Illinois Cop Drives Man to Successful Job Interview After Stopping Him for Traffic Violation

CAHOKIA, Ill. – A non-descript traffic stop in Illinois had an extraordinary ending when a police officer pulled over a car with expired plates, only to learn the driver had an expired license as well. The patrol officer learned the man was on the way to a job interview, and he had no other way of traveling there.

Mercifully, and without hesitation, the officer drove the man to the meeting himself. How did it end? The desperate man with the best of intentions ultimately landed the position making this a true feel good story.

On April 17, Officer Roger Gemoules of the Cahokia Police Department initiated a traffic stop of a vehicle driven by Ka’Shawn Baldwin, Fox 4 KC reported. Soon after, the officer discovered that Baldwin’s license was also no longer valid. The 22-year-old man detailed that he risked the ride because he was on his way to a job interview at FedEx and had no other way to get there, according to KSDK.

Instead of issuing Baldwin a traffic citation, Gemoules chose to drive the man to the interview, ensuring he’d arrive safely and on time.

“It meant everything to me. It brought my spirits up; it kind of made me happy,” Baldwin said of the officer’s generosity, reported Fox Illinois.

“I was shocked that he actually gave me a ride to the interview. Normally, cops are like [asking] where I’m from, they don’t really do stuff like that,” he added. But this is an Uber-good story, (pun intended) so it has a different ending.

A short time later, Baldwin was thrilled to learn he got the job – which will be his second position, in addition to his current role at McDonald’s, according to KDSK.

The opportunity means so much to him, as he looks forward to being able to update his license and plates, buy a new car and care for his two-year-old daughter, according to Fox Illinois.

Since the story became known, it has gone viral on Facebook. A post by Francella Jackson has been liked 36,000 times and shared 11,000 times to date. She is reportedly an assistant to Cahokia Mayor Curtis McCall Jr.

According to Jackson, the heartwarming tale has even has gone global, reaching as far as Europe, Russia and China.

“I am very proud of Officer Gemolus and the excellent decision-making and judgment he displayed in helping this young man,” Mayor McCall told Fox Illinois. “Community Policing’ is something we strive for in Cahokia, because it is not always about writing tickets, or sending someone to jail. It is about helping people when we can and building relationships.”

“Job well done, Officer Gemolus and congrats to the young man for getting the job!”

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