Ethics In Training

I am a die hard Nebraska Cornhusker fan!   I could not imagine Nebraska bringing in a person to train our football team at a cheap price, or reduced time frame.

You get what you pay for!

If you are a law enforcement trainer and are more worried about your fee and income instead of the outcome and knowledge that you pass on, well then, shame on you. Trainers and instructors should always be more focused on adding value to others before adding value to themselves.

During the past few years, I have heard of and observed law enforcement training instructors and companies lowering their standards just to get money in their pockets.

Well, shame on them!

I have a side business where I facilitate training and at times I am asked to lower my standards. I have always refused to lower my standards and passed on training those agencies. Sadly, some training providers will lower their standards just to earn a buck.

As a member of ILEETA, (International Law Enforcement Educators Training Association), I have noticed that many of the training providers that lower their standards just to earn a buck are not members of ILEETA. ILEETA is an organization with some of the most knowledgeable experts in the world! If your agency is in need of quality training, check out the trainer and training provider. If they are ILEETA members, then you can be assured that you are getting a quality instructor and effective training!

It is unfortunate that many agencies will continue to call training providers until they get that ‘one trainer’ that will train their staff in an unethical manner. Some trainers will lower the minimum hours and fees just to get their foot in the door to earn a buck. Some training providers have a great program, but will lower their standards just to earn a buck. This is so unfortunate.

I’m sure this article will be offensive to some trainers and training providers. I write this article for a few reasons:

  • Check out and vet instructor credentials and training companies
  • If you are an instructor, do not lower your standards!
  • If you are a trainer and have a 40 hour course, do not reduce it to 24 hours just to earn a buck.
  • If your agency is in need of quality training and instructors, ensure that the instructor is a member of ILEETA. You will get quality training and a quality instructor!

Let’s say an agency is looking for a use of force instructor training program and requests the program to be 16 hours. That agency finds a local training provider that has a 40 hour Use of Force course. The agency contacts that training provider and dictates that they only need 16 hours.

  • Should the training provider reduce their training hours to certify the agency officers?
  • Would there be liability issues?
  • If you were the training provider, would you lower your standards for the money?

Now, you are picked to attend the abbreviated Use of Force course.

  • You are aware the course is significantly shortened.
  • You really want to be a trainer, but you know there are integrity issues with the instructor and the provider.
  • Do you still attend the course or decline?
  • Do you express concerns to anyone? Why? Why not?

An ethical and respected instructor that has an established 40 hour course will more than likely not reduce training hours to appease an agency. If you run across training that will reduce their training hours just to appease an agency, you should dig in to the background of that instructor and training provider. They may be legitimate, but you should always vet the trainer and the program.

Too many agencies are trying to cut costs. There are many agencies that are not cutting costs. Regardless of where your agency stands, YOU should always vet any program and/or instructor that you are sent to.

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