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The LaserLyte Sub-compact V2 is a new subcompact laser sighting system designed to be adaptable to a number of shooting platforms. LaserLyte has been involved in laser sighting systems for firearms since the mid 1990s. Since that time, the Cottonwood, Ariz.,-based company has developed a full line of laser products for both bore sighting and tactical applications.

The V2 is the latest in its line-up and is 25 percent smaller than the previous model. You can mount the V2 on virtually any rifle or handgun that has either a lower rail or picatinny-style mounts. It will even fit subcompact auto pistols with barrels as short as 3 inches.

The laser is activated by a small switch located at the rear of the unit, making it well within reach of support-hand fingers when gripping the pistol. The laser is a class III, 5mW unit that projects a 650-nm wavelength red pulse that can reach 500 meters at night.

The V2 is powered by three small batteries that can provide 1.5 hours of constant-on use. The unit weighs a scant .8 oz. and measures a mere .75″ long without the lower picatinny rail mounted (it’s 1 inch with).

The V2’s body is constructed of T6 aluminum and attaches to the lower rail of an auto pistol or picatinny rail through an integrated cross-lock bar and hinge-clamp system you tighten with a flathead screwdriver. This allows the unit to be quickly removed or attached. The XD-40 V2 also has the ability to attach a small picatinny-style rail to its underside, allowing for tactical lights to be mounted. Overall, it’s a tight little package that seems to pack a good wallop.

LaserLyte sent me a XD-40 V2 for evaluation. The laser came ready-to-go with pre-loaded batteries. The package also included spare batteries, the small picatinny rail for underside mounting, screws for mounting the rail and two appropriately-sized allen wrenches. The first wrench was for mounting the rail, and the second allowed windage and elevation adjustments once mounted. The subject weapon was my Glock 23, which features a lower rail that has a notch in it that allowed me to mount the V2 in about 20 seconds.

Using the rear-mounted activation switch takes some getting used to, but it’s no different than the requirement for any muscle-memory action in law enforcement lots of practice makes perfect. This isn’t to say that the V2 was hard to use quite the opposite. It’s more that its use adds one more step in the firearm deployment process that needs to be practiced like anything else.

As mentioned, the V2 features windage and elevation adjustments with an allen wrench. Because most shootings are close range, I adjusted the laser to match my Glock’s site picture at approximately 20 feet. Closer than about 15 feet, I did notice some parallax issues, but given that point-shooting is generally the norm within this range, the mere sight of the red dot should provide officers with accuracy within a few inches of the laser. I conducted numerous sighting drills and found the V2 very useful in acquiring a rapid target location. Given more practice, I could see it being easily incorporated into an officer’s shooting regimen.

Overall, I really liked the V2. If there is any challenge with it, finding a duty holster that accommodates the V2 might require some research. LaserLyte says the unit is small enough to be used with standard nylon holster rigs, although it didn’t fit when I tried inserting it into my Uncle Mikes universal nylon holster for the Glock 23. It might fit with other holsters or guns, but I couldn’t verify that.

My plan is to take the V2 and mount it on my AR-15 (another advantage to its flexible mounting system) to see how it functions there, but given its subcompact size, ease of use and adjustment, strong laser output and very reasonable retail price of $149, the V2 warrants a serious look by line officers who want every edge during split-second shooting incidents.

LaserLyte’s subcompact laser sighting system


  • Easy to mount.


  • Finding a duty holster to fit the V2 can prove challenging.




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