Mayor: ‘I Didn’t Know We Were Serving Pig Tonight’

CBS 12 reports that the mayor of Stuart (FL) wants to move forward after she told a police officer that she didn’t know “we were serving pig tonight.”

John Kazanjian, president of the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association, Inc. feels differently.

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“We’re outraged! How does a community leader, a public servant do that to one of our officers?”

Mayor Eula Clarke walked into a convenience store—Taylor’s Grocery–in Stuart January 11 where Stuart Police officer Edward Fitzgerald was inside talking to one of the store employees.

Then the mayor made the comment, according to the police union, “I didn’t know we were serving pig tonight.”

The police union says at a time when relations between law enforcement and the public are strained throughout the nation, this doesn’t help matters.

“We don’t need someone like that as a public servant,” said Kazanjian.

“I have the highest opinion for law enforcement. I value them, I value what they do. There was no intention for any harm, or anything harmful,” Mayor Clarke explained.

The Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association says the mayor needs to go to the police station and apologize in person to each and every member of the Stuart Police department.

The union says it will also work to get her defeated in the next election by getting someone to run against her.

“I support law enforcement. I want to move forward. I want to do the best for our community. A word was said, it was taken to be offensive by the officer and I entirely agree with his position,” said Clarke.

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  1. Rudolph

    She’s decided she ain’t gonna leave government no matter what, so she stepped into a different self-appointed office and has dug in. FIRE THIS POLICE HATER!

  2. gypsy

    I wouldn’t have met with her.

  3. DJDolemyte

    I’m reading these comments and I’m wondering, when did cops become a race?

  4. konkhra

    Fucking coward, should’ve stood her ground.

  5. Stephanie G119

    Whose brilliant idea was it to make her mayor? She is not committed to fence mending.

  6. Franklin Wilcox

    I think it is all very sad.

  7. Mackie

    What is she? A Jekyl and Hyde personality?

  8. Grandmoi2013

    Imagine the media frenzy, the screams of outrage, the riots and the ACLU demanding criminal charges be filed if a policeman had seen the mayor enter the grocery store and HE said, “I didn’t know we were serving N%^^ers tonight”. This mayor insinuates that she didn’t know that calling a police officer a “pig” was offensive..right..why are there no recall actions being pursued? Hateful remarks made by any public figure should stir all Americans to take immediate action to have that person removed from office.

  9. Jerry Holloway

    And most who make this kind of remark are the lawless

  10. Kimberlie Starnes Koenning

    I don’t believe anything is unforgivable and I’m glad she apologized. There is no way she could have believed the officer would take that comment other than the hateful way she intended it.

  11. Korey Moore

    Oh, I say, if Trump can mock a disabled person, this pig can grow a pair or a thicker skin and I am sure that PIG has said worse than that in the locker room…..I love how white people try to be double sided like tape!

  12. Marc Savino

    Hey Clarke you racist piece of garbage you were very lucky I wasn’t in that store that day. That office that you called a pig would be arresting me for smashing your face! Effing garbage!

  13. Katrina

    I don’t care how many letters she writes trying to explain herself, she is no one to look up to as Mayor and should step down or be removed from office. What kind of example does she set? This is plain unacceptable behavior that cannot be undone. She let her true feelings be known and is not fit to lead a city.

  14. Hypo

    Simultaneous vacation for every officer for a week. that is the best way to handle it.

  15. Jennette

    She needs to be fired ASAP!!!

  16. Scott Hudson

    monkey with mascara and lipstick

  17. Linda C

    Reading these comments and all the ugly racist words and statements is disheartening. She was wrong, yes, but using racial slurs back is immature. Reminds me of a bunch of middle school kids. “You called someone a bad word, so now I can hurt you back” I am sure I will get hate from this, but race relations will never improve until adults grow up and model tolerance. Kids read, watch, and learn from us.

  18. Linda C

    She needs to resign, an apology is not enough especially since in her statement she said the officer took offense. Wow, she was in the wrong. If the officer had made a “joke” that she was offended by, she would have BLM marching, demanding his/her badge. Public officials should lead by example. What a hypocrite.

  19. Teddy

    I would have turned to her and said “Why yes they are, glad you finally got here”.

  20. toomuchsense

    Liberals are the most intolerant and hateful people.

  21. Swayderia Jodalina

    Hmm reminds me of that white mayor who called Michelle Obama an ape. The comments were a lot different then. Where was all your outrage then? So it only bothers you when black people are doing the insulting? A lot of you are such hypocrits reserving your indignation only toward black people but excusing and justifying the bad behavior of some cops and some white people. And huh oh immediately start disparaging the entire black race with the most vile comments but NEVER condemnation for ALL whites when the bad does is white. Yes RACISM is the only thing thriving now in this country.

  22. Franz

    She must have been looking in the mirror when she? said this!

  23. Swayderia Jodalina

    Her comment was absolutely offensive. I can see that inspite of the fact that I am an African American woman and my family has been personally touched by police violence and corruption. The worse time being 25 years ago when the LAPD beat my 15 year old brother within an inch of his life. No Rodney King fanfare, no media and the police lied and covered for the abusers. He was a straight A student who played hookey one day because he was bored. He wrote poetry. He was small, more like a 12 year old, so it didn’t take much for them to hurt him badly. He was never the same after that day, the broken arm, clavicle and has healed, the emotional not so much. My point I as much as anyone have reason tho hate the police. I don’t, I know there are good and there are bad. I know that there humanity is tested every day in ways we can’t imagine. My point, if I can see that she was wrong, why can’t the people supporting the police or sometimes just anti-black people see and admit when the police are wrong? So much outrage from the police and community over words, but no outrage over the wrongful death of unarmed men and children.

  24. Joseph Gutowski

    Maybe watermelon would bee better

  25. Miguel Perez

    People Sometime when a person talk about pork its call pig and does not have anything do with police officers . if a police officer get mad when he hear pig instead off pork then he shouldn’t be police officer at all.. He or she is not a pork which means comes from pig.

  26. Justine Loehlein

    Get over it now. She apologized very sincerely. It’s done. In a professional setting, harassment law guides us in understanding that one comment does not constitute a violation. Instead, it becomes harassment only after the comment is addressed and still the accused continues to behave in an offensive manner. This is over.

  27. thomgirl2

    No one died. Ten days of administrative leave with pay should be more than enough punishment.

  28. Fedup

    For a bunch of tough, macho, testosterone-driven boys in blue, you feelings sure are easily scuffed. Is that all it takes? Man up. Yeah, sure, it wasn’t a nice thing to say, but Jesus, get over yourselves. Not everyone worships the ground up on which you walk

  29. hammer

    That’s okay, monkeys belong in the zoo.

    • MsMeWithThat

      Lol. Your comment is truly laughable. Ignorance is bliss, but you can’t fix stupid. I find your comment, along with others on a police blog to be super mean and distasteful. You’re only hurting yourself when you make such nasty and childish comments. Race baiting is out of style. Believe it or not, you will need help from someone that doesn’t look like you, and I hope they look beyond your ugliness and help you anyway.

      Learn to love yourself, so you can stop hating everyone else. Sending you love through cyberspace.

  30. Charlotte W

    These are farm animals. We have tried and tried to civilize them, at tremendous cost…. and, unfortunately, they are still sub human. Someone tell me WHERE on the planet can we find a successful, peaceful, intelligent black culture?

    WHERE …. just one … somewhere.. where they aren’t just lowlifes?

  31. Carlton Baggett

    I didnt know they were seving watermelon in the store lol

  32. Sunshine Kid

    This is a person who should not be in any elected office. Dog catcher would be too high a promotion.

  33. mickrrrrussom

    I love how the officer is a Mick 🙂 #mickpride

  34. heelsbaby

    I think she needs a suicide

  35. Dennis Johnson

    I think the only pig here is her honor…………

  36. gil

    One of my favorite Bible verses: “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” She meant what she said.

  37. Corey Holt

    I believe that anybody that takes an anti-police stance should be immediately removed from their government position. You have outright admitted to a conflict of interest. You’re supporting the other side over your own. Disgraceful.

  38. gail24

    She writes in her letter that she didn’t realize the officer had taken offense at her crude words. Seriously? If that officer had asked where the fried chicken and grits were after this mayor walked into the store, would she have been offended? This is beyond repulsive, not only that an elected official said that to an officer but that she didn’t realize it was offensive! One also gets the feeling from her “I want to move on” shtick that she’s not really sorry in the least – she just wants the police to keep quiet.

  39. Shay

    The police need to do a slow down.

    It’s not exactly a strike. You just slow waaaaaay down…

    Until she resigns.

  40. hardh8

    Hey what’s the problem. DEMONcrats hate the police. EVERYBODY knows that when they vote for these scum. So you wanted it. You got it. Quit whining and suck it up snowflake safe spaces.

  41. Patrick Palmer

    ALL you have to do is look at her face…a picture tells a thousand stories…but her face tells the truth about her personality

  42. Robert Shipman

    Your true self came out Mayor , you are a racist bigot , and Stuart needs a better person to be mayor and and supervisor of their citys employees , save them further embarrassment and resign .

  43. Bunny Burnett

    Remove her from Office NOW!

  44. Mike Klarman

    Pretty clear that her “spontaneous utterance” reflects her true thoughts about law enforcement AND coming from the chief elected official of the city???? Resign lady!

  45. Realist

    I wonder if she’d “move forward” past a table of Big Macs…..?

  46. Marc Philips

    I say forgive and forget. This back and forth has got to stop if we want to see progress. Most cops want relations with the public to be much better than they are. If we all continue to express outrage and spew demands for revenge at every insult, nobody wins. She probably eventually did consider the shoe on the other foot and we can all take a lesson from that. We have many problems in this country and we can conquer many of them if we work together.

    • Mike Klarman

      It’s not that I totally disagree with you but it’s the cop haters that are constantly and continually making the statements. You never see cops on the offensive. Police and their supporters are constantly on defense against the barrage of ridiculous and most times vicious statements. It hard to forgive and forget when the ones attacking you never ever give up.

      • Marc Philips

        I’ve met a few cop haters, but really not that many. I don’t think the Mayor is a cop hater. I think she made a poor choice and regrets it. There is no reason to go on the offensive because you will never change that mind with words and anyway doing that (going on the offensive) doesn’t accomplish anything but make us look bad’ and encourage them to be louder and more profane. Better to stay professional and make them look even more absurd and psychotic. Besides, they truly are a small percentage, it just looks othewise when you read comments like here. Other people, who may be undecided or sceptical about what is the truth about their police can be influenced in a positive way by our professional and appropriate behavior. It may be a war against a gang, but it cannot look like a gang war to the public or we lose. Because law enforcement cannot succeed if only cops are doing it. It is a community effort. The public (at large) is policed with their own consent, consensus, cooperation and collaboration. That is why things change with time. Eventually we all will figure it out.

    • hardh8

      I say the DEMONcrats drew first blood. Them and only them need to apologize. That’s the only way this crap has any hope of ending.

  47. FEDUP

    To late to apologize, you said exactly what you thought, before you thought!. Resign so you don’t bring anymore embarrassment to your city!

  48. thoughtsandconcerns

    I wonder if the officer made a comment like and we got watermelon and fried chicken as a side dish, do you think that bitch would have been offended?

    • Charles Mcmillan

      There would have been riots in the streets and protests saying how racist cops and white people are – and bricks being thrown through windows of shops while looting went rampant.

      • thoughtsandconcerns

        Your right… Just shows who the civil ones are and the uncivilized are

        • Charlotte W

          and the unmanageable, low IQ savages have fertility rates that will destroy any host country. That is why I differ with the GOP on abortion…. the more we suppress their fertility rates… the longer we will survive their presence.

          We must begin to understand the nature of demographic warfare… we are losing

          • Hypo

            So Margaret Sanger was right? Don’t tell that to the Democrats.
            They ignore her past.

          • Charlotte W

            Democrats know Sanger was right… but the DEMS hate ALL people… in favor of lower populations everywhere. This is the dirty little secret on the left…..

            the far left and far right want population reduction.. their only disagreement is on whom will be culled, or sterilized. The right wants the icky brown people with low IQ.’s gone….but the left wants more of a lottery system so those nasty pasty white Wal Mart shoppers are part of the cull

            This isn’t theory…. the discussion is rife in Davos and Bohemian Grove. Mass migration is just a small step toward having a good genetic mix on all continents when the magic begins… Zika, bird flu… suitcase nukes… who knows what the tools will be… but

            one thing is certain…. the music is slowing and there are not 7 billion chairs.

          • DemocracyRules

            Sorry, a bridge too far. (1) not true about the demographics. The percentage of blacks vs others has been steady for decades. About 12%.
            (2) Yes, blacks have problems. But there is a sparkle and jive to America that would not be there without them. The Dems just keep them down, that’s all.

          • thoughtsandconcerns

            Yet they keep supporting the democrats. ..

          • DemocracyRules

            Yes, and that’s frustrating. It’s like watching a man dig a hole to China. You know it will never work.

            The stunning thing for me, is the rise of clear thinking among a minority of blacks. Some are realizing that they are just the tools of the authoritarian socialists, who want to use blacks as shock troops in the socialists’ efforts to overthrow the government. Once authoritarian socialists win power (as they almost did with Hillary), the abortion clinics will work overtime in black neighborhoods. Socialists want to cleanse the population of the “unfit”

          • DemocracyRules

            “Our starting point is not the individual: We do not subscribe to the view that one should feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, or clothe the naked … Our objectives are different: We must have a healthy people in order to prevail in the world.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

            “Short shrift is made of the Jews in all eastern occupied areas. Tens of thousands of them are liquidated.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

          • Kimberlie Starnes Koenning

            Charlotte….never mind there’s no sense in commenting to your post. Yes there is your IQ demonstrates you’ve never researched the demographics of abortion.All life matters or no life matters there is no gray area

          • Charlotte W

            that is YOUR belief… not mine. I want population control for other races. I am not the slightest bit shy about my racism. I want a cull of 3rd world blacks, muslims and latinos. That’s what I want.

            I don’t care what you want. Maybe we should leave it at that

          • MsMeWithThat

            Charlotte, you seem unhappy. We were all created by design, you are no better than the next man/woman. To feel comfortable with words that discriminate, demean or disapprove others only shows your ignorance and lack of human decency. I hope you don’t have children, you would ruin them.

          • Charlotte W

            Any human decency, eh? You mean like Ghana? Goa? Caracas?

            Tell me where the decency is Sister….. WHITE is where the decency is…. and that’s why the vermin are at the gates….

            we can only civilize so many of you at a time.. we’re full up

            If you ONLY knew who my children are…. velvet gloves… every one of em…..

          • MsMeWithThat

            May God Bless US ALL. Lol. I am so thankful to know that I sleep well every night and wake up every morning praising the Lord for his Mercy and His Grace over my life and others. I am truly blessed to have a good paying job that I’ve worked hard for, along with a great education that I paid for, to be able to live the life that I deserve. When you have it going on, there is no need to have hate in your heart. I would suggest that you find love within yourself, maybe then, you will begin to love others.

            I hope your not a police officer or work in a field where others lives are in your hands. But if you are, JUDGEMENT DAY WILL MEET YOU AT THE DOOR.

          • gypsy

            You need to go take a long walk in busy traffic.

    • Charlotte W

      we are losing the race wars…. they hate us … and its because no one has addressed the intractable problem of IQ. Blacks, as a group, not as individuals… have a mean IQ below 90.

      Below 90, self governance is impossible. they cannot or will not defer instant gratification, suppress harmful urges, resolve conflict without violence… or take responsibility for poor choices.

      Policing this growing, violent, low IQ minority is impossible. There are few solutions but for suppressing ever growing fertility rates… and I”m not sure how you do that. But incarceration and education won’t keep them from destroying any host country. There are no examples of a successful black culture. There are some high IQ blacks… and some successful blacks… but even then, their children often revert to the mean. Nobody knows how to fix that.

      The numbers are growing… and the mean IQ of America is dropping like a stone. Blacks, Muslims ..because of inbreeding… and Latin Americans are bring the mean IQ below 95.

      • thomgirl2

        “self governance is impossible. they cannot or will not defer instant gratification, suppress harmful urges, resolve conflict without violence… or take responsibility for poor choices.”

        Charlotte, why are you bringing Donald Trump into this discussion? Did he tweet about this?

        • Charlotte W

          where is the word TRUMP?

      • Swayderia Jodalina

        I’ll share your argument with my two brothers, both lawyers and my sister, a forensic psychologist, and my niece, currently on the Dean”s list at Yale or my nephew who graduated cum laude from Stanford. Thank you for the clear demonstration of your apparent superior intellect, LOL. Oh did I mention we are African American. You know Hitler already tried that argument, can’t you be a little more original, you poor thing.

        • Charlotte W

          Glad you escaped your genetic heritage… it’s a hopeful sign.

          Remember regression to the mean – however – affirmative action only goes so far…. good luck to you and yours

          • Mark

            Both of you are scumbag racists, howbou dah?

          • Katrina

            Her siblings, niece and nephew may have fared well. Her comments and attitude aren’t showing much promise for her.

      • Linda C

        I think it is wrong to make generalized statements like that. IQ is rarely measured anymore. As an educator, I have found doing well academically has more to do with the value parents demonstrate about getting an education than race. Very rude to lump a race in that manner. Go volunteer at schools and be part of the solution not the problem.

        • Charlotte W

          as the human genome project unravels our genetic heritage, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore IQ. You aren’t hearing about it on CNN, or CBS…..

          The regression toward the mean is the frightening part of the research. Africans still have much lower IQ’s than their American counterparts…but even American Blacks just linger below 95 … and even those who inherit a higher intelligence see those advances gone within 2 generations.

          The real losers are blacks and latinos who are told they don’t do well because higher IQ whites are keeping them down. Asians and Ashkanazi Jews, by that logic, are keeping all of us down.

          This is why affirmative action is so self defeating, demeaning and destructive. Blacks and Latinos that are advanced beyond their capabilities then begin to challenge the standards… as we are seeing in schools where proper English grammar is considered racist.

          This isn’t going to end well unless black and hispanic fertilitiy rates plunge… THAT IS WHY I AM FOR subsidized abortion. Low IQ blacks and hispanics don’t consider consequences of their acts the way a more intelligent person would do. So abortion needs to be readily available… and FREE if we are goign to save the planet.

          7 biillion is a scary number… just a quick look at places like Ghana… are enough to bring out the Goebbels in otherwise Christian people.

    • Larry

      Or wha did you say “aunt jemima”

      • thoughtsandconcerns

        Lol !!!

    • kmiller

      I am sure she would, but liking watermelon and fried chicken is hardly an insult. It just means you recognize some good food when you see it. Now, being called a pig…that is an insult in any language.

  49. MALL727net

    Its too late to take back the words – Mayor Eula Clarke needs to be removed from office immediately. Any public official who makes any disparaging remark about another individual no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, career, various modes of mobility, or mental capability should not be allowed to remain in their position. The United States stress levels of race relations is already over the edge and cannot use anymore negativity than already exists.

    • Swayderia Jodalina

      Just curious Mall, were you here saying the same thing when that white senator called blacks animals? Or when that white mayor called Michelle Obama an ape?

      • MsPony65

        What is wrong with what Mall wrote? The woman who called Mrs Obama an “ape” was dealt with, yes? I’m not familiar with the senator who called blacks “animals,” so I can’t speak to that.

        Let’s just have the same standard for everyone, no matter their race.

      • Katrina

        The mayor did NOT call Michelle an ape. Get your story straight. She did, however take flack for her response and RESIGNED. The same should be true for the Mayor here. OUT the DOOR!!

  50. The Common Man

    How does idiots like these get into public offices? Are we that desperate, we need these reprobates for our local governments.

    • Swayderia Jodalina

      I’d guess the same way that white mayor who called Michelle Obama an ape, got her job. Some dann stupid people in the world, black and white.

  51. DimWit

    Was the Officer African American?

  52. stop crying

    Nice to see she owned up to her mistake.

    • Kevin Watson

      Nice to see she’s a bigot the should not be in that position.

    • Realist

      MISTAKE ??? A “mistake” is an error in your checkbook…..she made a conscious “DECISION” ! Get a Websters !

  53. CrusadaB

    Riiiiight. Just got to church with her on Sunday…

  54. Brian Nicholson

    Not enough. She needs to resign.

    • Kevin Watson

      Yeah, you don’t “apologize” for bigotry.

      • Swayderia Jodalina

        Not if your black, that’s reserved for white chefs, or celebrities or senators or maybe the mayor who called Michelle Obama an ape. Come on get real.

        • Mark

          Bigotry is not a one-way street. Black people can be racist too, which is exactly what you are proving right here in every comment you post.

          • Korey Moore

            Black people cannot be racist, white people created racism and it is a purely a white construct to prevent the annihilation of the white gene.

          • whitk227

            hahahaha!! keep telling yourself that, bigot.

          • Korey Moore

            I like white underwear, helps me to know how clean my ass is after taking a shit.

          • Korey Moore

            Keep believing that racist! I love when white people talk about shit they nothing about, just keep googling and watching tv and talking to your klanmen for truths, keep that up and you will end up as dumb as trump, too late for that!

          • Kimberlie Starnes Koenning

            What? Come on Korey you have to know that’s ridiculous

          • Korey Moore

            No it’s called the truth and I would not expect white people to grasp that reality, white people wield racism but are not victims of racism. Black people are supremacists?

          • Rudolph

            White Liberals infantilise blacks to elevate themselves as the great benefactors. That’s the real racism, as if to be their “Tarzan” who will protect them because they can’t do it themselves.

          • Korey Moore

            Maybe white people need to research racism before they say stupid shit.

        • Tony Giordano

          You are an idiot and she needs to atone for what she said!

          • Korey Moore

            No you are a dumbass and don’t breed more ignorant white people.

        • AllColorsTogether2016

          And all of those people lost their jobs so yeah, let’s get real and call a bigot a bigot.

          • Korey Moore

            Don’t be a supa sucka

          • AllColorsTogether2016

            SShhh… the adults are talking right now. Here’s a coloring book for you to take to your safe space.

          • Korey Moore

            Sounds like you color outside the lines…

        • Jerry Holloway

          No you need to get real because she’s black she thinks she can do and say what she want to. The obama effect

    • Swayderia Jodalina

      Were you just as outraged at the beatings and death of unarmed men? I’m sure not, but you want blood for a few words.

      • Mark

        There is NO legal requirement for a suspect to be armed in order for a police officer to justifiably use deadly force.

        But don’t let facts get in the way of your bullshit.

        • DJDolemyte

          You’re right, all a cop has to do is say “I feared for my life.” When it’s non lethal you have to say stop resisting whether they’re complying or not. This also covers police dogs as they sometimes say stop fighting my dog as the suspect is screaming in terror!

      • Katrina

        No one wants blood. She simply should resign. She is not fit to lead a city. If she won’t resign honorably, she should be removed. Immediately!
        Deflecting from the topic doesn’t make your opinion any stronger, it only shows its weakness.

      • DemocracyRules

        How many black people’s lives have been saved by the police? How many would have passed away without the police to protect them? What percentage of the black population have been helped by the police? What percentage of the white population have been helped by the police?

        Of course the higher percentage is among blacks. Police enforcement in black neighborhoods is mainly about protection.

      • Brian Nicholson

        Were you just as outraged about the 140 police officers murdered in the line of duty in 2016? Our former president sure wasnt. He fanned the flames. And the big difference is she isnt just some run of the mill idiot protester. Shes the mayor. Shes supposed to work with the PD and is held to a higher standard. I dont want blood. I want her held to account for disrespectful and irresponsible conduct

        • DJDolemyte

          You want accountability from a mayor for saying words Huh? What do you think should happen to Michael Slager, who shot Walter Scott in the back, lied about it and planted a teaser by his body to help bolster his lie? Would you hold him accountable?

          • gypsy

            Michael Slager was charged with murder. It went through the justice system. I’m sorry the outcome was not what you wanted.

          • DJDolemyte

            Point blank, what should happen to Michael Slayer, don’t hide behind the law (I know I’m wasting my time), but based on what’s morally right, what should Halloween to him.

          • Brian Nicholson

            What should halloween to him? I dont know… costume maybe?

          • gypsy

            I honestly don’t know. I haven’t see all the facts of the case. I haven’t read the case folder. I haven’t seen the court documents. I refuse to make a judgment on Slager without knowing those facts.

          • Brian Nicholson

            If hes found guilty, he should go to prison. What does this have to do with what the mayor said?

          • DJDolemyte

            I already know I ask questions people like you can’t answer. I simply touched on your point about “accountability”, which I thought was hilarious.

          • Brian Nicholson

            I did answer. Are you high or drunk?

          • DJDolemyte

            You must be both, because I said what do YOU think should happen to him. You tiptoed around it and said if he’s found guilty he should go to prison. I wasn’t asking you a toddler age question about the justice system. I was asking based on what you know what should happen to him.

          • Brian Nicholson

            You want me to say I believe in mob rule and I dont. We live under laws and if the law convicts them they should go to jail. Just because you dont understand my answers doesnt mean I didnt answer you. You just talk like the numerous cop haters on these threads

          • DJDolemyte

            Let’s not play with strawmen, I just asked your opinion on what should happen to him based on what you know. Nobody said anything about a “mob rule”, but you knew that already. I’m already bored of this conversation

  55. Lynn Henry

    In her apology letter, she sounds as if she’s surprised that the cop took offense. This is like Hillary calling voters “deplorables”. Maybe the mayor, like Hillary finds out that her “subjects” don’t care to be treated like that.

    • DemocracyRules

      Trying to blow it off as a joke gone wrong. Ha Ha. Not funny.

  56. Trumpkin

    Democrats… The party of tolerance and acceptance of all!

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