Prosecutor Refusing To Use Death Penalty Is Married To Convicted Felon

Aramis Ayala became a nationally known local prosecutor today when she refused to have the death penalty as an option for the suspect that brutally murdered his pregnant girlfriend and an Orlando police officer.

While the decision confused many, it seems that Ayala’s experience with marrying a convicted felon that served seven years in prison on drug conspiracy and counterfeiting charges, has shaped her worldview that undoubtedly helped her make a decision today that angered many.

At least that is exactly what she told the media last summer.

We could care less who anyone marries and we wholeheartedly believe that anyone can make mistakes and change their life for the better.  We don’t know Aramis Ayala or her husband David but we know many that knew Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton and she was as good as they come.


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  1. Birdman

    She needs to recalled and put out of office.

  2. Brian Thompson

    she needs to be disbarred

    • LivinInTheUSA

      There is truly no basis to support disbarment, since she wasn’t the one who violated the law. However, the State should seek her removal from the Attorney General Office for not upholding her duty to office.

      Per the article, she proclaimed her husband’s criminal past it what has shaped her view of the justice system. Those words are mirrored in her statement as to why she opted to not enforce Florida Capital Punishment laws. Her job duty is such that her view of the Justice is System is to be shaped by Florida Law and she is to represent the State prosecution in the the enforcement of Florida. By allowing a convict to establish her view of the justice system, she did not uphold her duty to office whereby I feel she should be impeached.

      • Paul Persson

        The article said nothing about her proclaiming anything, it alluded to her world view potentially being shaped by her interaction with a convicted felon. She never admitted that. She should be recalled as she is an elected official.

        • 1556

          Yes she gets it, just like everyone else would if it was our family or friend.

        • LivinInTheUSA

          The article, provided a link to another article, in which she proclaimed what shaped her view of the judicial system. Additionally, in her statement she announced she considered her view of the judicial system in her decision not to pursue capital murder charges.

          • Paul Persson

            I missed that. A recall is still the proper way to deal with an incompetent elected official.

            I do have a question though – does she own any firearms? The DDAs and DAs I worked with carried on a regular basis, so if she if she is as well, where does she keep her gun when her husband is home? Purely speculative, but maybe worth a look.

      • Lawman

        If she entered into this marriage with her convicted felon husband after she took office she is in violation of Police Officers Code of Ethics “Police officers shall avoid regular personal associations
        with persons who are known to engage in criminal activity where such
        associations will undermine the public trust and confidence in the
        officer or Department.”

        Several other violations of note based on her personal beliefs and conduct. “Police officers shall perform their duties and apply the law impartially and without prejudice or discrimination.”

        “Police officers shall not compromise their integrity, not
        that of their Department or profession, by taking or attempting to
        influence actions when a conflict of interest exists.”

        “Police officers shall not, whether on or off duty,
        exhibit any conduct which discredits themselves or their Department or
        otherwise impairs their ability or that of other officers or the
        Department to provide law enforcement services to the community. A police officer’s ability to perform his or her duties is dependent
        upon the respect and confidence communities have for the officer and law
        enforcement officers in general. Police officers must conduct
        themselves in a manner consistent with the integrity and trustworthiness
        expected of them by the public.”

        Make No mistake, she is the chief law enforcement officer of Orange County as elected by the citizens of that judicial circuit. She can be removed from office for these violations.

        Penalties for violation of these laws may include: impeachment, removal from office or employment, suspension, public censure, reprimand, demotion, reduction in salary level, forfeiture of no more than one-third salary per month for no more than twelve months, a civil penalty not to exceed $10,000.

        I’m sure there are similar Code of Ethics for attorneys within the state of Florida. Bottom line, the governor could remove her and she certainly could be disbarred. We had a judge in our county that was disbarred for much less.

        • ahaz

          You are so wrong in so many levels. She is a prosecutor. Finally, it doesn’t matter if her husband is a felon. He has served his time and is a law-abiding citizen.

          • Lawman

            Please enlighten me on how I’m wrong and please tell me your qualifications to make such a statement. She is the chief law enforcement officer for her judicial circuit, that makes her a cop/police officer/law enforcement officer…. He is a known felon, doesn’t matter if he served his time or is now law abiding. If they got married after his conviction she is in violation period. The law does apply to her just like it does to me and any other cop in this state.

      • ahaz

        I don’t believe any prosecutor has a legal obligation to pursue the death penalty in response to any crime. It is an arsenal from which a prosecutor can choose from. Your panties are in a wad because she chose not to, especially in Fla where the criminal justice system is in shambles. Especially in capital punishment cases.

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