Famous Georgia Trooper Seeks Political Seat

When Georgia State Trooper Nathan Bradley began his GoFund Me account for the children of Donald and Crystal Howard after the Halloween tragedy of 2015, his goal was originally $7,000. Now after nearly four months of solid news and social media interviews, the GoFund Me account for the Howard’s four children has nearly reached $500,000.

“I’ve had a movie company call about a deal and I’m currently negotiating a book deal with one of the largest children’s book publisher in the US,” said Trooper Bradley.

Trooper Bradley said his life has not slowed down since the incident. Aside from working a 40-hour shift for the Georgia State Troopers and taking phone calls from the movie and book producers, Bradley’s priority is still the Howard children.

“I still talk to them (children) daily,” said Trooper Bradley in an exclusive phone interview with Law Officer. “The kids are still adjusting to their new living arrangements and that will take some time,” Bradley said. He said all four children are in school and doing well. “The aunt and grandmother of the four are raising all four along with their own families in the same residence,” Bradley said. Trooper Bradley added that the family is trying to find a larger home that can accommodate such a large family.

The car crash which killed Donald and Crystal Howard occurred on October 31, 2015 when the vehicle they were traveling in left the roadway and struck a tree. The parents had just left the house to pick up face paint and Halloween candy. The two would never return home.

Trooper Nathan Bradley and his wife, Stephanie.

When Trooper Bradley responded to the house to inform the next of kin of the tragedy, he noticed no adults present and four children dressed and ready for a night of trick or treating. Instead of breaking the horrible news, Trooper Bradley took the kids for hamburgers and ice cream and let them hang out at his division until a grandmother could drive from Florida to be with the children.

Trooper Bradley said he is just a regular guy doing a regular thing. “I live on a dirt road out in the county,” affirming his ‘regular guy’ persona. “What I did is being done everywhere and every night (by law enforcement), I was just lucky enough to get some media attention,” Bradley said. “I’m not a hero, but I am a Trooper.”

Trooper Bradley has since been recognized by the Georgia State Legislature and recently received a Georgia House Resolution in the Howard’s name. “I accepted the resolution on the family’s behalf,” said Bradley. “It was an honor to meet the speaker of the house and the other legislatures,” Bradley said.

“I’ve always had a love of politics,” Bradley said. Starting out as his high school mascot, Bradley has always had an interest in public affairs and even dabbled public speaking. He believes proper communication is key to being successful leader.

Trooper Bradley honed his speaking ability when he ran for college senate at Georgia Perimeter College. “I wanted to impress this girl,” Bradley said. “She was way out of my league but I thought if I won student senate, I would impress her.” Trooper Bradley said it worked! He did get to marry his college sweetheart, Stephanie Bradley, and both reside in Newton County.

Trooper Bradley’s new focus is running for county commissioner in his home county. Bradley wanted to take his pursuit of caring for others beyond the badge. His goal now is to protect the farmers, first responders and residents of Newton County, GA. You can check out his website at www.nathanleebradley.com for more information, to donate or to volunteer. Trooper Bradley said he will never forget the Howard family and continues to ask support for their well being.


By:  Matt Rose, Managing Editor

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