Chief Under Fire For Saying Racial Profiling Is A Myth

It appears that  Mt. San Antonio College (CA) Deputy Chief Robert Wren committed the unpardonable sin.

On the issue of the College Police Department becoming armed, he told a campus reporter that the concerns in regards to racial profiling and police brutality were unwarranted because both were simply a myth drummed up by the media.

Deputy Chief Robert Wren said in an interview with the college’s student-run SAC Media published online on Nov. 21st that “Police brutality is an absolute myth — a complete, utter, debunked myth.”

Que the screams and demands for him to resign because God forbid that someone with three decades in law enforcement gets to have an opinion on some very important issues.

On Friday, Mt. San Antonio College Police Chief Dave Wilson said he supported what Wren said, though he believes the message was bungled.

“The reality of it is, we look for criminal behavior, not so much skin color or ethnicity or gender or anything like that, and that’s kind of what he was trying to convey,” Wilson said.

“There are some racist jerks out there. But is it pervasive?,” Wilson said. “Is it as big of a problem as some media outlets would portray it to be? That has not been my experience, and that has not been Deputy Chief Wren’s experience.”

While we are pleased that the Chief has rightfully come to the side of his Deputy Chief, let us be clear, the loud demands of some crazy people are about to begin.

Wren has stepped out into an issue that some simply cannot let the truth enter.

And the truth is that Deputy Chief Wren is absolutely right.  While out of almost one million police officers in America, there are a few issues, the fact that we can typically name those incidents by name and that most of those named (Ferguson, Baton Rouge, etc) have actually nothing to do with any wrongdoing should tell anyone with common sense that Wren is absolutely correct.

Which is why his termination will be demanded this week.


That is the crazy of speaking the truth in modern policing.

Kristina Allende, an English professor at the college called Wren’s comments “inflammatory” and went on to say that she doesn’t “think someone with that perspective can be second-in-line at a community college police department and deal with faculty and students and have them feel a level of comfort.”

May God help our learning environments.

Of course the only proof that is being thrown out at Wren is the typical “police arrest and stop more black” mantra which study after study actually says that when compared to the crime committed by blacks, the stops and arrests actually are lower than they should be.

Which makes perfect sense considering the wrath that will come one’s way by stopping anyone that wants to complain.

For Wren’s part, he is handling it the appropriate way.  He has said that he will meet with those that disagree with him but that will never happen.  Cowards don’t like to look others in the eye.  They would rather throw personal insults from a computer.

We feel bad for Wren.  We know what’s coming because we have seen it time and time again.  It’s in the playbook and the crazies won’t stop until they ruin him.


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