Congressional Black Caucus Leader Threatens Representatives That Remove Racist Painting

Just a day after National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, where two Orlando Police officers died in the line of duty, Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members held a ceremony on Tuesday as they placed a racist painting depicting police as pigs back on display after it was first removed last week by California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter. According to the report, they also dared Republicans to remove the painting again.

It wasn’t long before Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn took the dare seriously and removed the painting again on Tuesday, and took it to Rep. William Lacy Clay’s office, who represents Ferguson. CBC chair Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond responded to the painting’s removal with “We may just have to kick somebody’s ass and stop them.”

By late afternoon it was reported that the painting was once again hanging in the halls of the Capital.

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  1. Thomas Reidenbach

    I would love to take it down in front of him and then see just who gets his ass kicked.

  2. michael

    This slanted painting is not true art caricature as it only portrays the police officers as swine. To truly be pure caricature the others would need to be represented as Apes, Chimpanzees and Howler Monkeys.

  3. Terry Michalski

    Have any paintings of KKK or Lynching? What is the limit to the 1st Amendment they are willing to kick some one’s ass for? ? ?

  4. North East Whitewater

    very similar to Nazi propaganda depicting Jews as less then human. These people should be impeached.

    • Unity Nowe

      Funny that some compare the police to Nazis, “just doing their jobs”

  5. the truth of the matter

    they threatened to kick someones ass for removing it….SO they dislike police so much they are openly saying they will assault someone…go back to the hood, please

  6. ButtercupKelley

    They flip out over the Confederate flag, yet have no problem being racist and insensitive towards police. Got it. One law for the little people, and one law for them.

    • Unity Nowe

      Just for your information, “police” are not a race.
      I think it’s important for you and for Law Officer to understand that.
      The painting does not depict any “racism” at all. And in fact, it depicts (at least) one person who is not a cop, as an animal of some type , as well.

      • Jim Duffield

        You know you don’t seem to have anything to contribute except to correct everyone else..

        • Unity Nowe

          Everyone else needs to be corrected. Unless you wish to argue that police are a race ?
          There’s nothing racist about the painting. There’s also a white cop in the painting that isn’t depicted as a “pig”.
          If you want to be seen as credible, behave in such a manner. Be honest, for once in your lives. I know it will be difficult. But you should try it. It’s quite liberating

          • Chris marie

            Ok Then we call it offensive, And want it down NOW. You know like anything the liberals say is offensive we take down. ( Anything to do with decency) God, Prayer, Crosses on necklaces and on government land.. The American flag. I could go on put you might get the point….now sit down and shut up

  7. Gene

    Cut the crap.
    Enough is enough.
    Tell that to the 135 families of those officers that gave their lives while in the line of duty.

    • Unity Nowe

      The majority of those were car accidents and heart attacks. Drive safe and stay healthy.

      • Gene fire

  8. Rodney Sverko

    time to officially get a congress group to form a White Caucuss – that would create a huge debate!!

    • TheWhiteHawk

      Great idea! With Obama on his way out the door, the PC crowd won’t have a supporter in the White House any longer. Even the Pentagon is getting rid of the PC crap Obama inflicted with PC military rules. Time to get back to being a normal country that did not have the racial divide created by Obama.

  9. Elle

    Just look at the people in the picture above. They all have such unhappy and angry countenances. It must be hard to be a member of the Black Caucuses. And they wonder why there is such a great divide in this country. They bring this hatefulness upon themselves. How mature of one of them to be in this position of representation of the people of their state and to threaten to *kick ass* – just who does he think he is? SAD SAD SAD

    • Jerry Poe

      I do believe that look is from constipation! It’s a bulls### pitcure that never should have been hung there to begin With! And now the black caucus is making it a f’n focal point for What? If it was a pitcure of LE making fun the black communitys, they ed be screaming their heads off!

      • Unity Nowe

        Law enforcement is not a demographic. And if you would look at the painting closer, you would see that the artist did paint one of the black people in as some type of animal as well.

          • Unity Nowe

            Ouch, that really hurt. Why am I not surprised that you would find a factual statement , stupid? Do you have anything valid to offer, or is “stupid comment” all you could bring to the forefront of your tiny bit of grey matter?

        • Jerry Poe

          If your replying about the dove, I’d say it was painted a little bit of bias. Biased and prejudiced in preconceived conception! Like hell they’re not a sector of a Population! These men and women face war conditions and see the ugliest that man has to Bear! It makes them hard, marriages don’t last, suicides are high so depicting them as pigs with guns is being pushed by poor little thugs that would never have interaction if they’d not break the law, and when they do, develope a shit Aditude! This is what the black Caucus is spouting off About! What if some asses painted KKK or skin heads showing blacks in a bad light…….not to appealing! What the hell is wrong with intelligent, learned, official amongst other……..THEY HAVE NO COMMON Sense! None, and it’s bastards like these that are running our country for Us!

          • Unity Nowe

            Not a sector of the population? Where did you come up with that? I said that police are not a demographic (race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, elderly) . The ADA doesn’t recognize police as being a group that can be discriminated against. People can have bias for or against the police, but the police are not a “race”. I know they love to think of themselves as being superior to the rest of humanity. But they aren’t.
            People who work in food service, retail and hospitality industries deal with the most vile of the vile. Their jobs are very difficult. But they don’t whine and cry every time someone trashes their job. And people do trash them for the jobs they do. And they don’t whine about paintings being painted, words being written or songs being sung. One would think that these brave “blue lives” would have thicker skin and be able to handle something so trivial.
            If their jobs are so hard, they can find other work, like most anyone else would do. As for your theory about “If they had not broken the law, they would never have these interactions, I think the recent video of the cops in Illinois, beating up a Grad Student, who was not violent at all, had his hands up, and who had broken no law at all, is just one piece of evidence to prove that little theory, completely incorrect. There are many more examples of how false your theory is, but that one is still very fresh. I am sure you can retain it, for now 🙂

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