Marilyn Mosby To Face New Counts Including Malicious Prosecution

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby will face a slew of new counts, including malicious prosecution and false arrest in a lawsuit brought by two Baltimore cops according to the DCNF.

Sgt. Alicia White and Officer William Porter, two officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, filed suit May 2 against Mosby and Maj. Sam Cogen of the Baltimore Sheriff’s office for defamation and invasion of privacy. The suit alleges Mosby and Cogen knew the charges were trumped up, but filed them anyway to quell the riots that had ravaged the city.

Michael Glass, the lawyer for the officers in the suit, said that he plans to amend the lawsuit to include “likely a count of malicious prosecution, false arrest, false imprisonment, violation of the Maryland declaration of rights, article 24 and 26.” He said the they’re currently working on modifying the complaint, and the changes will be official in the next few weeks, likely by the end of June.

“These six officers were essentially sacrificed,” Glass said. “Alicia White, she’s accused of murder, she never touched Mr. Gray.”

The officers argue that during the press conference announcing the charges, Mosby revealed her false motives. Mosby raised eyebrows by appealing to the angry residents of Baltimore, many who had just protested and rioted in the last few days. “I heard your calls for, ‘No Justice, No peace,’” she said. “Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.”

Glass argues that when Mosby used this rhetoric and filed charges to quell the riots, she acted outside of her role as a prosecutor and thus should not be protected by the immunity usually due to the position. He said he believes new facts obtained through the discovery process will reveal damning conversations exposing the motives behind charging the officers.

Banzhaf told TheDCNF the suit may target both Cogen and Mosby to pressure them to give up information about one another. He said the suit could be to get one defendant to turn on the other.

“If enough pressure is put on [Cogen] he may say ‘can we settle mine and I may tell you some conversations I had with Mosby,’” Banzhaf told TheDCNF. “Provided they have a bona fide claim against him, even if they don’t think its strong or if they don’t think they win it, the motivation may be to get him to turn over evidence.”

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  1. Cheryl Gumulauski

    BLM, the political wing of the New Black Panther’s Party needs to be investigated along with the mayor of Baltimore and charged with civil rights violations over burning primarily Asian and white businesses as the NBP stood guard over black businesses.

    The mayor of Baltimore needs to account for why she gave a press conference 24 hours before the riots acknowledging that outside agitators were heading to the city to cause problems and claiming she had backup planned for her police force etc if it happened, which were never called and never materialized during the riots. That mayor needs to explain why she decided to give children, who were primarily African American a day off from school as a “precautionary” measure. Since when does a predominately African American civil rights protest pose a threat to African American children, the same children who after being given the day off of school partook in the riots.

    Every person who suffered property losses in the Ferguson and Baltimore riots needs to sue the mayor of Baltimore over her restraint of the police and indifference to the loss of their property. The Civil Rights Division of the US Justice Department and Erik Holder need to be investigated for their role in creating BLM and activities leading up to the Zimmerman Trial.

    The FBI needs to be investigated for not investigating BLM after one of their three founders traveled to Northern Ireland right before the Baltimore riots, and receive mentoring by two terrorists organizations : the IRA and HAMAS, then came back to the states using their rhetoric and tactics, as well as organizational structure. The FBI needs to answer as the evidence exist to list BLM, and their para-military side kick the New Black Panther Party as a domestic terrorists organization.

  2. deibama

    It’s not her fault. She might have been raised as a democrat, like George C. Wallace.

  3. mcd1948

    And, I’m anxiously awaiting the announcements from the ACLU and the Obama DOJ about the civil/criminal investigations and cases they will be filing against Ms. Mosby for violating the civil liberties of the officers involved. I’m waiting……….waitin…..waiti….wait…..wai…..wa…..w…….lol.

  4. barbeez

    Marilyn Mosby was touted as this hot new up and coming leader….that fizzled out quickly. She needs to hide her head in shame.

  5. wellhungjury

    If any one is looking to end it, climb to the height of Mosby’s ego and leap to the depth of her IQ.

  6. Sheree

    Time for the Black LIES Matter crowd to start paying for their crimes.

  7. Redeemed

    May justice prevail…

  8. Truth Always

    They killed that young man and they all deserve to die. Disgusting filth all of you racist pigs. Hope you all burn in hell. You all disgust me. If there was an angel of death, i’d light a candle so you sick fucks can get yours. I rebuke your hate and I call upon your Lord Satan to come take you all home. Animals.

  9. jamiecgrigg

    Racist Black Bitch!!!

  10. Ethan

    What a bunch of idiots commenting here. “Facing charges”? Really? The officers are butt hurt and suing her. In a country where everyone sues everyone, that means nothing really. The officers were incompetent at best, and murderers at worst. They won’t dare face a jury because they know they’ll get locked up. They’re all getting their cases before a judge who’ll get them off the charges.

  11. jimmbbo

    Sue the affirmative action bimbo for every dime she has for the next fifty years… Her PERSECUTION of those cops was an abomination of the legal system

  12. The D

    This is for you people talking trash about Mrs. Mosby

  13. LD3340

    The potus will set her free. You watch! smh

  14. April✰

    I knew Mrs Mosby would end up being the ONLY person charged. I’m not surprised. The BCPD has been corrupt for as long as I can remember. Sadly, Freddie’s murder has given them the green light. Such a shame.

  15. medusa7ful .

    They should have been charged for murder. They use too much force!

  16. demotropolis

    by these crazy comments, it seems all y’all think any of us who have ever been arrested, charged, and found not guilty should then have the right to sue the prosecutor for having us arrested and prosecuted . can o’ worms …

    freddie gray was killed by the bicycle cops . they did the spinal injury, and every other person involved after did nothing to get him the medical care he needed, and took hours to get him ten minutes from where he was abducted to the jailhouse

    why is it so easy for all of you to gang up on a prosecutor who finally does her job and charges the violent police with the crimes they committed?

  17. John McDonald

    Send the racist bitch to prison for violating the officers civil rights

  18. meinmd

    Bunch of idiots on this site, I see…’s full of racist police officers, of course. fol!!

    • RW5929

      coming from a racist liberal like yourself, means absolutely nothing.

      • meinmd

        LOl!!! The racists are people like you who can’t find a thing that Republicans did for blacks without going back to the 19th century. AL was a republican in the 1800s (19th century). Give us something more recent please…lmbao!!!

  19. Swolavelli

    No business in a position where so often the fate of good & evil men/women rests with her judgement, judgement that is now obviously biased against law enforcement, as she chanted “No justice, No peace” then claimed she was seeking justice for Freddie Grey, I’m sorry but she is only the prosecutor not judge, jury and executioner!…….she should be disbarred, charged, and made example of, Social Justice warriors need stay on YouTube not in our justice system, who has ever seen murder charges brought against an individual in less than 48 hrs, much less 6 police officers, and with all the misconduct, like tampering with evidence n witnesses, not disclosing evidence to the defense, she not only demonstrated poor judgement but she demonstrated an obvious bias against law enforcement, white citizens, and many many character flaws

  20. Old School Hand

    Make it hurt . . . . . . .ALOT
    Then go after Jesse an AL,they have some licks coming too

  21. Karen Langlois

    Its going to be very hard to get past that hurdle of prosecutorial immunity. And while they can hope to get that proof in the discovery process, Mosely will do everything she can tp not produce any incriminating documents.

  22. Brash101

    This is what happens when someone who couldn’t win a Red Light summons in a traffic court gets elected as Baltimore State’s Attorney

  23. TJ

    I must be getting old. I remember a time where the police and prosecutors were on the same side of the law.

  24. slavebane

    Finally! As for ALL our corrupt EMPLOYEES … can we hang them all NOW?

  25. nativeamerican

    Hang the Obama beach

  26. Jackie Gallino

    Wow what a fucking backwoods nigger cunt throw this bitch in jail

  27. Catalacjack

    The question I have, Was anyone charged with the riots, or damage from the riots? There is plenty of evidence on video of people calling for rioting, so each one of them can be charged with inciting riots, each person that is seen looting on video can be charged, those who committed destruction to any property should be charged.

  28. Brad Benson

    That should help her husbands mayoral ambitions.

  29. MIKE B.

    What about the 6.4 million given to his family, Shouldn’t they have to return every cent.

  30. barry1817

    and who was it that approved a $6 million settlement to this POS.

  31. barry1817

    good for these officers for fighting back and I hope they get compensation and punishment of this disgrace similar to, if not more than the Duke lacrosse team.

    And remember it is lawyers like this POS that ruin it for the .01% of good lawyers

  32. TRE

    a total black PRIVILEGED racist kunt that thinks she can make the law as she sees fit…she’s just a “glorified sister with an attitude welfare queen” no different than the POS that tore up a Burger King because she didn’t get her way…u just can’t make this shiittte up

    • meinmd

      The cunt is you, you white racist bitch. Don’t care if you are a man, you are still a cunt bitch.

  33. Vunderkint

    First to squeal gets the deal!

  34. Rick McCall

    Remember 2008, before Obama took race relations back to the 1930’s?

    • donovan67

      You mean the day racist woke up from their sleeping slumber? They only went in the rabbit hole for a while after the civil rights act. Racist never disappeared…where do you think all the KKK men and women and their children went? They wer sitting right next to black classmates and black co -workers silently waiting to return. And a mixed raced POTUS was too much for them to handle. With the help of an ignorant group of old white phedophiles, drunks and rapist in Congress brought racist and there murderous brethern…Mass Shooters….Lone Wolves out of the woodwork. You’re racist crackpot who proabaly continues to vote for the very folks that work against you. Your the one’s who should be sent back to whence you come from. Your the terrorist shooting up schools, movie theaters and killing people at in public because your losing power.

      • Dakem Roberts

        I see that we must play closer attention to white public opinion if this is an expression of how they view!

      • Catalacjack

        I am sorry sir but in my 59 years some of the biggest racists I met were of slightly darker persuasion. I didn’t come up with the term,” Light bright, and damn near white”. It’s not the republicans you see out there protesting at Trump rallies, taking paychecks from Soros, The DNC, or the Clinton Foundation. It wasn’t whites you saw destroying Baltimore, or Ferguson. If you knew your history you would know it was a Republican President Lincoln and white Northerners that fought to end slavery. It was the Democrats who donned those sheets and burned crosses, while northern white Republicans came south and marched at Selma. Margaret Sanger was a democrat and is the one who wanted to exterminate the black race, and Hillary says she admires Margaret and wants to help continue her work. You fight so that whites do not see all blacks as the same yet you paint all whites with the same democratic BS. I worked many years with people of all ethnicities, and all nationalities, and all I ask is obey the laws and we will be the best of friends.

        • meinmd

          BS.. just listen to your friends…

  35. moderatethis

    Time for liberals to learn they are subject to our laws as well. Even if they hold govt positions.

    • donovan67

      Does the same hold true for conservatives The pedophiles, and the white collar criminals that ripped our economy apart?

      • hero37

        How much better off are you with Obama? How much better off are you now that we have a president that pats your back and says, “it’s not your fault”? You’re not better off at all, you know why? Because the majority of the problems in the black community are their fault! White people don’t make men have 5 kids with 6 different baby mama’s and then go to prison for selling drugs, leaving their children fatherless. White people can’t control that the black community thinks school is for “sell outs” and drop out after the 8th grade. It is time the black community takes responsibility for their communities and stop making excuses. Asians, people from the middle east and India are ALL minorities and they make more money than white people! Explain that! I can, they have a MUCH better family structure than the black community has.

      • moderatethis

        pedophiles are largely in the lgbt and teachers union so yes anyone who breaks the law should be SEVERLY punished

        • colorowdy

          Yes Pedophiles should be punished BUT they are NOT in the LBGT and teachers unions….No No No .where do you live? The last Five that I read about came from CHURCHES even locally yesterday a pastor was arrested for molesting a 13 yr old girl. In Arkansas the church hired a known pedophile to be a summer camp director and he molested 4 kids…you are wrong wrong wrong the churches harbor pedophiles…the catholic church is the biggest offender.

          • Catalacjack

            And don’t forget all the teachers in school.

          • colorowdy

            Doubtful there are as many as what are in Conservative Christian Groups The church going “christian” types seem to be worst and most often pedophile ofenders. Read it everyday in the news.

          • Susan Svensk

            Pedophiles occur at relatively the same rate across all social strata with the excpetion of women. So let’s stop pointing the finger about this. There are as many in the church as there are in schools, etc. This deviancy does not discriminate, where there is access to children you will find pedophiles close by.

          • colorowdy

            uummmm sorry but the Catholic Church has not dealt with it’s embedded pedophile problem – it is massive and in the public eye – so you are saying don’t point fingers but I say get the root of the problem no matter where it starts. I see and read more about pedophile’s in Churches – Rapes on college campuses is a real problem as well. So no I do not agree that is occurs “relatively” that same across the board. The culture of the church has allowed the pedophile’s to grow. When a church sponsored camp hires a young man to be a camp counsler and does not background check him that is on the church not the victim’s of the churches lack of duty.
            The church then tries to sue the girls that brought the counsler to justice saying the girls are hurting the churches good name. That is fucked up. Bottom Line: LBGTQ are not pedophile’s NOR is that sector of our society a breeding ground for it! Period!

      • Redeemed

        Yes, it should….by the way.

  36. moderatethis

    She got caught witholding evidence from the defense. Shes done. She should have joined the looters cause shes gonna be out of a job.

    • Oingo Boingo

      The straightened head fur lawyuh beeyotch will probably get the same deal that Big Mikey Da Tranny got;
      To escape prosecution and involuntary disbarment, surrender your Law License.
      btw, Obongo NEVER had a Law License and was NEVER admitted to The Bar ANYWHERE.
      The cokehead Commie poofter pervert LIED on his Bar Exam application and got CAUGHT IN THE LIE.
      BOOM !
      NO test.
      NO admission.
      The chicken bones freak, illegitimate pretender is only a “Constitutional Scholar” because Zio Media describes the scumbag as such.
      Preznit Fly Attractant only studied The Constitution so he could undermine and over throw it.
      A noose is too good for Da Commie In Chief.

  37. Oingo Boingo

    If removal from Office, disbarment and civil liability was good enough for the prosecutor in the politically motivated, ginned up Duke Rape Case, it’s good enough for the underqualified political hack, Race Hustler Mosby…that among other transgressions was trying to pave the way for her politically ambitious husband in the field of Racial Identity Politics, that shamefully works so well for the perpetrators, Nationwide.


    She is being coached by the Rainbow House. (Valerie J.)

  39. Triggerpuller

    HAHA this is so good to see. I am so tired of public servants abusing their power. If she has conducted an exhaustive investigation and found that the cops were in the wrong fine go for it but this as obviously a politically motivated move and that does not equal justice.

  40. William Stahl

    I would say poetic justice. Lets hope she is indicted, convicted and put behind bars for many years…..and here’s hoping she gets raped daily by the prison guards.

    • Triggerpuller

      While I agree that I hope she is indicted and convicted I think it is more than a bit over the top and drastically sick to hope she gets raped. Why does there always have to be one moron that goes to far and ends up making people on the side of right look like a bunch of wackbags? Raped daily? Really?

      • Tbart

        This black racist would have you hanged and fed to the hogs if she had her way.

  41. BlackSix

    May I suggest the addition of Lynching, and or attempting to Lynch the officers also. She is the one that made it racial, so she should face the hate charge also.

    • Triggerpuller

      Excellent point regarding the hate charge. I think what she did is as clear cut a hate crime as any I have seen brought before the courts.

    • medusa7ful .

      She did her job. The cops murdered a man.

      • Rich Bawol

        I don’t know what Planet you’ve been living on but those Officers did not murder that man. If he had sat in his seat like he was supposed to do, he’d probably be alive today! It was his own fault. What she tried to do was appease the public instead of following the letter of the Law!

        • donovan67

          How can a man handcuffed from behind sit like he is supposed too sit? I’ll wait for your response.

          • PatentAgent

            Yeah, you pretty much have to wait for his response. That’s the way the internet works. You don’t have to tell the other you are waiting, everyone just knows about that.

          • hero37

            I can GUARANTEE that if the guy was white, or all of the officers were black, you wouldn’t give a flying f*ck about this. But since this is one example of a black guy dying where another black killed didn’t him, you are all interested in it. This is why the black community will stay at the level they are now. They only care about things where they can blame other people, they never want to take responsibility for their own actions. But I couldn’t care less either way, it’s your community that is is dragging itself down, not mine.

          • Terry Charboneau Thompson

            Put your hands behind your back, and sit down. That was pretty simple, huh? I’ll wait!!

          • jamiecgrigg

            Yeah im sure he is the very first person that has ever been made to do that…lmfao…

          • jamiecgrigg

            Others in the van did…they didnt try to hurt themselves like the other moron did.

          • Redeemed

            The judge found the officers not to be culpable. It’s called justice. Learn it.

          • Catalacjack

            Check Cops on tv they do it all the time. Check Youtube, again people placed in th back of a police car while in handcuffs. So there is your response the waiting is over.

          • Holly

            Its pretty simple actually! People do it all the time in police cars and live. IF you were paying attention you will remember another man who was arrested and also in the van whom stated that Gray was acting like a nut banging his head on the wall of the van etc. This woman was way way out of line from the beginning with her charges. They were so far fetched that NO ONE would convict them of any of them. Its difficult to convict someone of murder when there was NO intent. Further “brave heart murder” really? That charge alone threw so many red flags her way it wasn’t even funny. Sadly she piled on all these charges and her city still burnt to the ground. What good did it do other than start the beginning of ruining her own career? This entire city needs new leadership.

          • catalacjack

            Everyday police officers handcuff people behind their back and have them sit in the back of their cruiser. Sitting with your hands behind your back is not that difficult.

        • Redeemed

          You’re speaking to an ideological pinhead…save your breath. 😉

        • Sheree

          Grey had just been released from the hospital after surgery with instructions to stay at home and rest…for several weeks…until he healed. But nooooo, he had to get out there and get him some action. Action is what he got.

        • medusa7ful .

          Cops who murder on rhe streets n poo t allowing a person to have a fair trial is no different. Murderers. If you have son or spouse brutally killimg people without just cause os a savage murderer.

      • James Robinson

        Sorry, the Judge with all those college and law school degrees apparently disagrees with you.

        • medusa7ful .

          What good is knowledge when one lacks the wisdom to use it properly.

          • James Robinson

            Excellent post. It applies to you and most of those who disagree with the Judge. Really surprised you would be willing to do a self searching and reflective evaluation of yourself.

  42. renn mouse

    One more Racist outed

    • donovan67

      I actually agree with your meme. I will be so happy the day we are anle to overthrow you racist pigs.

      • hero37

        You WILL NEVER BE able to over throw us lol, you can’t even over throw the Crips, how in the hell can you over throw a culture that has put men on the moon? Black people blame white people for “making blacks sell drugs, making blacks kill each other”, that means you are just puppets waiting for our commands. You think it is bad here, laughable, have you ever talked to someone from Africa? They will tell you that they are SO lucky to be here because the people in Africa are not only barbaric, they are also LITERALLY mentally retarded. That’s right, the average IQ of Sub Saharan Africa is 68! A population of retarded people. Good luck over throwing us by the way, we aren’t worried

      • meinmd

        Delusional, you and renn mouse…lmao!!

  43. Johnny_Buffalo

    Paybacks a bitch. #Karma always gets you. Was it worth the 15 minutes fame and the burning, beating and lying?

  44. Hugh Billeaud III

    Hang Marilyn High!

  45. Timothy J. Williams

    Send her to prison, before Hillary appoints her to the Supreme Court.

    • Katrina

      They should be cell mates.

  46. Robert H Cooper

    She is a disgrace to both the City of Baltimore and the legal profession in the manner and demeanor she has handled this whole situation. First she did not act in an impartial manner when before the investigation was concluded, she took to a news conference and declared her one sided attitude about the whole incident. “I hear your calls No Justice, No Peace ” Clearly a partisan position. Directly followed by a shame of an investigation, outside of normal channels, and way to early in relationship to the incident. The timing of the charges were designed to appease the law breakers who had rioted, looted, and burned the city. If the powers that be in Baltimore government will not do anything, then the Gov. needs to step in and have a look at her wrong doing and possible criminal behavior. Her with holding of evidence and physical reporting from her own PD further demonstrates her dishonesty and disregard for proper procedures and methods. She has shown both her dishonesty and lack of professional ethics and procedures to further her personal political agenda. An agenda which is in total conflict with her position and authority.

  47. Steven

    Good – burn her career to the ground. She wasn’t on the side of “justice”, but playing the to crowd, encouraging violence, and pandering to the worst racist elements within her “community”.

    • Timothy J. Williams

      She learned this behavior from the Panderer-in-Chief.

      • meinmd

        LOL!!! Obama panders to no one and that’s what you can’t stand.

    • southernyankee05 .


      • wrestler79

        I am sure she can get a shot in porn…no pun intended.

        • BuccaBiscuit

          Something tells me she would fuck up a blow job . . . . .

          • Mike

            Something tells me your mother did

      • meinmd

        LOL..too bad for you and the other idiots commenting..Cry for Corey because she actually lost her job, the racist.

    • William Matthes

      Good, she is a disgrace to the criminal-justice system as is Loretta Lynch and Jeh Johnson.

    • meinmd

      Funny how the real racist, Angela Corey, (DA-FL) lost her job and Mosby didn’t and will not. Mosby’s career is fine. CTFU!!

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