Born In The Valley

Born In The Valley

Life is a series of peaks and valleys, the trick to getting through is ensuring you have stable transportation. Not a car or truck, but another kind of transportation, emotional transportation; something to carry your heart and mind through everything that comes your...
Officer Down:  The Aftermath

Officer Down: The Aftermath

Editor’s Note:  We encourage you to read Part 1 of this story here. The Marshall Services had lost a lot of officers in 2014, it seemed the odds were stacked against them; eventually Jeff and Steve would be involved in an Officer Down situation. Because one...
Officer Down:  The Steve Hough Story

Officer Down: The Steve Hough Story

What’s the best and worst case day for law enforcement? Best case – go home at the end of the shift. Worst case – never make it home. Somewhere in between, there are a lot of head cases – and I’m not talking about the people in the uniform. Suppose you are talking to...
The Definition Of Suicide

The Definition Of Suicide

When Robin Williams died in  an ‘apparent suicide’ after battling severe depression, it was shocking, sad and in some ways, disturbing. After all, Robin Williams completed suicide. Aaron Hernandez completed suicide early this morning and now it seems that suicide is...

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