An Honest Discussion About Race

We continually hear the call for an honest discussion about race but there is no way that some will let that happen.  To have an honest discussion will put the responsibility for bad behavior, poor results and the responsibility to make changes in the hands of those who use all the excuses to keep the power from the very hands of those who are supposed to be oppressed.  God forbid we should ever empower a group of people to shake off excuses and put on responsibility.

For those who have done so are now enjoying life and the freedom to be free of a lie.

I was a DARE officer in the 80’s and one of the most important lessons taught was about rights and responsibilities.  Today we hear about the rights of people but in that lesson, we spoke how if you have a right to anything then you have the responsibility to make sure others also have that right.  Those who have learned more about responsibility than rights are empowered to live as free people, those who emphasize their rights are in the ruts of selfishness.  We live in a great country and our rights are important but not more important that the responsibility to be good citizens and live for truth.  In the Biblical story about the adulteress woman, Jesus is asked to make a judgment call about the law.  Jesus stoops to write in the dirt something that is left to speculation but drives all the accusers away and leaves no one to throw the stones.  The point to the message in the sand is that hypocrisy in judging others is wrong.  Jesus goes on a few sentences later to in John 8:32 to speak of truth in this way, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

There is no doubt that there was terrible discrimination in this country in the past.  There is also no doubt that the truth about racial problems in this country today have more to do with the values of the people who cry “Racism” than they do about discrimination.  The rate of children in fatherless homes is devastating and even more so in the black community.  Raising young men to be responsible men is incredibly hard without a good man to do so.

The amount of crime committed by black males is such a statistical bias that it is almost without comprehension.

Black males commit more than half the murders in the country and only represent about 6 percent of the population.  They represent a disproportionate number in almost every crime category statistic published by the Department of Justice.   This has nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with values.  Values that are learned either by terrible fathers or more probably because they lack a father or father figure.  The cry of discrimination leads to a victim mentality among many and certainly one that is ingrained so much that they believe that they are being discriminated against.  Can’t find a job because you don’t have the skills to be reliable, kind, hard working and honest blame it on discrimination not values.  Arrested for robbery, theft or murder blame it on discrimination.  But how does this discrimination cry correspond to so many other black Americans who are able to live good, productive lives without the fear of discrimination.  Those who have succeeded in their communities, jobs and families.  It is an observation that black homes that have both a mother and father seem to have produced good children that don’t show up on the arrest blotters in police stations across the country.

The truth is that race seems to matter only to those who continue to seek volunteers for victim status and that only because it gives control to those who seek power.  Today blacks and whites in non-segregated society function without recognition of race.  Mixed relationships carry no stigma; all races engage in commerce without malice and people of every creed, color and race live in neighborhoods in harmony when they respect one another.  Where the problems exist are where people have values that differ from those who respect one another, take responsibility for their actions and see themselves as victims of society.

If we want to have an honest discussion about race let’s look at facts that include where crime exists, who commit those crimes and the real causes of these issues.  Fatherlessness, values, lack of responsibility and respect for self and others are real issues that can be changed but only when we focus on the real issues in many areas of the black community.  These same issues are spreading to all areas of our society and we need to take a serious look to fix them, but we need to identify them as real problems first.  When we know these issues as the truth and see them for what they are, the truth shall set us free.

Be safe.

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