Police To Stop Using Fast Food Order Numbers At Crime Scene

Photo Courtesy: Whataburger/Facebook

Police commanders in Houston say order numbers taken from a popular Texas fast-food restaurant cannot be used to highlight evidence at crime scenes.

Officers are not allowed to use the distinctive orange-colored, tent-shaped numbers Whataburger customers receive so that orders can be brought to their tables.

The announcement came after there were concerns that the use of the markers amounted to a police endorsement of Whataburger.

The Department says its use of table tents as crime scene markers was born out of necessity, with officers using random items found in the area to protect evidence, including discarded coffee cups and takeout containers. Because Whataburger is on virtually every corner in Houston, the restaurant’s iconic table tents make for a quality placeholder until the Houston Forensic Center’s crime scene unit can place official evidence markers.

Whataburger is a popular Texas destination.

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  1. Fire_and_Steel

    “Some officers have ‘table tents’ from the former Bun and Run chain, with the restaurant name blanked out so unknowing viewers won’t think the company is back in business.”
    Martin Mull (might have) approved this message.

    • Carmenpperry


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  2. Samuel Fivey

    Is this The Duffle Blog of the cop world? A story on not using restaurant numbers because someone thought it was an endorsement of the restaurant? Yup, nothing else worth discussing.

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