir them up anymore than they already are!”

        Are you misunderstood, Feddupp? I have an understanding of you from your comments.

        I understand you to have ignored the reality that POLICE forces are going on unprecedented killing sprees, and a terrifying and unbalanced proportion of those killed BY POLICE are unarmed black people.

        I understood that correctly, right, Feddupp – that you ignored that part of the conversation? (Which is the whole conversation about the BlackLivesMatter movement, the fact that POLICE all over the country are killing black citizens in terrifying numbers.)

        This whole conversation and movement is about the truly appalling pattern of criminal police work being done by law enforcement all over the country. This is a law enforcement website, hence why the conversation is happening here.

        What do you mean by your comment I quoted above? Do you mean that the media is ignoring large numbers of white people being killed by police, by black police, by what kind of police?

        No, Feddupp, you don’t mean that. You’re trying to blow smoke and spittle that black people kill white people in large numbers, but it isn’t reported by the media for fear of stirring up the blacks even more. It looks like the one stirred up is you, Feddupp. Perhaps you wouldn’t be so fed and full if you toned down the frothing at the mouth a bit. Paranoia is best served as tapas…practically forces you to take smaller bites.

        As far as being part of the real conversation people all over the country are having, I would be happy to hear your thoughts on law enforcement literally playing judge, jury, and executioner on the streets. Is that acceptable to you? It’s not acceptable to me.

        And of course you ignored the second half of my appeal to think about the reality of most other comparable countries in the world where citizens AND POLICE don’t carry guns in any kind of numbers like they do here, and yet armed assaults, murders, police brutality, and policy injury are nowhere near what they are here either. Less guns, less assaults, less murders, less police shootings, less police being shot. Do you think that’s a lie, Feddupp? Do you think modeling our society like that doesn’t apply to America, because we’re so exceptional? Have you ever lived in another country to compare?

        I know I’m trolling you a bit, but it’s sincere, and I believe what I say. The sad part is, I believe you believe what you say too. Hope to put a real name with the fear, Feddupp; I’m trying hard not to see your profile pic as a metaphor for how you like your Africans; caged and parroting.

    • Alana Miller

      Thank you George, very well put! Nice to see someone in these comments with critical thinking skills. I stand with you 100%.

  48. Natalie

    I love Beyoncé I do!! I heard the message loud n clear I agree with some of it. But not all cops are bad n when you spread a message like this it’s not only towards the bad cops but the good as well! There has to be another way for people to be heard without making it bad for everyone. Their are good cops that put their life’s everyday. But as always beyonce does her thing

  49. A.D. Orman

    It’s pure b.s. that thugs get celebrated, organizations can legally advocate murder and assorted criminal acts, men and women who risk their lives daily are being vilified, crucified, and ran over the coals by liberal news media….long before facts are even established, while politicians, from mayors and council members all the way up to DOJ and POTUS, immediately side with the criminals and worse yet they join in these thugs rhetoric. Sadly, even some of these officers’ upper chain of command will cower to PC and throw the officers under the bus, rather than take a stand for what is right!!! To those who put it on the line for me and mine, thank you and God Bless. To those who support the New Black Panthers, The Black Lives Matter crap, the Martin or Brown garbage…go to hell where you belong!!!

  50. Bob Hehl

    Thank you, just proves that celebrity does not equate to intelligence or moral fiber, please support Blue Lives Matter,the real heros that make a difference !!!

  51. Tracy

    Beyoncé has forgotten how many people died at the hands of her own damn husband when he was a ghetto thug dealing drugs. The people dealing for him, the kids he got hooked. She married a criminal. Does she really think black lives matter. Only if their lives are affected by cops.

  52. Walt H.

    Doesn’t sound like I missed anything.

  53. SouthernPatriot

    I like to call it the Bowel Like Movement.

  54. carol tackett

    dam criminals deserve to be shot. if the chicken shit bastards didn’t rob from the weak and would stand up and get a job instead of living off of the rest of us and stealing what we earn, maybe they wouldn’t be getting shot. don’t run you dumb asses!!!

  55. Scott Carr

    How do I start a petition to Fire Roger Goidell as Commissioner of the NFL?

    This halftime show ruined the game in my family, and we didn’t watch it.

    The Commissioner choose to approve this race deviding trash. Not exactly, “Good for the Game.”

  56. Robert

    Boycott Pepsi, they’re the sponsor. And make sure you call,and email them and tell them why; Because they chose a racist ho as a spokesperson.

  57. BARBARA Sams

    An unarmed person not listening to authority should not end up shot dead. You really think that’s OK??? If your unarmed son or daughter said something he shouldn’t have to a cop, or even did something they shouldn’t have, they should be shot dead?? What happened to tasers or shooting an unarmed person in the leg. Why is it ok to shoot them dead. You are all crazy if you think this is OK.

    And why are you offended by ‘Black Lives Matter? They’re not saying Only Black Lives Matter. It’s like saying ‘Save The Wales.’ It doesn’t mean screw all other sea creatures. It just means Save the Wales cause they’re in danger.

    • Feddupp

      WHALES….They ARE saying ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER or they wouldn’t be yelling it all over the place. They are the ones shooting white cops and calling it justified!
      Damn right I am offended! And you don’t see US rioting , looting and burning a town when the blacks shoot a white person…DO YOU?

      • Alana Miller

        NO. They are NOT saying only black lives matter. Otherwise it would be #ONLYblacklivesmatter. Why are you so offended by non-white people saying “we matter”? All you do when you throw in the “ALL LIVES MATTER!” argument is steer the conversation away from the fact that people of color are faced with adversities that white people have never known. Of course all lives matter, DUH, but sadly all lives are NOT treated the same. Thus the whole point of the movement. It’s not the fault of the protesters that American cops keep shooting unarmed men and women, claiming they feared for their lives, then get ZERO consequences. That would be the fault of the ill-trained, trigger-happy police officers that feel the need to empty their clips into any threat they percieve, regardless of legitimacy. And they are rarely held accountable, often having the support of their department and higher-ups to help cover their asses. OBVIOUSLY not all cops are poorly trained or corrupt individuals… but there sure are enough of them to have a new viral video of an unarmed person being killed every few weeks pop up aren’t there?! And THEY ARE RARELY HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Why should we as a nation turn a blind eye to a clearly common problem with law enforcement? Shouldn’t we expect better? Shouldn’t we hold these people who we trust with ALL OF OUR lives to the highest standard? Why shift the argument away from a very real problem with law enforcement to “Black people are thugs! All lives matter!”? Why am I even wasting my time trying to explain this to you when (judging from your comment) you clearly have an “US” vs. “THEM” mentality when it comes to “the blacks”. Please educate yourself and open your eyes.

  58. rose barney

    I cannot stand her. She is a nasty want to be white female that says she is a Born Again Christian and dresses like trash.

  59. Wanda

    All lives matter’s to Jesus Christ

  60. JOHN

    Black lives matter if they are criminals. How about the (and am ashamed to have to bring race into this) black NYC Police Officer and other black Police Officers around the country who were seriously hurt, maimed or killed???? They were black but it unfortunately doesn’t seem that their lives and families matter. Fuck Beyoncé and all those assholes! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

  61. Michelle

    This has nothing to do with the NFL, it’s the blacks that are choosing to live the thug life, all race of life who chooses to live this life style eventually get shot. We don’t see a big production when it is a white person that is shot!!!

  62. Teresa Jones

    When Half time starts the channel gets changed. Boycott Beyonce!!!!!!! ALL LIVES MATTER!!

  63. Andre Carter

    All lives do not matter, that’s why Black lives matter movement is so important! I actually had cop stop me TODAY in my own neighborhood because I was on a jog with my dog.. he thought i “stole” my dog. PIG. So if you have never been harassed by cops based on your skin color, please shut up! You will never understand what it means to be Black in this great nation. As a far as Black on Black crime, White on White crime is actually far worse..also Whites cause more damage on a regular than Blacks. Being that we do protest Black on Black crime..there are many foundations meant for this. So if you know nothing please refrain from talking…

    • Laura Buchanan

      You obviously don’t live in the Chicago area. They kill each other day and night. Kill innocent little black children just because they are there. Shooting each other is commonplace in the black neighborhoods. Thug life.. Live by the gun, die by the gun. These kids have NO respect for any authority. It starts at home. No parental guidance. These kids torment other kids at school from a young age up. Then they drop out of school and continue on with their thug life activities, drugs, theft, and murder. Cops have to go into these neighborhoods to protect the poor innocent people that are being victimized by these thugs. The thugs don’t listen, they have terrible attitudes. They either appear they are going to shoot the officer or try to run. Its no wonder they get shot. Yes there are times when its not justified and just plain wrong. But these kids put themselves into these situations by living the way they do. Its time for the parents to step up and teach their kids how to behave like civilized individuals. Its time they are held accountable. If you are raising a criminal and he ends up getting shot, its your fault. Not the police’s. You allow your children to grow up this way. Its a shame. This may offend people, but its the truth. People dont like to hear the truth, especially if they can personally relate to it.

    • julia

      News flash!!!!! White people get harassed too…And so do Mexicans, Chinese, the list could go on, just like there’s bullies for kids there are adult bullies too and trust POLICE OFFICERS are not there to bully anyone for fun, people are trying to make police look bad. What are you teaching your kids cops are bad??? Fucked up! Black and white would have been gone, if stupidity would leave people too. Every race, is a person, stop acting like animals!!

    • Eleanor Redmond

      If your dog had been stolen and the police stopped a guy running away with him you would have a different opinion. I am bothered by people who get their a$$ on their shoulder when a cashier asks them for id to cash a check or something. Oh, it is SUCH a hassle! Oh, it is SO insulting that you should even question me! You think, because I’m black, I can’t have a bank account? But it’s YOUR money they are protecting, you doofus! You need to compliment them and appreciate them.

    • manda

      All lives do matter…im white and im constantly getting stopped by black officers …its time we all grow up and start acting like we are equal. Whether your a Man a woman black white brown yellow purple…who cares what color you are we are all the same inside. N we need to come together as a nation or it will end up in segragation.

    • Robert L. Cave Jr.

      Andre, blacks aren’t the only people who get harrassed by the police. I am white, and i get stopped just riding a bicycle and harrassed. Why? Police profiling. The generation i was born into dress differently than other generations and in my generation drug use was becoming an epidemic. Naturally a cop with nothing better to do is going to try and stop me and question me, try and search me in the hopes of finding somthing incriminating. If i dont know my rights, they can do just about anything they like and as a drone i am expected to comply. But im not an idiot and im not very compliant as i do know my rights. People need to get educated about their rights to privacy, search and seizure and the freedoms allowed to us all as american citizens. The police are becoming nothing more than a legally sanctioned gang of thugs. I dont like gang mentality. This is not about race because there is only one race….THE HUMAN RACE…..It’s about one group of people trying to become the “shot callers” for all of the other groups of people. Well i say FUCK THAT!!! I’m calling my own shots. This is America… of the FREE…I intend to be free. I answer to nobody if im doing what i am supposed to be doing. Fuck the police and what they are going through, that is not my concern unless im implicated in some illegal activities. LEARN YOUR RIGHTS…..PRACTICE YOUR RIGHTS…….DONT ALLOW A UNIFORMED GANG MEMBER CONTROL YOUR LIFE……or you can just pussy up and bow down to tyranny and become submissive… a drone and do as you are told….surrender your freedom to the will of the institution…..BOW DOWN AND DO AS YOU ARE TOLD…It’s your choice.

    • Honkey Jigaboo

      Andre- All Iives do matter!! Jackass. I guess you need to move from the neighborhood your living in if you can’t even walk your dog. I can sum you up in one word. Thug!! Let me guess you were walking a pit bull with a hoody on in the middle of the day, when most normal folks are working. If you don’t think all lives matter just point a gun at someone and see what they beg for.

  64. Kim Meyer

    As the wife of a Lt. of the Sheriff’s Office, I can say that his life matters!!! He leaves the house every day to protect and service our community. I never know if he will return at the end of the day or not. Yes his life matters, Just as all the lives of the community he swore to serve and protect. All Lives Matter, no matter color, race, man, woman and child!!!

  65. Kim Meyer

    As the wife of a Lt. of the Sheriff’s Office, I can say that his life matters!!! He leaves the house every day to protect and service our community. I never know if he will return at the end of the day or not. Yes his life matters, Just as all the lives of the community he swore to service and protect. All Lives Matter, no matter color, race, man, woman and child!!!

  66. Diane QUEEN Campbell

    #BEYONCE SUCKS she doesn’t mind dressing like a cop to make millions in her videos though. Beyonce is highly overrated and I wouldn’t waste two seconds of my electricity watching her

  67. Scott Narek

    That’s the LA Rams now…

  68. Madeline


    • L. SMITH

      Guess we should ask that all American on American crime stops before we ask terrorist to stop attacking America then, right? I see your logic, smh

  69. Micki raff

    Go law enforces I’m with you guys 200 percent won’t be watching Super Bowl halftime nor will I ever bother to listen to Beyoncé in any format thanks to all of you for keeping all lives that matter safe. You stay safe as well

  70. Lynnie T.

    Shame on the NFL and their supporters for allowing this performance. My channel will also be changed when she comes on. To the NFL – ALL LIVES MATTER. Ask Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp. The list could go on and on. Open your eyes, please.

  71. Bo Barker

    As i read these comments i have to wonder how many of you have Black Kids and feel the way you do. I strongly believe as a Christian that All Lives Matter. Sometimes in life certain bad things get brushed under the carpet and the rug must be turned back and cleaned top and bottom. This is the reason for highlighting Black lives matter. If it was left to any of you the killings would continue as a norm. There are good and bad in all proffessions. More good than bad. I. Many cases it has been proven that there are some bad LEO’s amongst us. It is our jobs as citizens to seek out the bad and hold them accountable for many reasons. First to protect innocent lives and second to protect the image and respect of the good officers. Dont watch the show. It is not for you. It is for those who care about innocent lives and the respect for the hard working good officers who outnumber the bad. Close minded back woods non christian judgers arent expected to enjoy the show. Sorry. I became one of you. My bad.

    • Tracy Stout Powers

      Not when #BLM calling for the killing of police officers. Anything that continues to divide us as a nation should be stopped.

    • Tracy Stout Powers

      It was embarrassing to watch the half-time show with my son and his friends. I changed channels.

      #nasty Beyonce

  72. Carol Brooks

    This is unbelievable! ALL LIVES MATTER, Police Lives too. Police are white, black, brown, etc.
    Beyoncé lost all respect for you. I hope the crowd drowns you out.

  73. Harvey

    Boycott any advertiser that has a commercial we will switch channels during half time.

  74. Nancy

    Just like when Obama interview came on today, the half time show will be switched to watch the DDay special that’s going on. All lives matter as those fighting for us over the years have fought for.

    • Gwen Stigall

      Amen lets get priorities straight. ALL lives matter

  75. ronald whitley

    Being a father of a police officer I think its terrible to even think that the NFL would allow this.What would the do if some one from the white skin heads movement wanted to do the same.Hate is hate no matter the color.Things like this keep stirring up the race divide ,when is a celebrity going to come forth and say enough is enough.What get said about a white or black officer that losses his life trying to protect you not knowing if hes going home to that new born baby or his new bride.ALL LIVES MATTER .The big commercials lost out on this show because it will be turned off in this house…

  76. Lawrence Adams

    I was a cop for 32 years and I still do not get what pisses off cops because someone’s rally cry is Black Lives Matter. I believe every single life matters, but I am not going to allow myself to get twisted over some BS. As a Black man, I dealt with terrorism all of my life insofar as the KKK and White supremacists are concerned and I saw a much different response in our nation’s response to the Black Panthers when I was a young cop versus that directed to the KKL. My grandfather was murdered on the railroad tracks in Roanoke Rapids, NC in 1931 solely because he was accused of seeing White women. And then I married one!

    You folks can get upset at some rally cry but I will not. Because I know in my heart of hearts that if Black cops were killing young White males on the scale of Black makes killed by Whites there would be a massive, nation-wide outcry with calls for local, state and federal hearings. Does race matter??? Yep, Everyday Damn Day!!!

    • Krys

      Tell the truth …. Amen!! Funny thing is, people say ALL LIVES MATTER yet they do not cry out for the little brown babies losing their lives just for the color of their skin.
      Why can a white male walk down the street with an automatic rifle and not be harassed. They will be approached with no fear by law enforcement; but as soon as a black male does the same, he’s approached violently, shot then they figure out it was just aa young teen with his bb gun. Smh

      • Tracy Stout Powers

        I have seen just as many people angry over a black child killed as any other child. Maybe it’s who you hang with.

        And what about all the millions of black babies being aborted? Do you not have a problem with that? Abortion shouldn’t be used as birth control.

      • feddupp

        Well geez, I wonder why….duh!

      • Ljubljana

        I have not contacted each police department or newspaper to see how many white kids / adults have been shot versus how many blacks, mostly because they aren’t given equal attention.

        Before the Black Lives Matter movement…before Ferguson…there were 5 deaths of innocent white men by police that made the news…kinda. The first I read about (again before all the controversy of Ferguson) was Kelly Thomas who was beaten to death by a group of officers. It was in the news, but despite several more beatings, shootings, and unnecessary deaths, no one formed a movement. No one used it as an excuse to be confrontational with police or refuse to cooperate because it was their right. No one rioted or broke out in violent words / actions.

        It seems it wasn’t until it could be turned into a “racially motivated” attack that the news, the public, the politicians, etc. made a big enough deal about it.

        I don’t understand. If all lives do matter, why not say all lives matter? If I want to be treated as equal, why not fight to be included versus fighting to have different. No matter what, the moment you start alienating a group, that group will be confused. Adopting a mantra, a name, or a hashtag is important…It should get across what your mission is. Is the mission to get police to stop killing black people or all people?

        And I’m not sure what propoganda you’ve been watching that makes you think a man can walk down the street with an automatic weapon and the police won’t be cautious. In general, that simply isn’t true, despite what a handful of mostly fake videos want you to believe.

        There are around 765,000 police officers in the country. You have heard of about 50 cases in the news of proven excessive force towards a black suspect / victim…maybe. And as always, these are just the ones we’ve heard about…so let’s add 150 more cases to round out that window. So, 200 reports of racially motivated police brutality out of 765,000 police officers. Yeah, one is too many, but 200 is not enough to make the dangerous and stressful lives of all police officers more complicated.

        Add to that the people who will use the cry of “racism” and the BLM movement to simply get away with being disrespectful and breaking the law.

        What bothers me is that for years, we have talked about how the law has been unfair in how they process and sentence black people. We want to form movements to stop the excessive force. Where is the movement to wipe the criminal mentality from our community? Where is the movement to prevent our young men and women from committing crimes or being disrespectful in the first place? Many of these victims of police brutality, despite not deserving the violence, have put themselves in the radar of the police by the company they keep and the activities they choose to engage in. We are not training them to diffuse a bad situation, but instead that they “have rights” and should exercise those rights…even if it means death. We are training them to have bad attitudes and not turn to the police and that is something that is affecting ALL young people of all races. There will always be a bad cop here and there…just like there will always be bad people anywhere. Are we eliminating the doubt by making sure we are raising educated, law-abiding citizens so that there will be no debate about an officer’s actions? Or are we trying to use this to simply get away with something because we don’t like people telling us what to do?

        Something needs to be done about the police…for everyone’s sake. In the meantime, let’s put the attitude down and approach this with the attitude that we are ALL in this together. Otherwise, we will NEVER have peace and justice.

    • Carl

      Listen Lawrence, thanks for protecting all people, but if you do a little research you will find that in a country with 350 million people, there is no massive assault on black males, besides, the birth rate out of wedlock in the “black” community is over 70%, when you look @ major metropolitan cities, such as Baltimore, the Democratic Party has controlled them since the 60’s, in Baltimore, the mayor, city council, and police chief are “black”, and finally, the political system, and race hustlers like “Reverends” Jackson and Sharpton have done more to continue the demise of the “black” population than anyone.

    • BBm

      You are a racist, & I pity you.
      “If black cops were killing young white males…”
      Surely you know the statistics of black on black murder, where is your outcry over that?

    • JD Smith-- LAPD Retired

      Thank you!! Im not gonna get upset over this either– i’ve been in the business since 1980. Spent from November 1984 to April 2008 On the streets of Los Angeles.

      This is a much to do about nothing. I can’t get over all the bullshit people get wrapped up in. And this is absolutely bullshit.

      It is “art”– it’s all subject to the interpretation of the viewer. Most these people didn’t even know what was going on as a satin for the TV with the beer and hot wings. And now they’re going to get offended well after the fact.

      They also forget she has a constitutional right to freedom of speech.

      Your remarks are dead on– I could careless about her song or the show– it isnt that big a deal!

    • Robert L. Cave Jr.

      you are tripping mister……blacks kill more blacks than cops,whites and every other race put together. and more whites are killed by blacks and cops.That shit just isnt put out there for everyone to see. It just doesn’t boost ratings enough. Really at your age it’s time you grew up and reconize…..Humans need to stop killing humans…….there’s no such thing as the black race or white race. There is only one race…….THE HUMAN RACE…….ETHNICITY IS NOT…..NOT……NOT A RACE. I dont know how this got twisted like it is but people need to be educated better so they understand what defines a race as opposed to an ethnic group. Blacks and people of color became that way due to geographical locations and the elements created by the force of nature. If your gonna classify yourself as “the black race” then you do not belong to “the human race.”

  77. Patricia Cotton

    What a shame. I will not watch.ALL LIVES MATTER.

  78. Angela Davis

    As an aunt to a Kentucky State Police Officer, this makes me beyond sick!! My nephew doesn’t know every time he puts on a uniform if he will be coming back to his wife and 3 year old twins, but does that stop him? NO!! To think that so called musicians would do this is just unreal because when they have a concert, who are the ones that is protection her ass….a police officer!! As for me, I will watch the Super Bowl, but WILL NOT watch the half time show!!! Yes, all lives do matter, but if you mess with my nephew, you would have messed with an upset aunt and let me tell you, it won’t be pretty!! We Kentucky gals won’t take no crap!!

  79. Kate

    Will not be watching the half time show.

  80. Roy

    When Half Time Starts – the channel gets changed. I refuse to support Beyonce or buy her music. She will support thugs getting shot – but not innocent children. BOYCOTT BEYONCE!

  81. Susan Shea

    ALL LIVES MATTER. I can’t believe they are allowing her to do this at half time. What a shame. No matter what color you should follow all police commands. If you have nothing to hide, or doing something that is legal then you have nothing to worry about….Some people will not listen to authority……………

  82. Douglas Gibson

    I was done with the rams and the NFL when they let that demonstration go without punishment. Did not hurt me at all when they acted like children and left to go to California. Sports should be apolitical, when players cross the line, such as the Rams or the Mizzou tigers, they should lose their contracts or scholarships and then serve as examples of how to toss your career away.

    • Staci

      Don’t forget the Patriots…

  83. Carol

    Your are frickening kidding. I hope everyone turns there back and boos her. My TV will be mute during that part. Beyoncé you should be ASHAMED!!! Lost Respect…

    • Tracy Stout Powers

      Muting your tv sure no good. It still looks like you are watching the show.

  84. Howard tullos

    Will not watch if this is allowed, all lives matter.

    • Tracy Stout Powers

      It was, in fact, allowed. #ALM

  85. Thomas

    That should never be allowed to happen. All lives matter. The NFL Superbowl and its sponsors should be ashamed of themselves to allow this to occur

  86. Frank Chavez


    • Rae Markley

      Bullshit we would rather seethe NFL game but not this stupid halftime show stupid is as stupid does

  87. john

    If any of this nonsense happen at the Superbowl they should immediately suspend any player from the game without delay or question.

  88. Me

    White lives matter also. What about the 6 year old that was stabbed to death in his sleep by a black man who broke in his home. This all needs to stop.

  89. Timesgate

    I’m not even going to watch the Super Bowl if they are allowing her to do this.
    No F#*ing Longer (NFL) will I watch.
    All Lives Matter get the facts straight.

  90. Dave

    I won’t be watching the half time show!!

  91. Rebecca Leach

    You know, I could support this crap IF they had their facts straight and if they protested the black on black crimes. But they only protest when a black thug gets killed by someone in authority. Why is that? And besides all that, ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!! I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Beyonce to begin with.

    • Gerald

      So True All Lives Matter….. Color Don’t Matter

    • L. SMITH

      Guess we should ask that all American on American crime stops before we ask terrorist to stop attacking America then, right? I see your logic, smh

    • gina

      sad but true. maybe their theme should be from crosby stills, nash amd young “teach your children well” then this would not be happening

  92. Paul Corbell

    Hate breeds hate. Police officer’s leave their homes and their families never knowing for certain that they will return safely. If someone is in the process of committing a crime, or refusing to obey instructions given by an officer of the law, personal safety then becomes the most important issue FOR ALL PERSONS INVOLVED. Tensions run high during any contact, so the best option for anyone to take when contacted by an officer of the law, is simply to comply. Show the officer that you pose no threat, and they will not display a show of force. Even if someone IS doing something wrong, is it worth losing their life over or committing further crimes when attempting to flee or fight ?!?! No one is perfect here on earth, and ALL LIVES MATTER.
    P.M. Corbell

      • Tracy Stout Powers

        Nothing new in the entertainment industry perpetuating a lie. #ALM

    • Beck

      EXACTLY Paul Corbell!!! A few does NOT mean ALL, just as race, creed, religion etc does NOT mean “THEY” are ALL the Same!! So PLEASE take a breath ALL that are involved! ❤️ To ALL, it really is that easy and NO I am NOT NAIVE!!

    • rick

      i agree hate does breed hate. most people get along just the few that try to stir trouble. QUIT giving trouble makers press time.i feel better just saying it.

    • Cindy

      EXACTLY!!! Well said my friend…

    • Allen Williams

      Since “All Lives Matter” is it then a crime to say “Black Lives Matter”? If you think Black lives don’t matter then just say so. But since all lives matter then Black lives matter, right? It’s no crime to say it…come on let’s say it together…”Black Lives Matter”!! Now that wasn’t so bad was it?
      My name is Allen Williams and I approve this message.


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