Tulsa PD: Murder Charges Filed On Officer Before Investigation Is Completed

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby (Photo) Surrendered on Friday Morning

The lead detective on the Terence Crutcher officer-involved shooting death says he’s still working on his investigation, hours after the Tulsa County district attorney filed a first-degree manslaughter charge against Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby.

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Homicide detective Sgt. Dave Walker told 2 Works for You he expects to finish his report on Friday. He said it’s unusual for the district attorney’s office to file charges without his completed report, and that this is the first time he’s seen it happen.

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  1. Ltpar

    District Attorney is a two bit political hack, looking to gain a few votes in the minority community. If they have a Police Union in Tulsa, they should work to help that clown to become unelected.

  2. Anthony Ferraro

    every officer should quit , walk out of work for a week and then let the animals do what they want for 1 week and so how long it takes for ppl to get it , we need police , or the rioters and looters would run the cities ,

  3. bilgerat57

    Maybe the DA in Tulsa went to the same school as the DA from Baltimore……

  4. laughing tyger

    I tell you what …. if the left-wing-manufactured-outrage-machine focused on and pushed BEAR ATTACKS!!! the way the do officer involved shootings … it would seem like the bears went out of control and need to be stopped. People would be terrified of the bears … bear attacks all over the social media, bear attacks on the TV…. talk of the bear attacks at school….celebrities would make heartfelt PSAs about the bear attacks, corporations would donate millions to organizations fighting the bears and pledge their support…football players would take a stand – I mean knee against the bear attacks and the evil speciesist bears ….

    Just like the police: bears would be vilified, ambushed and killed.


    Here’s where we’re headed:

    More cities will descend into criminal chaos (a number are already there). We will spend more and more on emergency response less and less on schools, roads, health care, research etc … eventually the system will give out. America as we know it is ending.

    We’re broke … 20 trillion in debt…the rule of law being sacrificed, cities ruined.

    Did you know that 1 in 5 kids in Chicago now has to be escorted by the city to school because it is now so dangerous for them? Children … going to school in the morning…. here’s a link to an Economist article about it:


    The leftists won’t be satisfied until we are a third world nation: broke and broken – we already have pockets of the third world but the whole country will go that way.

    We’re watching it happen. We’re presiding over it.

    They didn’t even finish the investigation. Banana Republic time.

    Oh well…at least the rich leftists will be happy. That’s all that matters … right?

  5. John Arnold Sr.

    I think when it comes down to it, the DA is full of crap. It is a political move attempting to quell a riot. Filing before investigation is stupid. If you have not been in that second in time when you have to bet your life on whether or not he is armed, you will never understand what goes on. She did not shoot an unarmed man, she shot a suspect reaching into the left pocket and determined after the fact that he was unarmed.

  6. stop crying

    Did Marilyn Mosby move to Tulsa?

  7. Mike L Hirschfield

    I feel she did something wrong or made a mistake but what there doing is making her an escape goat hiding behind her skirt instead of protecting one of there own ! Perhaps because she’s a female?????????

    • boot879

      I hate it when they make people into escape goats.

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