Cop Dresses as Ironman To Visit Sick Children

Damon Cole has been a Texas cop since 1999 and he quickly realized that because of the negative circumstances he often saw kids in that he needed to build trust with the children around him. What started as a Superman logo on his vest led him to join some Dallas officers in an organization called “Heroes, Cops & Kids.”

The group of officers would dress up as super heroes and go to police community functions, schools, churches, and hospitals.  In Aironmanpril of 2015, Damon learned that a 7 year-old boy named Bryce Schottel from Illinois had cancer and was a huge Superman fan. Damon used three vacation days, drove to Illinois and visited Bryce as Ironman.   Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer was born.

This weekend Officer Cole flew out to Orlando on 24 hours notice.  Cole St. Clair, 7, has a highly aggressive and brain tumor.  Diagnosed in August 2015, he has lost the ability to walk and his Make-a-Wish Disney Cruise scheduled next week was canceled because he is too sick to travel.

Doctors have given him a few weeks to live and on Saturday it was time to meet Ironman.  On behalf of Law Officer, we salute Officer Damon Cole and lift you up Cole St. Clair.  You are why we do what we do.  Thank you for reminding us of that.

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  1. Rick Boggs

    Officer Damon Cole…You are a true HERO.


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