Arrest Video Shows NFL’s Michael Bennett Lied

New video evidence appears to suggest that Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett lied about why police officers took him down in Las Vegas in late August.

Bennett claimed that he was the victim of racial profiling when police officers detained him outside the Cromwell Hotel following the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight as they were searching for a possible active shooter.

TMZ previously reported that everyone in the club was told by the police to get down and not move, at which point Bennett reportedly took off running.

During the incident Bennett screamed, “I wasn’t doing nothing man! I was here with my friends! They told us to get out, everybody ran!”

Bennett also claimed that one of the police officers threated to “blow my f**king head off,” of which there is no proof.

Here is the video of Las Vegas Officer explaining their actions to Bennett and he indicates that he understands.

Las Vegas sheriff Joseph Lombardo explains that officers did what they were supposed to do in stopping Michael Bennett and applauds them for the job they did.  You can watch his comments below.

As we reported earlier this month, there were hundreds of videos depicting this situation and if something was done to Bennett that was outside department policy, it would be clear.  We know know that almost 1000 videos were reviewed and the claims by Bennett are false.

Keep in mind that the NFL Commissioner, Pete Carroll, and multiple NFL Players defended Bennett.  It is now a proven lie.

What will they do now?

Will the NFL issue an apology?  Will the NFL investigate Bennett for lying? Will Pete Carroll say that he was wrong?

Accusing anyone, including law enforcement of racism is very serious and it should be just as serious to lie about it.

We wait and see of the NFL will hold Michael Bennett accountable for his actions and his lies.

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  1. Lastchance

    What were NFL players doing the entire 7 month off-season to end whatever the hell they think they are protesting?

  2. Sarge

    No Friends Left NFL will not retract their statement, bunch of disloyal athletes getting overpaid think the are worshipped by fans. Doesn’t seem like they are so high and mighty recently.!!!!!!!!

  3. broncodano

    This needs national coverage. Every time a high profile black athlete screams police brutality, other officers across this nation get killed through ambush killings.

    21 officers died as a result of ambush killings in 2016, and most were due to criminals angered by the false narratives of organizations like BLM and ANTIFA.

    The country needs to know that some black athletes lie about their situation to stay politically and comercially relevant. Bennett again lied to improve his “street cred” or get his name in the papers.

    Regardless of the motivation, the blowback that officers can face due to misguided aggression is gigantic.

  4. scott

    The biggest loser.

  5. Merrill Henderson

    I understand that NFL Commissar Goodell and team owners have been watching video of some intense game action from another league with an eye to incorporating many of it’s rules into their rule book for next season. The major change would be the incorporation of little white flags attached by velcro to the players uniforms.

  6. Ffej

    Im sure that knee to your back while being cuffed was a real surprise especially since every nfl football game these days is about as physical as 2 hand touch or the pro bowl…zzzzz. Its arrest procedure. Quit the charades.

  7. NoJusticeNoPeace1964

    Is anyone surprised that this famous, rich black athlete has been exposed as another liar trying to play the race, victim card.

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