Clock Boy Lawsuit Dismissed

The President of the United States praised him and groups claimed that he was being discriminated against but in the end, the school and the cops were doing their job and U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay agreed by dismissing the lawsuit of Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed.  The lawsuit was brought against the Irving Independent School District after he was wrongfully arrested for bringing a device to school that resembled a bomb.

The device at issue was a homemade clock, not a bomb. As Mohamed is a Muslim and the son of Sudanese immigrants, the incident was widely attributed to ethnic and religious stereotyping, prompting the lawsuit.

Mohamed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, filed the complaint on his son’s behalf in Aug. 2016. The suit alleged that the school district discriminated against Ahmed on the basis of race and religion, in keeping with a long history of bigotry in the Irving schools. It also claimed his Fourth Amendment rights were infringed when authorities questioned him for over an hour and a half without his parents.

In turn, the city of Irving said administrators acted legitimately to ensure school safety, even if they were mistaken.

 Mohamed’s device included batteries, a printed circuit board, wires, a transformer, a timing display panel, and an alarm bell. On the day of the incident, two teachers advised him to keep the mechanism hidden before he was summoned to the school principal. He was arrested but the charges against him were dropped in short order. The school district assessed a three-day suspension against him.
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