Restaurant Employees Sing “F— The Police” As Cops Dined

The owner of a Smithfield’s Chicken ’n Bar-B-Q restaurant in Garner (NC) has apologized for the way his employees treated Raleigh Police Department officers.

The apology came after a post on Facebook was spread far and wide by officers who said the store’s employees including the manager sang NWA’s song “F— The Police” as they ate.

raleighThe post, written on the Raleigh Police Protective Association’s page, thanked the restaurant for its “class and professionalism as you sang ‘F- the police’ as my brothers at Raleigh Police Department attempted to eat at your restaurant. The manager sang along as well. Do you really feel that was appropriate?”

Shortly afterwards, David Harris, the store’s owner, posted an apology. He promised to investigate and “terminate anyone employed that doesn’t share our RESPECT of ALL law enforcement.”

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  1. ahaz

    Not cool…fire them immediately!

  2. TenderKisses

    All these comments about the awful behavior of the employees singing a rap song, but no mention of the fact that the tableside guacamole is absolutely delightful. A revelation!

  3. rock ranger

    If they can feel this much hate while they’re eating in a restaurant Imagine what they feel on the street Not a good thing to be on the receiving end All this does is incite the police to where a policeman just trying to do his duty and obeying the laws wants in on some of the action

  4. Nodem2010

    If it is on video, as stated, why the need to investigate…fire them and do not use their facility until that is done!

  5. Al

    The nerves of those restaurant employees. This would never have happened at a donut shop. lmao

  6. akboss

    Lets see they want $15/hr yet resort to this type of behaviour?
    Unless the the whole staff that participated is terminated what good does it do?
    All it shows is that a “token” few were termed for it.

    At least when I was a LEO people didnt try to go out of their way to be rude, obnoxious idiots, only the criminals did.

  7. Wilbur

    I would fire them all, and fight against paying them unemployment. This would be an embareassment to my business. I can’t believe the officers stayed an ate there. I would have got up an walked out, waited till the employees left, pulled them over and checked out their shit but good.

  8. Alexis Alexis

    Liberals are disgusting. Somebody should of punched their faces off.

  9. Brian Smith

    It’s what happens when you employ dindu’s. Fire ’em all

  10. Amy Harrison

    Hope they all got canned!

  11. Proud Patriot

    Just goes to show that a lot of business owners hire POS, cheap, uneducated, waste of good breathing air, employees! I hope this makes them shut the doors for good! Jackass’s like the ones that did that are also the first to scream for the Police if theyre in trouble. They should all be placed on a list of Police non-supporters and not allowed to be given ANY protection from them.

  12. Diane Vail

    Peggy White, I agree. But the good thing is, that when these rude, unrespectful employees do need law enforcement they will be there in a heartbeat doing their job. I’m the mother of a dead cop and it breaks my heart hearing news like this. If they only had a clue. Sad just sad. And for those who don’t like the system , go to the academy get a badge and get you butt on the streets and change it. Just hope your mother is not planning your funeral with your thoughts of an innocent unarmed person. There is NO such thing, and trust me they don’t have to have a gun or a knife. A couple of weeks before my son died he was stabbed with a stick. Another officer here in our county was beat and left for dead and in a coma for months by fists.

    • Daniel Ochoa

      When that happens my lady, they scream like bitches sorry for that word, because I respect those ladies who sold their body to feed their kids. but this kind of people don’t respect anybody, just the way their parents educate them. they insult all the police department when they mentioned the F word to the police officers they insult all the officers, I arrest one day a person who told me officer personal fuck you, I don’t say Fuck the police officers because I respect the uniform you wear, and the uniform has to be respected. I laugh and pull the handcuffs from him and say thanks Sir. for your respect you are free to go but if I got another call on your name and I came to this place I gonna charge you with this and the new charge. he left, the following day he arrives to the station and talk with my supervisor he left a donation for the drug program that we have on the station I never see that he have another problem until I retired. how easy is to anyone who got stop by a police officer and follow instructions. most of the time we tell the citizens that we are going to handcuff them just for their and the officer security, till we finish the investigation, but the problem is that we don’t even had the chance to explain the people what are we gonna do wen they explode insult and jump over the officers is sad but the reaction from the officers is to defend them selves, we have family and our kids expect to see us at the end of our shift.

    • Katrina

      My sympathies on the loss of your son. Please know that the majority of us support law and order and those who uphold it. The scum posting negatively just go to prove why we need LE. Thank you for his service and sacrifice.

      • Diane Vail

        So true . Thank you so much.

  13. pocchr

    There’s gotta be some type of Fire Regulations being broken. Shut them down.

  14. Deon McCormick

    Respectful black Americans don’t share this sentiment. The restaurant workers are ignorant savages who don’t deserve dealing with the public.

  15. Bob O'Connor

    Ghetto Apes and God’s Ass Clowns once again proving they do not belong in civilized society. Just been in the tree too long!

  16. Truth-hammer

    Would I be too far off to guess that the employees were nigroes? And if so, why would LEO’s eat in an establishment where nigros cook your food?

  17. Sue Rawson

    what an unmitigated DISGRACE!!

  18. pmb

    It is really fairly simple. They have the right to sing as they please. However, l hope the ENTIRE community also realizes that they have the right to not dine there. Let the place close!

    • cobki

      Actually, their free speech rights exist outside of work hours. They can and should be fired for this type of behavior. This shouldn’t be tolerated regardless of “who” they were verbally abusing which is what this amounts to .

    • cunt lapper

      Fuck you tooooo, pmb….Hope you get stomach cancer…Now defend my right to free speech

    • Big Ben

      hi pmb, this is shitty logic and would tank our entire argument against the crybaby liberals. THEY AREN’T ALLOWED TO HAVE THEIR VOICE. i bet you’re one of them trying to convince people that free speech is more than a tactic to keep our supremacy valid. fucking liberal shill

  19. Laura Rogers Miller

    What a bunch of crap I hope they need the police one day and see who they call to help. They are a bunch of morans that should leave here and go to any other country so they don’t have to deal with the brave men and women who swear to protect.

  20. Peggy White

    You can say f the police. But i hope you need them and they take their time getting to you. I hope karma kicks your guts out. They are human too. They have spouse’s and kid’s like most of you that need and want them. Yes there is bad cop’s. Few but there is. But there’s more bad people than bad cop’s. There would be no need for those cop’s some of you hate if there wasn’t criminals breaking the law. Just remember, the one’s you hate so much might be the one’s that save your worthless ass. But they would even the pos that sang that stupid song. Karma is coming bet on that. And when it does, please don’t dial 911. Hopefully they are protecting and helping soneone who care’s.

    • Daniel Ochoa

      That’s why I like to be insulted personally, wen somebody say F. the police they are insulting the uniform and all the officers. how easy is to say officer personally F U like this you are offending the person not the uniform. Those guys on those restaurants who offend the police officers wen they have a roberie they call us immediately, and there they just scream please sent the police the fastest is possible and you find them with the pants wet because they piss on them. later after everything happens they have the courage to complain on national media that the police don’t arrive fast that they took 10 or 15 minutes to arrive. like if the officers has to be around the corner just to be on one minute. mom I see all the crap you not imaging with the people.on 12 years of service.

  21. AAA

    I think is bizzare. I live in LA County have worked in Compton in the projects, where this music came from. People use to thank us for protecting their kids. These punks would be victims in LA

  22. Mike Schwab

    Appropriate? Nah but hilarious. Appropriate would have been taking them out back for a good ol fashion beat down. I bet the owner’s investigation will be more thorough than any police brutality investigation lol.

    Fuck the police.

    • Waldetto

      Why not let the employees investigate themselves and then they can find everyone acted totally professional. Better yet, why not allow all those that do not need police services to just opt out of paying for it?

    • Joe Gerber

      Aah, poor little guy. Show us on the doll where the bad man touched you. Knob gobbling twit.

      • Mike Schwab

        Yes, the only rational explanation of despising a violent gang of revenue collecting extortionists is being molested. Never mind the daily assassinations of innocent civilians which is promptly followed by a cover up or pitiful internal investigation. Ignorant fucking statists.

        • Ronald_G

          Dude, if revenue collection is your issue, your problem should be with those that MAKE the laws, not those that enforce them.

          • fas933

            Mr.Schwab has probably been found on the wrong side of the law a few times and spent some time in the backseat of a patrol car

          • stop crying

            fas933 just hit the nail on the head.

        • Daniel Ochoa

          How many times you were on the back seat of a patrol car Mr. Schwab?

          • Big Ben

            probably enough to know that cops need to be pampered after interacting with a single person who isn’t white or christian. pretty spooky having people sing a song at ya huh buddy. grow up and learn how to be a real man who doesn’t have his mama breastfeed him at what, 58, 59? how old are you fossil?

        • cunt lapper

          Woke up with a few Kit Kat bars under your pillow in prison much???

      • Big Ben

        woah calmed down there triggered bootlicker, didn’t realize that the police needed to have a joint cry session after being made fun of by the people they’re PAID TO PROTECT. glad to know they have easily ruffled idiots like you roaming around to kiss their booboo’s when they’re sweating after pulling a black person over for a speeding ticket. emotional moron, you’re the reason the country is going to shit

    • Smokey

      Were you born this big a jackass or did you learn it as you went along?
      Did mama not nurture you enough while growing up?

      • Big Ben

        hi smokey, since most liberals are incapable of having normal reading habits I thought I’d spell a few things out for you. one, freedom of speech means that you can’t shut the alt-right up so if we want to yell or scream at police, you bet your ass we can and will. i’ll be laughing at your pacifist ass when you get arrested for being poor and beaten by that same officer you cried over. two, trump is here and here to stay so get used it, just because you’re getting your benefits taken from you doesn’t mean shit since if you just worked harder you wouldn’t be such a poor pos. good luck surviving as a cuck in this world

        • Ronald_G

          Ben, I believe you are COMPLETELY misreading the posts on this thread. Most conservatives support police.

          • Big Ben

            i have eyes unlike most of you cucks who cry when you find out a man was insulted. grow thick skin you dolt, and you’re not convincing me you’re not a liberal. liberals love the police, we only like them if they’re getting rid of the poor people like trump thankfully is

          • Ronald_G

            I changed my mind.You’re just certifiably crazy.

            If my never having voted for a Democrat since my first election in ’82 makes me a liberal, as well as my 30 years in law enforcement, then I guess I’m guilty as charged.

            Is you’re med check appointment overdue?

    • Judy

      You are a pathetic and a loser !!!!!!!! Obviously you are a lowlife

      • Big Ben

        wow judy, great insults there, didn’t realize that crying over police having mean things said to them made you a normal person. typical liberal escaping from their crib and crying that they can’t get back in their safe space. despicable and a cuck.

        • Ronald_G

          I find a lot of irony in you calling out folks for insults–while hurling insults.

          • Big Ben

            free speech cuck, go call your liberal gang to bolster your safe space

          • Ronald_G

            Free Speech only means the government can’t prosecute you for speaking your mind. It doesn’t mean society can’t.

        • Judy

          I am in a very safe place. I support law enforcement. No reply needed because I could care less what non supporters say. Law enforcement is great!!!!!

          • Big Ben

            Way to stifle free speech not caring about what i have to say, classic liberal lefty scum

  23. CanuckInPA

    the store’s owner, posted an apology. He promised to investigate and
    “terminate anyone employed that doesn’t share our RESPECT of ALL law

    Sounds like he’s not going to have any staff left.

    • Katrina

      No worries. Rude, unreliable staff is easily replaced.

  24. poweralleys

    react with your wallets ladies and gentlemen. Tell your friends and family

    • Big Ben

      walter white was a drug dealer and should have been killed by the police before he even started. a deviant at heart and has no place in my christian police commune! think about what you have as your profile picture in the future, you’re not welcome in this comment section!

  25. Robert V. Criss

    They should’ve stood up left the food, no tip Abba walked out

    • Katrina

      Unless they watched the entire meal prep, they should have packed it all up and taken it to the nearest forensic lab to be checked for tampering.

  26. Tammy Bettiga


    • Big Ben

      hi tammy, next time you see the officers please hand them a bandaid and make them feel loved and cared for because they shouldn’t have to deal with mean bad people ever. not even if that’s what they’re paid to do. i hope the next time they get blood on their faces from beating the shit out of a poor white southerner your bandaid can make them feel even more happier than the boner they’re springing from abusing their power. you’re a cuck and an accomplice for the suppression of white voices in modern america. fuck off tammy you goddamn liberal crybaby

      • mjyoung-1feistytornado

        You speak an infinite deal of nothing while fooling yourself into thinking you’re being such a clever fellow. I find the ass in compound with the major part of your syllables. Your infinitesimal wisdom shines through like a fading flashlight.

  27. NCRed

    The lot of them need to be fired, with the manager going immediately.

    • Debby Thompson

      Especially the manager!

  28. likeyoudontalreadyknow

    How much you wanna bet they are the same kind of people who would fit in at a “Black Lives Matter” riot.

    • yoslate

      An appalling incident! However the “How much you wanna bet…” statement is speculative, irrelevant and provocative, offering nothing to the discussion.

      • Bill Via

        I think it is relevant you can think it is not but isn’t this behavior contributing to the same kind of mindset that defines the BLM movement? Of course it is and it will continue to spread until we as citizens say enuff is enuff.

      • Beedogz

        Shove it right up your PC backside.

    • Big Ben

      hey cuck, why even include “lives matter”, we both agree they don’t, this is a pro-supremacy site so you don’t have to worried about being banned for “racism”. just come out and say what you really feel you dumbass liberal

      • likeyoudontalreadyknow

        You are one retarded cunt. I never said they were black. The people who march riot in Black Lives Matter are not all black, you smegma-breath, petri-dish reject. They are the “liberals” you pretend to deride. Go wipe your ass with chainsaw.

        • TenderKisses

          Your mom called. She said she took the Plan B pill a few decades too late.

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