Yanez Trial: Law Enforcement Should Be Concerned

The jury is out on the Jeronimo Yanez trial.  Yanez, a 29-year-old Latino officer, is charged in the July 6 death of Philando Castile.

After broadcasting on the radio that he believed he was stopping robbery suspects, he approached the passenger side of the car and encountered Philando Castile.

This is where the jury must decide whether there was a crime.

Yanez said that Castile reached for a gun when he told him not to and the prosecutor claims there was not a gun in sight.

Every law enforcement officer in America better be paying attention to this courtroom today.  Unlike other officers that have been charged with manslaughter, this suspect had a gun.

The case from the Assistant Ramsey County Prosecutor Jeff Paulsen in his closing statement was that “Officer Yanez used deadly force as a first option rather than a last resort.”

That is not a crime and nothing in case law says that police officers must start from the lowest use of force option, especially when a gun is at play.

The other piece of evidence from the prosecution is they simply say that Yanez never saw a gun, even though he described the gun and what pocket it was in.

To convict, a jury would have to believe that a veteran police officer simply walked up to a car and shot a man without seeing any threats.  The jury would have to believe that it was simply a coincidence that the same place the Officer Yanez said he saw a gun, a gun was present and that same jury would have to believe that all of that was proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

This is why this case should concern every police officer in America.  There is a gun and there is a threat and if Officer Yanez is convicted or even remains in the system with a hung jury, then there isn’t one use of force that couldn’t come under the same scrutiny.


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  1. The Damsl

    Please fk yourself, writer of this article. This officer should not have killed this man. End of story. Karma is a bitch, either way. And there NEEDS to be laws put into effect IMMEDIATELY about Much stronger protocol for when someone is legally carrying a gun and what proper procedure is when retrieving i.d. It’s LAW ENFORCEMENT and Government’s fault that this is not changing and no one seems to Know what to do here- including the officers, apparently.

  2. Lance Bodden

    You also left out the part where his own partner stated in his testimony that he saw no identifiable threat and did not draw his weapon.

    • Law Officer

      So the standard in Graham V. Connor is multiple officers have to see a threat? I’m not sure what your point is as that is not the standard.

      • Cornu Copia

        Yes if there is no visible threat then why would he shoot the man in the first place? Thats a shoot first and then ask questions mentality. The police are not judge, jury and executioner.

        • Midknight 2017

          He wasn’t on the same side of the car so he couldn’t see what his fellow officer saw

      • Lisa A Burzacki

        That cop was to far back to see where that guys hands were!!

  3. Lance Bodden

    Funny. You didn’t mention that Philando Castile had a concealed carry permit.

    • Law Officer

      Why would we mention it? Does that somehow make the threat less? We also left out that he was high on marijuana and likely had impaired judgment which may have been why the jury felt like he grabbed the gun when told not to.

      • Cornu Copia

        He never grabbed a gun. Where are you getting this crazy stuff from?

      • Lance Bodden

        If you thought you were stopping an armed robbery suspect, wouldn’t you command the suspect to get out of the vehicle from a safe distance?

        • The Damsl

          OMG THERE YOU GO -AMAZING! Did you see that juror? Perhaps Not the smartest crayon in the box!!! Omg!! At the end of the day, follow your heart and the Truth- even when there is law in front of you! That’s what this week has taught us, imo.

      • The Damsl

        High on WEED? OMG! That is not an excuse to MURDER and why do I Doubt he had his hand was on it- he sounded Perfectly sane and Told the officer he had a gun. Now This where there needs to be better protocol. I bet if he had his hands on the wheel and told the officer he doesn’t want to move bc he doesn’t want to be a threat the officer would have STILL shot him and would have STILL gotten off- NOT RIGHTEOUS IN THIS COUNTRY. . Again, it comes down to that there is not enough CLEAR protocol about concealed carry permit drivers who are being stopped. Period. I don’t even yell – but this is so outrageous, I can’t handle. Just can’t. And the autopsy photos- this man’s privacy. Dear Gd.

        • Lisa A Burzacki

          You can not be unbiased not matter what!! You think all cops are corrupt!! You don’t know what was going on in that car!! And I highly doubt that cop would have shot if that kept his hands on the wheel!!! All this bs is hands up is just that bs. Just like the high speed chase of three girls who stole a car and then flipped it in a mucky pond!! The families are blaming the cops they are dead!! Are you kidding me!!! They ere criminals who decided to start a police chase instead of pulling over! These girls were 15 and 16 and had been arrested in total about 30 to forty times! One just got out of juvy the day before!! But it’s the cops fault they are dead!! Give me a break!!!

        • Midknight 2017

          Telling the officer he had a gun could also be seen as a threat to the officer, Let me go or I’ll shoot you

  4. Studies and Observations

    It’s a Political Prosecution….something to appease the masses, nothing more.

  5. robocop33

    Praying that the jury makes the proper decision and comes back with a verdict of justified homicide and allows this veteran Officer to return to duty.

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