Dramatic Video Shows Man With Knife Shot by Police

Glendale Police Officer Joshua Hilling encountered the man walking down busy Interstate 75 in Ohio. The man said he didn’t have identification — just a book bag with dirty clothes in it.

“I’m going to pat you down for officer safety,” Hilling told Javier Pablo Aleman before putting the man against the back of the police car.

Body camera footage shows what happened next: Aleman pulled out a knife and lunged toward Hilling, shouting, “I’m going to kill you!”

The officer shot Aleman once in the abdomen.

Aleman got back up and shouted “kill me!” more than 40 times at the officer, who exhorted Aleman to drop the knife and get down.


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  1. Miguel

    It doesn’t really matters where the man is from the danger was still there regardless. This officer did a fantastic job and it takes wit and courage to handle a situation like this. He was focus and brave, I am glad that he got home safe. Awesome, awesome job….

  2. Paul Kersey

    False flag story. After all the police brutality in the headlines, government pushes this story, just to show police don’t shoot just everyone.
    Operation Mockingbird was the CIA installing fake journalists in the media to report news they wanted us to hear. It’s still alive and well.

  3. jim custer

    This officer demonstrated exceptional restraint and self control. Clearly, he had every right to use deadly force in this situation. The officer should be given an award for the way he handled this situation.

  4. Jim

    Mary what is with your comment. What has nationality got to do with this. This is not a shooting based on nationality why bring it in. Great reaction by this member. Listen to his voice. There is no way he wanted to shoot but his hand was forced to. 99 out of a hundred there would have been more than one round discharged and the end result greatly different. I wish this LEO the best after this traumatic event.

  5. CLH

    Nothing but respect for that restraint. Cannot say I would have given him that much ground. Well done all.

  6. diane

    This is a sad reminder of how desperate people have become , for whatever reason this man was looking for a way out and wanted the officer to acomadate him with committing suicide , I feel for police officers in these times that will surely only get worse , God Bless the men and women still willing to uphold peace in a world that has become evil !!!!



    • andromeda drasko

      …..the guy was shot in the abdomen and still came at the officers. most likely tasing wouldn’t have helped anything except to make the man more erratic.

    • Alex N.

      The Ohio Use of Force Continuum dictates that deadly force be met with deadly force. Look up “+1 police response”

  8. Rango Springer

    Wow! That’s a true professional. Think he handled it better than 99.9% would have. My hat is off to you, sir.

  9. J. Norworthy

    I think this police officer deserves a medal of honor for his unbelievable self-discipline, followed by an all-expenses paid vacation. In my opinion he had clear and immediate justification to unload his entire magazine into this guy. His restraint is nothing short of remarkable.

  10. CO

    Wait for the tree huggers to say he should have shot the knife out of his hand…

    Amazing and incredible situational awareness, poise and restraint, add in about a 1,000lbs of professionalism. The LEO should receive an award and a month off with pay!!!

    • Jen

      I am a tree hugger. That being said, I think he did an amazing job given the circumstances he was presented with. No person or group should be judged based in a stereo type, 🙂

  11. Alan doherty

    Absolutely incredible restraint… Almost too much in that crossfire and innocents almost came into play… Can’t say I would not have fired under the conditions present. Excellent work by the primary and his backup. Scared stuff.

  12. Mary Wright

    It will be interesting to find this man’s nationality! He did not sound Hispanic as he suggested!

    • sam

      From the style of accent in his English he was speaking I picked up from him, I can be 95% sure he is Cuban.

    • Brian Johnson

      Who care’s what his nationality is? How is that even relevant???

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