Riot Gear For Cleveland Police Doesn’t Fit, Photo Draws Criticism

Strong reactions continue to pour in after a Cleveland Councilman Mike Polensek asked why “a 300-pounder is doing on the the Cleveland Police Department,”  after the police union complained that the riot gear ordered for the Republican National Convention does not fit all officers.  The union revealed a picture to prove their point.

Police Chief Calvin Williams says the equipment will fit the officers that are assigned to wear it during the RNC .

But Police Union President Steve Loomis as upset by Polensek’s comments and immediately fired off the following letter.

Mr. Polensek,

We have proposed a physical fitness incentive during the last three contract negotiations that the City of Cleveland summarily dismissed. Your comments were callous and unprofessional. As you should know, our members range greatly in size, stature, and body types. We have a 6’7″, 270 lb. former pro football player that has NO CHANCE of receiving riot gear that will fit him .

The officer you publicly maligned is a decorated and senior police officer that has devoted his life to this city. You are being sold a bill of goods and you are buying it.

Call your counterparts in Philadelphia to see where they are at compared to us before blindly accepting the word of appointed folks that will ultimately be responsible for their planning failures.

Philadelphia has had ALL their gear for the last 7 months and have been steadily training to help prepare for the possibility of a worst case scenario….That type of leadership is in the best interest of the Philadelphia Police officers, citizens, and protesters alike. The smoke and mirrors leadership we have unfortunately grown far to accustomed to in this city is going to fail us all.

You don’t have to believe me Mike, talk to the cops you know…

Talk to the Sheriff Deputies that have no clue what their role is or no idea why they have not received their gear or any training to date regarding that role. Better yet talk to the dozens of cities that have prohibited hundreds of officers from coming here to help. I guarantee the cops want to come. It is their command staff, law departments and mayors that are looking out for their officers bests interests. Dare to dream!

We need help, not jokes…

Thanks Mike

Steve Loomis

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