Violence Erupts In Cities On Martin Luther King Day

Photo Courtesy:  WSVN, Miami

In an ironic tragedy, several cities saw violence erupt during and around Martin Luther King Events on Monday.

In Tulsa (OK), where one of the largest MLK Parades is conducted, the city woke up to a triple homicide and another homicide early Monday morning.

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The target of the attack appeared to be 28-year-old Thomas Brown who had a history of drug and firearm convictions.  His mother, 52-year-old Cara Brown and a friend were also killed.

In Miami (FL) in a park bearing the name of the Civil Rights Icon, 8 people were shot Monday afternoon with ages ranging from 14 to 20.  One 20 year old man is in critical condition.

Weekend shootings are nothing new in Chicago but this weekend saw 10 murders along with another 29 people shot.

Fort Worth Police are investigating a double shooting that occurred Monday night in the southeast part of the city.  One person died in that incident.

Houston saw four people shot including a 13 year old girl on a shooting that happened on Martin Luther King Street at approximately 6:30 pm on Monday.

Downtown Jacksonville (FL) saw a shooting death of a 16 year old and the injury of another teen at 4 pm on Monday.

The violence is a stark reminder of the issues that plague the country and specifically in minority communities.  Departments across the country participated in MLK Events and many expressed to us frustration that the violence in the minority communities are not being addressed at all by community leaders.

One police officer who asked to remain anonymous said that “all I keep hearing is how bad the police are and how we are brutalizing blacks and all the while I’m thinking to myself we seem to be the only ones that care about these dead teenagers.”



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