Homicide Sergeant Responds After Crutcher Family Calls For His Firing

On Thursday, Terrence Crutcher’s twin sister, Dr. Tiffany Crutcher, called for Tulsa Police Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker’s termination and alleged there is corruption in the police department.

Walker testified in the Officer Betty Shelby manslaughter trial that he was “angry” and “disrespected” when charges were filed against Shelby without his knowledge or before his investigation was complete.  He was called by Shelby’s defense team and said that he would not have recommended criminal charges if he was asked.

Shelby was acquitted Wednesday night.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Dave Walker responded to criticisms Thursday in a press conference.

Saying he is tired of getting kicked around and it is time to respond, he said that allegations of a cover-up are false, plain and simple.

Saying he agreed to the Crutcher Family’s demand for police reform, he stated that “we have to get better at dealing with drug addicted folks. So when those people are doing something bad, they call us.  Mr. Crutcher is a PCP addict.  The family knows that.”

The family of Terrence Crutcher did not mention drug reform in their comments.

“I will vehemently disagree that we covered up anything,” said Walker.

Crutcher’s family has alleged Walker and other homicide investigators gave Officer Betty Shelby special treatment in the wake of Crutcher’s shooting, allowing Shelby to review police video before she made her statement days later.

Walker said that department policy dictates that all officers involved in critical incidents be allowed to review police video. He said policy dictates his job, whether he agrees or not.

“We are the best at investigating homicides, whether it’s our own or not,” said Walker.

Questioned on whether Tulsa Police should be handling police shootings, Walker replied that if someone else wanted to show up in the middle of the night, then so be it.  “Not one of us would put a big old fight if you want it,” Walker told reporters.

Regardless of who investigates, “it don’t change the facts,” he told to several reporters in front of the main station.

The lead homicide investigator for the Tulsa Police Department said the investigation should not be what the Crutcher family and others are attacking in this case.

“I said that night it was unwinnable,” said Walker. “Twelve to nothing, the DA got run ruled.”


Walker says despite tension with the district attorney’s office throughout the case, they will continue working together as there are still bad guys who need to be prosecuted.

KTUL reports that District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler released a statement shortly after Walker’s news conference, saying he has great respect for the work the homicide department does.

Today my office was informed of statements made by the family of Terence Crutcher and their attorneys that were attributed to the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office. While my prayers continue to be with the Crutcher family, I feel the need to set the record straight regarding issues they raised today:

1. I have great respect for the work of Sgt. Dave Walker. I have for many years and I still do. He has done an exemplary job for 35 years as a Tulsa police officer, and currently leads a homicide unit with one of the highest solve rates in the nation. Sgt. Walker and his team work tirelessly for our city and our community, and he is well qualified to continue in his present job. I adamantly disagree with any call for his resignation.

2. It is absolutely false to assert that the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office believes that there is corruption within the Tulsa Police Department. Throughout the trial, no representative of my office ever called the Tulsa Police Department or any of its officers “corrupt.” No representative of my office ever implied that anyone besides the Defendant had committed any illegal act.

3. During the recent trial of Officer Betty Shelby, all of the evidence that was proper for the jury to consider was presented in open court. The trial was covered by a number of local and national media outlets, and citizens were present in court on a daily basis to observe the proceedings.

We prosecuted this case as we do every other case – by pointing out discrepancies in the facts, testimony and investigation. Those issues are proper for a jury to consider in any case, and have nothing to do with my opinions about the Tulsa Police Department or its officers.


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  1. Joe Mclamb

    So sick of the idiot families of felons. Law Enforcement should start using the courts in their favor and sue the pants off of em for slander and libel. Hit them where it hurts and take away a large chunk of those insurance settlements they’re sure to rip off from the departments’ insurance carriers.

  2. Charles


    • Joe Mclamb

      Yeah, because someone yelling “White Power!” wouldn’t be racist at all.

  3. Eric

    The police departments all across ameriKKKa are full of White supremacist and Race soldiers as reported by the FBI, so stop pretending that you are heroes.

    • Dyrewulf

      Then you need to pack up and go to a country you are happy with.

      • Joe Mclamb

        I hear Liberia is a great country founded by repatriated freed slaves…

  4. Andy

    Time to move on folks. The office was acquitted by a jury of her peers.

  5. Katrina

    I listened to the press conference from the Cutcher family and attorneys. They made it clear that they all feel they are “victims” The sister stated she couldn’t sleep all night because she was harassed on social media. Sad that people would do that, but why didn’t she turn it off? Did she enjoy playing victim? The main theme seemed that Tulsa “owed” the family money — a LOT of money. (from one of the attorneys, who would, no doubt take a LOT of money for himself)
    I sincerely hope that Tulsa doesn’t roll over to paying a settlement to the family of a criminal to “keep the community peaceful”. It is Blackmail, pure and simple.
    The sister also is recruiting people to share negative information with her about Betty Shelby. Some that she shared on the air sounds suspect. Could this be libel or slander if not true? They are going after Betty and also Sgt. Walker. I had sympathy for this family on the loss of Mr. Crutcher. I am now disgusted with them and their money hungry attorneys.

  6. Dapandico

    Tulsa stopped #Live PD from filming. Locals were afraid to leave their houses

    • conrad b

      Especially without their drivers licenses and Identification that they by law are supposed to have, but never seem to have on them. …lol

  7. thebeeishorrid

    Steve Kunzweiler is a scumbag. He proved it in this case.

  8. LegalBeagle

    The criminally feral and their (in this case, surviving) apologists simply refuse to accept the law and the facts. Period. If there is any justice and integrity in this, Officer Shelby got her equipment, ID, and back pay within no more than hour of the verdict. If she didn’t, I hope she sues the city and its executive level “leaders” into bankruptcy and that they are forced to spend the rest of their miserable lives living under bridges.

    Speaking as a long time prosecutor with both criminal and (government) civil experience, I am appalled by the actions of Kunzweiler (I will refrain). He is a disgrace to the Bar, a disgrace to prosecution in the tradition of Mosby and Nifong, and a disgrace to public service of any type. He is not of my tribe.

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