Congressman To File Lawsuit Over Racist Painting Being Removed

Congressman Lacy Clay, a Democrat from Missouri, intends to file a federal lawsuit on Tuesday against the Architect of the Capitol for removing a constituent’s painting that depicted police officers as animals from the Capitol complex.

Clay will argue that the painting’s removal, which followed outcry from House Republicans and police advocacy groups, violated his constituent’s First Amendment rights to free expression.

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The painting showed a confrontation between black protesters and police officers with guns drawn, depicted as feral pigs.

Clay’s district includes the city of Ferguson.

Nancy Pelosi appealed the decision to remove the painting and lost that appeal.


We Go High: Thin Blue Line Flag Hung Above Racist Capital Painting

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  1. Shmuel

    Ugly-ass painting. Put it up in a private place, not in a government office.

  2. Mike Klarman

    So that is how the A-Hole racist, cop hater Clay and Botox face ( hey Nancy, a little bit more and we wouldn’t have to listen to you at all. Your facial muscles would be paralyzed) Pelosi feel taxpayer dollars should be used? This lawsuit will ultimately be paid for with our money because you know that Clay isn’t paying for a lawyer or legal fees out of his own pocket. I can’t stand these people and I truly pray they get voted out of office. That painting should be burned and does nothing but further inflame the Amit-cop movement in this country. I pray the dems are never voted in to office again and that comes from someone who, until 2012, was a democrat.

  3. Katrina

    Lacy Clay is a fool and will do anything for publicity in order to puff his feathers in front of his constituents. The painting violated the rules of the contest. Take a seat!

  4. Count_Iblis

    Just look who the democrats voter base is. And who does the democrats also want to give voting right to, felons and illegals. With a base like that, it’s no wonder they hate law enforcement.

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