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Mayor Resigns After ‘Pig’ Comment About Police Officer

Mayor Resigns After ‘Pig’ Comment About Police Officer

WPTV reports that Stuart (FL) Mayor Eula Clarke resigned from her position Wednesday following the controversy surrounding a comment she made in a Stuart grocery store.

Clarke is accused of offending a Stuart police officer when she walked into a grocery store and allegedly, in the presence of the officer, said, “I didn’t know we were serving pig tonight.”

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“Unfortunately, I made a mistake. We all make mistakes and I am truly and humbly sorry,” Clarke said in a prepared statement before announcing her resignation as mayor, stepping down to serve only as a city commissioner.

Residents pack into City Hall over comments by the Mayor. Photo Courtesy: @MeghanWPTV/Twitter

Residents pack into City Hall over comments by the Mayor. Photo Courtesy: @MeghanWPTV/Twitter

On Wednesday night, more than 50 people spoke in support of Clarke, while several spoke in criticism of her during a public hearing.

City Attorney Mike Mortell said commissioners have received nearly 700 emails from community members concerned about what Clarke is accused of saying.

Some residents believe it was a cultural misunderstanding, saying in Clarke’s Jamaican descent, pork is called pig. She was referring to her dinner, they claim.

Now the city will hire an independent investigator to get to the bottom of her statement, make sure policies were not violated and make sure there is not a history of this behavior for Clarke.

Commissioners voted in favor of the investigation. Clarke was the only commissioner who voted against the investigation.

If the investigation finds a pattern of wrongdoing for Clarke, she could be at risk for losing her commission seat.


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  1. Charlotte Lazaro

    just another black with a BIGMOUTH


    check to see is SHE or any of her family members are drawing welfare?

  3. Eileen K Jackson

    Then she shouldn’t be mayor if she doesn’t know the cultural differences!

  4. Sandra Trusso

    Creeps like this who are in leadership positions set the rules of respect for young people. They imitate and each year the disrespect gets worse until even killing a police officer is nothing, because they grew up believing police officers were never worth anything to begin with!

  5. Katrina

    Unfortunate that she lost her job over a slip of the tongue. This has happened often to law enforcement, some who have made a less personal mistake. As long as LE is human, just as the rest of us, if they can lose their jobs over something small like this, so should anyone else in a leadership role.

  6. Paul

    Culture mistake my ass she knew what she meant and is trying to back peddle.

  7. GaylePutt

    People such as these should not be serving the public in any capacity.

  8. David

    The photo tells you all you need to know. Any other questions???

  9. Theresa McCauley

    Way to go to the people of Florida,,,,,this kinda crap only promotes more racism from young teens.

    • Chris Schillander

      how? how is this racist? its duragatory…not racist…

  10. Alan Gray

    Just another example of a child brought up in a dysfunctional family!

  11. Teddy

    It’s bad enough she said it but then to have her supporters say it’d her Jamaican descent meaning pork and she was talking about dinner, is insulting.

  12. macanic

    She needs to look in the mirror.

  13. Henryt

    I don’t believe her statement about serving pig ! Grocery stores don’t serve anything, they sell it to you to bring home and cook !

    • Chris Schillander

      Publix and Bravo stores down here serve hot food every day….

  14. mike1962walsh

    She is a Racist and a hateful liberal that doesn’t belong in any job that deals with the public

  15. Becky Burkhart Buerk

    She shouldn’t be allowed in any political position and should be removed from office immediately! Mistake my butt, she’s just trying to save face now.

    • mike1962walsh

      No truer words were ever spoken!

    • Jeannette Newman Fehr

      If it were the other way around the town would have been burned to the ground.

  16. LeAnda Carver Latstetter

    She should not be on the City Commission. She should be suspended without pay pending investigation.

  17. Harvey_Steele

    yeah, I go into the grocery store and say things like I didn’t know we serving rooster tonite; or cow, or . . . .

  18. GarandFan

    Now FIRE her from the commissioner position!

    • mike1962walsh

      Amen, fire her

  19. SupportOldGlory

    Mistake my patootie. The only thing she regrets is that she was caught in public showing her true colors.

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