DOJ Phasing Out The Word “Criminal”

The Department Of Justice has been phasing out the use of the word “criminal” to describe criminals. On the DOJ website the newer term, “justice-involved individual,” can be traced back to 2009. However, the term has seen more and more daylight over the last couple of years.

This is from a DOJ release on April 25:

In an effort to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced $1.75 million for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and nonprofit legal service organizations to address the challenges justice-involved individuals face when trying to find work and a place to call home.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated:

The future of our nation depends upon the future of our young people – including young people who have become involved with our justice system. By helping justice-involved youth find decent jobs and stable housing after they return home, these critical grants provide a foundation for a fresh start and offer a path towards productivity and purpose.  In the months ahead, the Department of Justice will continue helping justice-involved youth enrich their lives and improve our country.

Instead of AG Lynch saying that youths have broken the law, she uses the phrase, “young people who have become involved with our justice system.”

This directive coincides with President Obama’s repeated loosening of the reigns concerning convicts. Just recently, the President changed the term “solitary confinement” to “restrictive housing” when he directed “the heads of executive departments and agencies” to limit the use of the practice.


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  1. Jeanette Wells

    Phase out the word “criminal?” This is going too far. I hope the powers that be do NOT accept the change to be “justice-involved individual!” It STILL means criminal. This is ridiculous.

  2. stymie73

    My Dad always said, “You can’t polish a turd”. But, these liberal fools are trying to do just that.

  3. Lynn B

    with all the things that need to be done the DOJ has WASTED Time & Money on this ??? They should all be fired !!!!! if the sob’s did the crime they ARE CRIMINALS !!!! so lets all just make it so much easier for these CRIMINALS to keep doing what they are doing and then make sure they get all the benefits that people who FOLLOW the LAW are entitled too



  5. Rocketboy1313

    Eternal social stigma leads to high rates of recidivism. If you believe that someone has served their time or reformed, labeling them a criminal might keep them from every being a productive law abiding citizen again.

    Constantly reforming the legal jargon is not the answer, but there should probably be a middle ground.

  6. gramdaisy

    They don’t realize most business owners are not stupid like government workers or media. They will be able to figure out just what “Justice involved individuals” or whatever they call them are just common criminals.

  7. nampilot68

    Well, I guess if there are no longer any criminals, there must no longer be any laws to break. Time to go in and clean up Washington, by whatever means available.

  8. Jim Collins

    What will they call the criminal code? The federal no no list?

  9. MikeMarkCA

    I have always known liberals were soft on crime, knew that they saw criminals as victims of society, but the Obama admin has taken thei liberal bullshit to a whole new level. The liberal nirvana is upon us.

  10. OrtChu

    Loretta Lynch is an idiot, another inept, incompetent moron that obozo has appointed.

  11. Julian B Duron

    Criminals in the Obama Administration are so THIN SKINNED! Hurting their feelings and ALL knowing they are CRIMINALS!

  12. sparkleplenty27

    It is now official – there is not a COLLECTIVE IQ of 120 by combining the entire Administration – saddest collection of morons, idiots, goons and jerks ever assembled! 2016 can’t end soon enough and God help the nation if hillary survives all her criminal investigations and soros manages to rig the voter machines in her favor (he owns the companies that make them)! IF SO, I am betting a mass exodus from the US to areas of the world that are not quite so insane or destined to destruction!

  13. Wolfhoundcop

    God help us, we employ these folks to come up with this crap. And the “CRIMINALS” get grants…lol What about the kids that play by the rules, they get squat. So I guess it does PAY to be a CRIMINAL…oh I mean “justice-involved individual”. Sad real sad.

  14. Mike Bulin

    The word criminal is offensive to politicians.

    • plumberskid

      Only to the liberal ones.

  15. Dolph

    Why not just phase out freedom, rights, self defense, justice, integrity…damn people how do they get where they are and how we rid ourselves of them.

  16. Dusty Koellhoffer

    This is what happens when you elect criminals to run the government.

    Conservatives who believe they are too good for Trump

    Is Trump true or is he false?

    The morality of choosing not to support Trump

    Choosing not to choose – #NeverTrump vs. #NeverHillary

  17. Dennis

    So we no longer have a Global War on Terror; it is an “Overseas Contingency Operation”. Islamic Terrorists are now “Violent Extremists”. Juvenile Delinquents are “Justice-Involved Youths.” Seriously? How about we call politicians and bureaucrats “Governmental Dirt Bags”?

    • plumberskid

      Once all distinction between criminals (bad) and law-abiding citizens (good) has been erased, we will no longer be a nation of laws. That is the last step in their quest to destroy America. Anarchy.

      • Dennis

        Well said! And if they are no longer “criminal” then they can vote! (Democratic votes of course).

  18. jim beck

    Maybe call them a thug with no moral compass? Or how about “hands up, all we wants ta du is loot.”

    • Dick_Gosinya

      Or a dedicated Democratic party member

  19. Lori Silverstein

    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

    • cowcharge

      A thug by any other name would still smell like sh!t.

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