President Trump Signs American Law Enforcement Heroes Act

Photo Courtesy:@JennLauren91/Twitter: Senator John Cornyn Sponsored The Bill

President Donald Trump signed two bills into law Friday that will provide aid to veterans and members of law enforcement.

Trump signed the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act of 2017 and the Public Safety Officers Benefits Improvement Act of 2017 on Friday.

The bills, which are somewhat interrelated, encourage law enforcement agencies to hire veterans and make it easier for public safety officers and their families to make death or disability claims.

During the bill signing, Trump said he and all Americans are “incredibly proud” of those who choose to serve the country.

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  1. 30yearlawman

    Thank GOD, rarely do we see an American President who has our back. Now, once the recruiting grants for veterans gets sorted out, many like me will be able to get a job.

    • Timothy Gray

      This is yet other government hand out designed to protect corporate interests. Other than keeping you gainfully employed, how is America’s so-called war on drugs working out for you, your colleagues, the non-violent offenders you lock up and rob, and all the families who suffer needlessly in its wake?

      If you really wanted well paying respectable job, why didn’t you use your GI Bill (like I did) to get an education?

      • 30yearlawman

        Hey Deadhead, I am a Viet Nam era Marine, I used my GI Bill and have a college degree w/36 years in law enforcement and not ashamed of showing my face. The rest of your comments are so stupid they’re not worth addressing.

        • Timothy Gray

          Hey Storm Trooper, I’m Nam era Marine Corps veteran as well. I don’t doubt you have a college degree, but it’s clear to anyone who reads your uninformed rants that you never received a quality education. And, unlike you, I don’t depend on government hand outs, nor do I use civil forfeiture laws to seize the property of innocent citzens in order to meet payroll.

          You, however, are just a state-sponsored terrorist. Enjoy the time you are having with Trump, the most ignorant president in U.S. history, while he and his cronies are on the outside. I suspect it won’t be long before they are charged, tried, convicted and sentenced. Who knows? You, DT, and your fellow blue thugs might even wind up as cellies.

          • 30yearlawman

            I pity the fool that you are. Are you a Posse Commitatus or Sovereign Citizen member?
            We’re done here.

          • Timothy Gray

            You think (much)? Lmao!

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