Chicago Mayor Refuses To Take Position On Shooting

According to WLS, Mayor Emanuel is not taking a position on whether the shooting on Saturday of an armed man grabbing a gun was justified.

Rahm says it’s “not time to characterize anything.”

“There’s a lot of questions,” the mayor added, “My view is as the mayor, COPA’s gonna do their job. All the questions you have are gonna get answered. You’re also gonna see it for yourself. I don’t think at this point while they’re doing that my energy is gonna be on characterizing something as much as helping all of us learn from this and learn for the future and hear each other.”

Interesting that the Mayor suddenly wants to be quiet in the aftermath of a police shooting considering he hasn’t hesitated in the past to cast blame on law enforcement.

In the midst of riots and uproar, it’s probably too much to ask the leader of the city to actually tell the public what the body camera shows.  A man pulls away from law enforcement, reaches for a gun and is then shot.

We are thinking if the body camera didn’t exist, Rahm wouldn’t have a problem giving his opinion but it would be to defend criminals rather than the only ones in Chicago trying to stop them.

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