Must See: Captain Clay Higgins Warns Ruthless Gang

We love Captain Clay Higgins here at Law Officer.  His latest video is a must see.

Call the following numbers if you know the whereabouts of these wanted men: U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force Officer Tyler Folse (337) 277-9667, Louisiana State Police Criminal Investigator Anthony Pardo (337) 400-9064 or email, Trooper Paul Dubois at (337) 277-3503 or email


Update:  The ACLU questioned this video and Captain Higgins has challenged them to a debate.  Read the story here.

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  1. Linda

    I am grateful for men like this out there looking for these less than acceptable human beings! This man should be given a parade!

  2. Sgt. Tim Mabe (Retired)

    Thank you Captain Higgins for standing up. We need more like you to speak out and not be afraid of the gangsters and the ones like the ACLU that try and defind them. I have been a law enforcement officer for over thirty years and during this time I have watched these groups like the ACLU do more harm to law enforcement by trying to make excuses for the reasons people commit crimes. Telling someone that we will hunt you down and that force will be met with superior force is stating a fact and by no means does it mean “Wanted dead or alive” as the ACLU tries to spin the Captains words. Good luck with trying to get the ACLU to debate on the issues. You stand a lot better chance for the thugs to surrender this week than to have the debate!!!

  3. Joe

    This is the sort of old time law enforcement that could turn this country around. I say “could” because I’m too cynical to believe that the left-wing forces of this country, of which the ACLU is a prime example, will let this sheriff succeed. If he achieves the level of notoriety that say Joe Arpaio did, they will target him with all they’ve got, and they have just about every societal institution at their disposal (media, Dept of Loretta Lynch Justice, etc.) And dare I point out the obvious, he will be tarred a “racist”; no matter how many endorsements he gets from the local black community.

  4. Brad Wadsworth

    Hell Yes!! This guys is what’s missing in America these days.

  5. Pat, retired LEO

    I was lucky to have a good relationship with many I arrested that were impressionable followers of others, or made a few poor decisions in their lives. They assisted several times in finding the true problem folks and even saved my life with information, for which they received my sincere gratitude, often my signature “pinky promise” and the prosecutor’s generous consideration. It is a joy to see the weight lifted off the shoulders of someone who got involved with a cruel gang and felt no way out. Family, friends, lesser involved co-conspirators know where these fools are. It’s never too late to do the right thing. If not for yourself, for your family. It may be their lives you save.

  6. Mary Katherine Scruggs

    Amen and Amen My prayers are with every law enforcement officers in the One Nation Under God. I said God’s speed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.! They Bible tells us to abide in the laws of the land. We have laws here in the USA and these thugs and criminals sometimes have more rights then the victims. People cllimg evil good and good evil !

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