Watch: Patient Cop Deal With Drunk

Tacoma, WA – A man was charged with assaulting a Spokane Police Officer after he filmed the officer helping a man, but then attacked the officer.The incident on August 1, was captured by the officer’s body camera.

Police say anyone is welcome to shoot video of them working and it is something that happens quite a bit, but in this case, the man got in the way of the officer being able to do his job and that’s when it became a problem.

“This is not an unusual situation we have to deal with people that are either emotional driven or chemically induced driven,” Sergeant Shawn Kendall said.The officer in the video responded to a call about a man intoxicated and drinking in downtown Spokane.

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  1. Katarina

    I hear the drunk is now suing because the video was released. Police just can’t win today. If he was acting the fool in his private residence, I would agree with him. But he showed his ass in public and has no expectation of privacy. It is good for the public to see what officers deal with on a daily basis. I wonder if the officer is on blood pressure medication yet? I find it amusing the drunk ended up going to jail even after using his “call a friend” option. There is no way to have a conversation with someone that well lubricated let alone reason with them.

    • ahaz

      Not to be critical of your comments, but that officer is paid to deal with situations like this. It’s their job and I expect officers to handle to situation as well as this officer did. Kudos to him. Regarding the lawsuit, depending upon the laws of the state, body cam evidence is public record and should me made available as part of a FOIA request. Now, if the department purposely release the video for PR purposes, he might have a leg to stand on. It would be difficult.

  2. ahaz

    I saw this video…I applaud this officer for his patience with this citizen and couldn’t imagine it being handled in a better way.

  3. koowah

    A billy club would have settled that, but that is not an option any more.

  4. Charlie Johnson

    Sergeant tried his best to get this drunk to leave…but the drunk insisted on going
    to jail anyway. The Sergeant put up with him a whole lot longer thank I would
    ever have.

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