Trainer Invites Presidential Candidates To Walk In Officers’ Shoes

After hearing Hillary Clinton talk about the need to walk in one another’s shoes, Coach JC, a Tulsa trainer to first responders, decided to invite Clinton and Donald Trump to do just that.

Jonathan Conneely, founder of Fit First Responders, first invited presumptive democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but later said Republican nominee Donald Trump is welcome too.

JC’s program is aimed at helping get police and other emergency personnel stay physically fit to perform their demanding duties. Much criticism has been focused on officers and in light of Clinton’s recent remarks, JC decided to extend the invitation.

“Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of police officers, kissing their kids and spouses goodbye every day and heading off to a dangerous job that we need them to do,” Clinton said last month discussing tension between police and the public.

Coach JC said he agrees and wants to take the sentiments a step further by helping the candidates experience training he puts officers through.

“I would invite any politician, somebody who is running for office, to really practice what they preach and put their themselves in the shoes of our police, our fire, medics, our National Guard for a day,” he said.

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  1. Mike McLaughlin

    Like that’s going to happen……NOT!

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