Founder Of Cop Block Arrested For Impersonating Police

The founder of a police watchdog group is behind bars for impersonating an officer.

Jonathan Beavers was arrested on a charge of impersonating an officer and currently remains in the Cherokee County (GA) jail.

Beavers founded Georgia Cop Block and is known to drives around with a police scanner. WBSTV spoke to members of his family, who said he listens for calls and records police with his cellphone.

The sheriff’s office said deputies working on patrol heard a man over the radio providing inaccurate details about calls for service. Investigators traced the call back to Beavers and searched his home.

Beavers lives with his mother.

The national movement of Cop Block was founded in 2010 by self proclaimed anarchists who began to film police in public places.  Their motto is “police are not your friend.”

Well, fast forward 7 short years after the national founder was arrested for drug trafficking, with the national movement taking a back seat to literally everyone with a cell phone, there doesn’t seem to be much for those involved to do but maybe what Beavers was just arrested for.

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