Al Sharpton Wants Tulsa Cops Arrested For Saying ‘Bad Dude’ From Helicopter

The New York Daily News reports that the officer who killed an unarmed black man in Tulsa isn’t the only one who should face charges, according to Rev. Al Sharpton, who has referred to white people as “crackers”, Hasidic Jews as “diamond merchants” and gay men as “homos”.

Addressing the death of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher, Sharpton blasted cops who were overheard saying the father of four looked like a “bad dude” before he was fatally shot by Officer Betty Shelby.

“One of the things I want to raise Tuesday in Tulsa is what about the other police that were at the scene?” an incredulous Sharpton asked at his National Action Network’s Harlem headquarters. “What about the police in the helicopter? Do they face criminal or disciplinary action?”

Shelby was charged Thursday with manslaughter after shooting Crutcher once in the chest.

Sharpton is scheduled to visit Tulsa on Tuesday.

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  1. hideho

    I thought ” bad dude ” was a compliment.

  2. Donald Jo

    wow is that a crime now using words like “bad dude” Al i hope you know how to read…i would have referred to him as a fucking scumbag

  3. Kathy Bamert

    Sharpton has lost his hateful, racist, bigoted mind!

  4. Chas

    When his time comes the world will be well rid of him. He has the gall to even use the word racist. He is the biggest and most ignorant of them all. And I hope that prosecutor ends up just like her!his counterpart in Baltimore.

    • Friend Of St. Frank

      I live in Oklahoma (Oklahoma Choctaw for land of the red people). Cherokee, Osage, Delaware, Creek, Pottawatomie, each county named for the Indian nation whose reservation makes up the county. End of the trail of tears. This is the only state in the entire country that has the history of the Indian Nations taught as a requirement in schools, where anyone can take a course in the Cherokee or Choctaw or other native languages while in junior high or high school. The state that did away with affirmative action years ago because too many minorities would have to be fired. I live outside of Skiatook (which most people can’t even pronounce as it is a Indian Nation Name).

      So, here is the deal, hon. Al Sharpton came, he saw, he left. No money in Oklahoma to be made for him. No riots to lead-nothing. The family declared that Tulsa (another Native American word) could show the country how to heal and how to do it right. So, Sharpton was here for one day and hundreds of people came out from a town of 340,000. Not much, huh? He is in the center of the Indian Nations and he hasn’t got a clue how the Indian Nations operate and neither do you.

      Now, as regards the officer who shot the man. This is not her first time going into a situation with her finger on the trigger of a gun, ready to shot at will. Only the two previous times she pulled this in her 5 years on the force where she was disciplined was with white people. So, I wouldn’t be taking her side as you have no clue about what really happened. Just swallowing whatever you heard.

      Yep, Sharpton was in Tulsa for a few hours yesterday. There was another ‘all lives matter group’ there also. They all prayed together despite Sharpton’s concerns. He came, he marched, and then the black leaders in Tulsa told him to get the h- out of our state. The End.There were no riots, no looting, no burning, no police escorts. Nothing. Nothing in Oklahoma for the likes of Al Sharpot. Several of us were laughing hysterically about it this morning. No money, no profit, no race riots, nothing. Al Sharpton doesn’t understand the state who is home to almost all the Indian nations.

      By the way, abortions are illegal among the Indian Nations. Gay marriage is illegal among the Indian Nations. Illegal aliens are not welcome among the Indian Nations. When a Cherokee leader was asked what the Indian Nations would do if the supreme court made gay marriage the ‘law of the land’, he said nothing. Each Indian Nation is a sovereign nation in the nation. Neither Obama, DOJ, the supreme court (which the Cherokees have a particular beef with) or Al Sharpton can tell the Indian Nations what they have to do, what laws they are allowed to have.

      And there have been other incidents of police violence against people. Always handled quickly and quietly. No fanfare. Nothing.

      You remember when Obama was soooooo concerned about the confederate flag and how it should be banned? Yep, he came to Oklahoma and was met by a group of hundreds waving the confederate flag. The race of these horrible people? They were black, of course.

      In both his bids for presidency, Obama did not win in a single county in Oklahoma. Not one. Regardless of the race of people in Oklahoma, we think ‘city-slickers’ speak with a forked tongue. So, Obama did not win a single county in Oklahoma. Not only are our people red-skinned, the state is about as red politically as you can get. The Indian Nations are very conservative-very conservative.

      So, there you have it. Al Sharpton came to Oklahoma, he saw, he spoke, and he left scratching his head and shaking it. No money or race-riots or grand stands to be made here. He doesn’t understand the ‘land of the red people’ and he never will.

  5. spike

    He started his rise in infamy with a big and very damaging lie – and he hasn’t risen above that. He races from crises to crises not caring about what the truth was or whose lives he continues to destroy in order to “feather his own nest”. It is all about the keeping the money flowing in his coffers!!

  6. Mark Gantz

    This SOB better start looking for a house in Canada , January is coming !

  7. CarolinaCries

    When will the IRS put this race baiter in jail? He owes millions in taxes. He’s made himself a fortune off the backs of poor blacks. He does nothing to help, just shows up for photo op and to race bait, then returns to his expensive NY digs.

    • phonograf

      As I understand it his tax bill has been forgiven. Courtesy of Chairman 0.

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