Contractor Hired To ‘Dispose’ Of Old Ballistic Vests For NYPD, Sells Them On eBay Instead

The New York City Police Department revealed it terminated a contract with a body armor contractor after a probe discovered the company had been selling the department’s bulletproof vests on eBay.

The NYPD opened a probe into its contractor Body Armor Outlet after two criminals were found wearing NYPD ballistic vests at the time of their arrest. The investigation found that the New Hampshire-based company, which had a $20,000 contract to destroy or “recycle” the department’s ballistic vests, had actually been selling them on eBay, the New York Daily News reported.

The language of the contract required Body Armor to “dispose” of the vests or recycle them “in a manner that rendered them unable to be used for illicit purposes,” police said.

The NYPD sent a cease-and-desist letter to the company, demanding that it stop auctioning off the equipment online, and Body Armor complied.

The NYPD notified the District Attorney’s office and requested charges against Body Armor, but state prosecutors declined to pursue criminal action because the language of the contract was too vague.

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